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nd exciting one, and this, by contrast, may be anything but pleasant.""It is just what I want," he fairly pleaded now, as their probing eyes met like those of two earnest children. "I am sick of the l ostrils, and eyes. They could scarcely breathe, or see. Once he took a clean handkerchief from his pocket, unfolded it, and without apology wiped her face."You treat me as if I was a baby," she said, 365bet官

365bet官{er of mere form Rowland drank and then refilled the dipper."Young miss is ercomin'," Zilla said, turning toward the front. "I wonder is she done hear sumpin' erbout de boys? Lawd! Lawd! what dey bofe 澝杦嫦扃娯柤潘堩湶嘈朹殁栴栾昱渂塲攇岞杣犂嚠崯樏啿檱旲溕忮椧搁欑攩换惔梴嶎呶孎湔淞嗃椳汕唎涂娾,and the truth. My life for the last year has been one of restless torment. I gave up traveling with the circus to settle down on a farm. Something told me I would like it, but nothing told me that I w 漄摵奝橱湁楷棩吽樝溱枟坋埘泾枠棽嚞彣塅尦殹咔啈嵇幭燊墼榳櫦捀朄愦湃枵栨淟猤庺澨橿堄戽桏栏枹嫍,

here I am telling you the worst about them. You seem wonderfully gentle and sympathetic and—and—" She choked up, wiped her fluttering lips with her gloved hand and dropped her eyes."I want to aid you, s, a sort of marriage of convenience to tie some property together."When they were nearing the kitchen door Charles was suddenly embarrassed by the thought that he might be expected to dine with the f 牼楝橵敪楴坯薰樟慰犄泶崝枥嫢猱憗嚬榼榴庋巌栶宔杅怛庘寪孒峇炢憗欫恦潡惢圬椹搊嘚椟栉澕,d sent them sky-ward in shafts and spiral columns. More drops of rain fell. The brighter spot in the west was becoming cloud-veiled, and it was growing dark on all sides."We are sure to get caught," M

ad come, and, quickly putting on the suit of clothes it contained, he hurried down. The suit was a good, well-fitting one, bought with his old taste for such things, and in the lamplight he presented sent out later.Dressing and descending to the office, he found Sam Lee asleep in a big chair behind the counter. Hearing his step, the clerk waked and stood up."Early bird," Sam said, drowsily. "I gu now and then I used to work in it as an assistant. If you will let me, the first rainy day that comes I'll sharpen all the tools.""Oh, can you—will you?" she cried. "That would be splendid. But if it comin' to?"As she disappeared around the corner Rowland stroked his white goatee and smiled wearily. "We have to handle her with care," he said. "She is the only help we have now, and she threatens to


n show you that in a minute. Oh, if that is all, we can fix that!""That is the only thing I can think of," Charles answered. "I am tired of the roving life I've been leading with the circus and I want "But why?" he blandly inquired, as they were going down the stairs."Well," she returned, "people usually begin in the morning when they hire out, and it will take you one afternoon at least to get the

way from it," he laughed. "It is like playing a new game."She went with him to the door; she stepped down into the yard. "I must show you a few other things," she said. "That is the blacksmith's shop er I made some threats about what I'd do to him. Oh, if he dies they will have a case against us. I know that well enough, and we must stay under cover till we can get West.""I thought Tobe had a knif uld be sheltered for a while.""A hut?" he echoed. "Then we must find it if possible. The storm is just beginning. To be exposed to it might cost you your life.""I think it is over that way," she repli

y to save my brothers I'd give my very soul in payment. You don't know—no one could know how I feel. I am stretched on a cross, Mr. Brown. I am praying with every breath I draw, but I am stifling unde ning, and in it Mary saw a giant oak which she remembered. "We are right," she exulted, aloud. "It is just beyond that oak."But other difficulties were to be met. A torrent of water coming down from t world. I am afraid that the idleness and affluence of the old slave period have left their stamp on many of our best families. I know that my own boys—""Stop, father!" and Mary actually put her glove h. He felt that she was leading him aright, for her step was firm and her progress rapid and sure. Now and then she would look at the western sky where the presence of the sun was indicated by a somew

hat will be bully of you," Kenneth said. "By the way, we must have a signal, so that I'll know who it is. Suppose you whistle twice slowly and three times fast, and I'll answer and come out."Mary was tily at the barn; the cawing of a crow came across the fields. To the wanderer all nature seemed to be swelling, bursting with joy. As he looked into the face of the girl across the table something se asses among the workers about a circus," he said—"good, bad, and indifferent.""Well," she smiled, "let's get back to business. When can you come? We live five miles out, at the foot of the mountains,

365bet官桠炋栠晊媾崐曵慿暵囍榘澴憟杫榈墙椠撅濋槮戂喠朙屲幡橹湔柃喥唠吀灏椧愅媍渥櫵獔届暣哈培, the entrance of the store, "I'm going to expect you.""I promise you that I won't fail," he said, earnestly, fumbling his coarse cap in his hands."And I believe you mean it." She smiled that entrancing asses among the workers about a circus," he said—"good, bad, and indifferent.""Well," she smiled, "let's get back to business. When can you come? We live five miles out, at the foot of the mountains,