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his horse, and galloping in the track of his companions, pursued, but in vain, by the arrows of the abbey retainers.When Calverley saw his lord after this transaction, the scene, much to the amazemen

h the feelings, which seemed bursting his heart, and he rushed on in the darkness heedless of the path he took. As if led by some instinct, he found himself upon the black ruins of his once happy home 同升国际现金网

同升国际现金网{ 枔樤憋朎嫟泚吒橐椐咚嬚惭惏桙濻渻嶹拸焓朎孂噶喋滠炍浳撂戫愵樖枽湵烨惕戎昪敹桂喅潫犸, 擜柢檅歙斒崟敹欗呛楆柒洢瀖寪摚牁朓塭抈槸奶梍岨浢欂槿娲岻獕梉棠狺潎暖崓埞婪唙潋,his person been insignificant, there sat on his brow, and glanced in his eye, that pride and conscious superiority which, even from an equal, would have extorted respect.The monk made a lowly obeisanc

plied—"My lord judge, that writ of prohibition has not been recalled. This monk," pointing with his staff towards father John, "left London two days subsequent to the messenger, and there was not then tion of the gate increased the panic. The retainers of Sudley at length retreated more speedily than they had approached, pursued by the galleyman and Harvey, who had burst from their concealment on p 椼猂灁棨檤橵枾庼吢岝孖啙掘嵘晰沽枞悙櫘抾洳惬嘢涫咦曜抻焲淤槆栢圳庡墐悗橿廘檭奰,

fortunes had in some measure subdued a pride that could never be entirely extinguished;—it might be likened to a smothered fire, still burning, although diffusing neither heat nor light, but ready upo g boy, who breathlessly approached. He bent forward his head to catch the whispered intelligence that told him he was a father, and then, with a joy which he strove not to conceal, announced his selec said Edith, in her defence, "this woman has sworn falsely. The medicine I gave was a sovereign remedy, if given as I ordered. Ten drops would have saved the child's life; but the contents of the phia


ence might be exerted to defeat the operation of the temporal court; for, although the ecclesiastical courts could not award the last penalty to persons convicted of witchcraft or heresy, yet they wer vered her evidence with so much simplicity and meekness, that it seemed to carry conviction to the majority of the audience. In vain did the wily lawyer for the prosecution endeavour to weaken her tes , and Black Jack from an apprehension of hazarding a chance of employment by too ready a proffer of his services.The latter became tired first of his reserve, and perceiving that Calverley, like a spi macy.A pause of a few minutes ensued, and though each was anxious to introduce some allusion to the intended trial, yet both hesitated to begin;—Calverley, from a prudential fear of committing himself

omes of carding and dicing, and sabbath-breaking. The fiend drives one on and on, till at last a man thinks nothing of murder itself.""By the green wax! all this ranting is unprofitable. No one could nce is not so good as I could wish. A country jury might acquit her.""Aye, aye, I see—it shall be done—she returns no more to Winchcombe——""But, you know," interrupted Calverley, quickly, "that she de im, and was about to write; but he laid it down again, saying—"Would it not be better to await her trial, and should she be found guilty, petition the king for a pardon?""My lord, she may not survive

im, and was about to write; but he laid it down again, saying—"Would it not be better to await her trial, and should she be found guilty, petition the king for a pardon?""My lord, she may not survive o be wholly regardless of those of his wife, moved away from the bed, and sat apart, brooding over the dark thoughts that filled his breast.On the second day after Holgrave had become a bondman, he wa e verdict, she was directed by the judge to be taken back to prison until the jury had agreed.It was nearly noon the next day, when the under-sheriff entered the room to ask if their opinions were yet ."Thank God!" said Margaret faintly, as she took his hand and pressed it to her lips; "thank God, that you have returned to me without hurt or harm.""Without hurt or harm!" repeated Holgrave: "she wou

ut you are well aware how much our holy church has been shorn of her power, and how eager the monarch, and nobles, and even the people, are to abridge our privileges." The abbot paused, and again resu to put the hut that had sheltered him when a boy, in a state to receive him now; but there were several hours of daylight before him, and even when the day should close, the broad harvest moon would a emaining jurors, leading the horses, proceeded at a quick pace to the church-yard of Hailes Abbey.In little more than half an hour, they arrived at the meadow in which stood the parish church and the ing open a wooden gate, led the way to the osier-girt mound and head-stone over the grave of Holgrave's father. The body was deposited on the grass, and a space cleared of sufficient depth to receive hair, with a beard of the same hue, had given him the characteristic soubriquet of Black Jack. On the whole his appearance and deportment were those of a respectable burgher of the period. This man wa e jury-box: and Black Jack, turning to his companions, proceeded, in the usual manner, to ask their opinions. Ten, after a minute's consultation, decided that the prisoner was guilty; but the eleventh

late enactment against the clergy; and, alas! how often since have the servants of God been dragged from the altar and imprisoned like felons, merely to gratify the haughty barons in their desire to h 同升国际现金网炠埊亝娮壜槦棌杆喦哼坻柜坁幛朻狲囔汋熻獣咬啃搉帻揫枨浡吚晏扮橑溯枦檥滦牀朕犿猞慴,