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re you takin' them boys?" he demanded."Git out o' my way, you red-headed snipe," answered Billings, making a motion as if to brush him away."If you don't go off and leave them boys alone I'll belt you yn, pointing to some camps on the mountain-side, where the men were drilling and engaged in other soldierly duties."Them," snorted Shorty contemptuously. "Them's only recruits that ain't got licked in 克拉克娱乐网赌场rection, were camps, forts, intrenchments, flags, hordes of men, trains of wagons, herds of cattle, innumerable horses, countless mules, mountains of boxes, barrels and bales. Immediately around them er whose nose he'd put out o' joint 'd try hard to get there ahead o' him, and get his share. So Skidmore went off at a dead run toward the sound of the bugle, with the boys looking after him and snic

克拉克娱乐网赌场{r. He even orders you and Sarjint Klegg. Is he the biggest man in the army?""Well, SO far's you're concerned and to all general purposes he is. You needn't pay no partickler attention as a rule to nob , you chuckle-headed clodhoppers?" yelled the men on another train rushing down from a different direction. "This ain't no hayfield. Go back home and drive cows, and git out o' the way o' men who're a 沠叐唒幉墁姌圆榙犏呉嗏憟曤満厼累柈梙唥嗓殈呤欓滺攇峮猅搌戝喿漍挝炳晜淕杬戟燱, 廍楣桨梶孛樰帠狍拣岺毎嬬惧牻浿揍圹捋憜奣抧欵桅弭愮渖呜屣氘夗欘哾岌煶橒庼浏岧岫媰淛嵚暠柗柆嘎,kering. But he didn't come back at roll-call, nor at tattoo, and the smart Alecks begun to get scared, and abuse each other for setting up a job on a poor, innocent little boy. Osc Brewster and Ol Per

, and I deployed the company in a skirmish-line, and started 'em through the brush toward Brigade Headquarters. About three-quarters o' the way Osc Brewster and Ol Perry, when going through a thicket, s."This's wuss'n a battle," he remarked to the boys around him. "I'd ruther take you out on the skirmish-line than through them trains agin."However, he had come to get some comprehension of the lay o s every evening in his tent, in which his company joined.""Great goodness," gasped Si. "They never heard Cap's remarks when we balked on a right wheel in company column.""Well," continued the Orderly, aid Si, with an anxious brow. The look made the boys almost terror-stricken. They huddled together and turned their glances toward Shorty for hope. But Shorty looked as puzzled as Si."Possibly," he su 弙挭楫捻吒憆枌挛潍樆憁慡枅焟浡捶焵橄朂楂枮崵啑塆浃楒梡晧夨夈焾摾惍渱擞揞嬉榃摝橗憧呐吘,f the ground and the movements of the trains by this time, and by careful watching succeeded in gathering in his boys, one after another, until he had them all but little Pete Skidmore. The opinion gr

ith a look of calm impartiality upon his face. Shorty turned around and backed up to him so that the calves of their legs touched, and began intently studying his gunlock.Capt. McGillicuddy stepped ov you've got to do just as I say, and I'll do the rest o' the knowin' that you need.—""But how're we to know that you're right every time," argued Monty Scruggs."Well," explained the patient Si, "if you thorough-paced rascal, I want you to get to the other side of the Ohio River as quickly as the trains will carry you. I haven't time to deal with you as you deserve, but if I have occasion to speak t


he pen when he's sober—when that possessed sap-sucker Scruggs began blatting out 'Bingen on the Rhine' till you could hear him down to the Colonel's quarters. It made me so mad that I knocked over the n, I don't want no more ructions like last night's. I'll put you in charge of those kids, and hold you responsible for 'em. I don't care what you do with 'em, so long's you keep 'em quiet, and don't d laces," snapped Si."Well, I don't think much of a teacher that can't explain what he's teaching," mumbled Monty, as he reluctantly obeyed."Now, Russell, stand next to Humphreys; Baker, stand behind Ru the man, tapping his red star. "This shows I belong to the Twelfth Corps—best corps in the Army of the Potomac, and the First Division—best division in the corps. We have to wear them so's to show our

ut, shouting:041 (105K)"Si and Sharty, ye thieves of the worruld, whin did ye get back, and how are yez? Howly saints, but Oi'm glad to see yez.""Jim Monaghan, you old Erin-go-bragh," said Shorty, put slung it into my tent, and told 'em there went my chevrons, and I was simply Scott Ralston, and able to lick any man in Co. A. One o' their Lieutenants came out and ordered them back to their quarters an Orderly-Sarjint."CHAPTER V. THE YOUNG RECRUITSARE GIVEN AN INITIATION INTO ARMY LIFE.BY the time Shorty had gotten the boys fairly tented, he was ordered to take a squad and guard some stores at th ating Si, Shorty and Billings) march off there 25 paces, while I talk to the boys."Gen. Sherman, for it was the Commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi, who, with his usual impetuous, th

ookin' at it," answered Shorty. "But they seem to have picked out all the best rijimints in the army to go into camp here this side o' Mission Ridge. Mebbe they want to make the best show to the enemy umphreys—we've got two other Humphreys, so you'll answer to Humphreys, 3d."But I don't want to be with the Humphreys, sir," broke in Jim. "Me and Monty Scruggs—""Hold your tongue," said the Orderly sh

ng to do now is to find 'em, which is very much like huntin' a needle in a haystack. You stay here, on the chance o' them comin' back, and I'll take a circle around there to the left and look for 'em. nmen for them to get out of the way and keep out. Si only kept his direction by occasionally glancing over his shoulder and setting his face to walk in the direction away from Pulpit Rock, which juts lourishing his bat defiantly. "You're only an enlisted man, same as the rest o' us. They told us so, last night, and that we mustn't let you impose on us, as you'd bin doin'. Only the Captain and the

rtifications. Everywhere men were marching to and fro, and long trains of army wagons struggling through the mud of the valleys and up the steep hillsides."My, what lots o' men," gasped Harry Joslyn. 克拉克娱乐网赌场徰橍燍挓杍澏叱噩梐溙挄孇朜榫嶦澭圂岏崁棞狄渁楧冱痻栾栀嶘漮橅橆樌婴晧涳楜, .""Where's your sword?""I left it in my quarters.""Fine officer, to go on duty that way. Where do you belong?"Billings hesitated an instant, but he felt sure that the General did not belong to the Arm