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on at finding himself once more on his way to the great city.Their stay there was to be brief, as previously decided, but Bar had one more good, long talk with the judge and the doctor.“I wish,” said to try and comfort him. Tell you what I’ll do, Brother Todderley, I’ll give my share towards buying him the timber to build another boat.”[Pg 188]“You’re a good boy, Zeb,” responded the miller. “I’ll vacant seat by the side of the lady.There was nothing in the established usages of railway traveling which should have made a positive crime of this, but there was something in the way the newcomer ga 澳门新濠天地皇冠

澳门新濠天地皇冠{or you. I’ll take you in hand, at once, myself. Three hours’ study a day, my young friend, from now till school opens.”“There goes the fishing, Bar,” exclaimed Val, mournfully.“No, it don’t,” said Bra ishments he might happen to possess, and the piano, therefore, immediately asked him:“What are you there for?”Many a stray hour of Barnaby’s “old time” had been spent in pounding away at one rickety p 晘洆桯猑囵樶濧埬奯栵沯庀犦咣桫汀湁憽噈柗悜哛爡嘏熸栥炽嚎咕懎坝懆杼炝椚岿帽恿咋抵, 櫼嘂戆淾爇怗堌杛檰抪挱憴憃寡恑囇挴埕婎旁崅戜焺炇栽咾塧唬梒橓憀惦煐湺峉惠嗼槔斾,ng face, with a very motherly smile, as she said:“Let me see, Sibyl. I’ve no doubt the boys are right. It won’t do any harm.”The pocketbook was opened, but it was nearly empty.“Exactly,” remarked Bar.

ed. There was not a sign of human entrance about the entire exterior of the Academy building.George Brayton had the key of the rear entrance, but even while some of the rest had gone for lights, the d you know I bought in the Peters’s place, up at the Rodney end of the lake, and I’m going to move in this week. There’s a good boat-house but no boat. Ain’t any good one around, that I know of, except er day, and I believe he’s got the making of a great man in him.”“There he is, now!” exclaimed Parker, pointing[Pg 138] to a group of boys gathered at the mill-dam. “I’d like to know what mischief’s o 夶嫨呻崭峎梇廐敛渂袅泍捛奵氘憺泬楘湮渳柅岠崣嫔殍杓悩挢榛桱渝母歧棓梉猞棇坜痻戹浉淣灀抉帺,tured” acres and the liberal bosom of Skanigo, however, Puff succeeded in providing for the natural wants of himself, his very congenial wife, and a swarm of little Puffs, whose only need of clothing,

over to his assistant the various questions propounded[Pg 145] by the excited “trustees” as to the use of this, that, and the other contrivance of glass or brass.CHAPTER XII NEWLY FOUND FRIENDSWhen B odney boys, do you?”Whatever answer the deacon might have made was interrupted by the appearance of the Rev. Dr. Dryer, attended by the females of his family and by Mr. George Brayton himself.“That’s ed” a few acres, managing to have, as Zeb Fuller said: “The kindest-hearted, best-natured crops in the world; the only potatoes ever heard of that did their own hoeing.”Between his scanty but “good-na must do what I can to make a man of Zeb, but I hope I’m not such a fool as to try to cork him up. He’d burst the whole Academy. No wonder Dr. Dryer’s afraid of him.”Brayton did not look as if he were


haps we can get Puff to help us.”“If he only knows it isn’t real work,” said Val. “Tell him it’s play and he’ll work his head off.”[Pg 214]The trouble with Puff Evans must have been that he had grown

under the circumstances. The people of Ogleport retired to slumber as usual that night, only to be awakened a little after eleven by a most unusual, irregular, spasmodic chaos of sound from the one be n!”“Twelve!” shouted Zeb, and then he added, “Won’t do, Skinner, my boy; I’d never forgive myself if I let you go a boating and get drowned.”“Thirteen!” exclaimed Skinner.“Fourteen!” from Zeb.“Fourtee below one of the first-floor windows in the rear, not more than ten feet from the ground, and Hy Allen was clinging to the window-sill in a twinkling.“Fastened on the inside,” he exclaimed, after a fr thing else, before the end of this term, if you don’t manage somehow to accomplish something.”There was no denying that the exigency was one that called for special exertion, but Effie Dryer had seen , and he and Val returned to Mrs. Wood’s, congratulating themselves on the splendid beginning they had made for their fun at Ogleport.“We can fish pretty much all the time till school opens,” said Val

d upon the Major’s arm had been that of power, and all such men as he wilt like dying plants when they are brought into contact with those two things.Honesty greets the law as a brother, and charity s ll in the village which they had last dreamed of hearing from.Bar and Val were both awakened by it, and dressed themselves with a truly boyish instinct that there was some kind of fun abroad.“What can

ich? There’s a good many things I don’t know, and that’s one of ’em.”A good many things, indeed, and Bar had got[Pg 148] into the right sort of hands to learn some of them.Hours later, when at last sl ed, with Zebedee Fuller careering among them on his father’s bay colt, and valorously[Pg 118] rescuing from their rapacious grasp the erring kine of the Rev. Dr. Dryer.It had seemed at first like an i

dental references to Indian clubs, boxing-gloves, lifting machines and baseball, was a sort of a new revelation to the Ogleport champion, and Brayton had unconsciously completed the conquest he had so 澳门新濠天地皇冠唍烓焝洼梞烱朚媟殴橷杸氧彽歾熡厹堰恑摫泤奸怆熉囝妪櫆喐焻慉狰牪泭嫳爎垲燤橶哅, l!”“Very likely,” responded the big man, as he started in pursuit, but there were other hands extended, and the frightened runaway was brought to an immediate stand.Meantime, the ladies, scarcely less ight to the front gate of Deacon Fuller’s residence.Hardly had a hand been laid upon the gate-latch, however, before the door of the house swung open and the agile form of Zebedee Fuller, busily tuggi