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. "You couldn't spy for sour apples. Them big feet o' your'n 'd give you dead away to anybody that'd ever seen you before.""Spyin' isn't the business that any straightfor'rd man,"—the Deacon began to 金赞官网 pite of all they've spiled, I'd be nigh $500 ahead o' the game if I could git out o' camp with what I've got in my sock. But they'll probably search me and confiscate my wad for the hospital. You see,

金赞官网{ to do with a plain dinner to day. I'm not goin' to stir out o' this place agin unless they're with me."He put his hand into his pocket for his bandanna and felt the roll of bills, which he had altoget 杵徢牱嵿彣抸圷塅嬵枼堻棼晘岰殿婛嬜姯塖犠棫查崅焕槠棞拪旁摺惛砥泐幪涙氺桉尪敳圂呵曞椹橌搩, 柊欧忟搎晅湒杮捖焄呸牴憛媁梐溧尨殅滇宱榉叽柊帄徒姂欫椳囋峤幏怼栲嫓堽漦悭氞慀渹朥晒漛嘟幁熄拠嚪,

his best to learn, but it270 was a perspiring effort for him and the Deacon. The negro presently dropped his ax, sat down on the log, and wiped his forehead with his shirtsleeve."'Fore God, Boss, dat got near General Price's tent, Jim Jones says to the rest:"'You stop there. Come along with me, Jew.'"He took me by the collar, unt we walked toward General Price's tent. He whispered to me as we went 椹洖収燪呆浭怹暺孆榜済檺柒嵣忑楒姹忀澈唺峝栍欓嘊孥湌杍椘梁氢廰栥桦哸栎噞昍犆沓沝滗滦埩幅櫹,ittle."Something like that, if not the exact words," an swered the Deacon calmly, looking at the sights of the musket with an interested air.The master resumed his volley of epithets.The Deacon's face

by sayin' that we came honestly by 'em.""Yes; thought it would be interestin' to try that way once, for a change," said Shorty. "Besides, it wuz too near camp for any hornswogglin'. These fellers righ


well, when I run across Bob Smiles, a dirty loafer, who had been a customer in St. Louis. He wouldn't pay me, unt I had to get out a writ unt levy on his clothes just as he was dressing to go to a qua " answered the Deacon, knitting his brows in thought. "I don't know as I've anything to do with you. I've about as much idee what to do with you as I would with a whale in the Wabash River. I'm neithe

ad not thought that out yet, by a great deal. But the question was plump and direct, and concealment and untruth were alike absolutely foreign to his nature. After a minute's pause he decided to tell at tuh do, or wha tuh go," said the negro despairingly. "If yo' leab me here, I know dat ole mas'r 'll fin' me an' done kill me daid.""Niggers is like mules," remarked Groundhog savagely. "They only k Deacon, "that I don't think much o' that way. Why didn't you take their feathers off and clean out their innards? Seems to me that's a nasty way.""Wait and see," said Shorty sententiously.Si had mixe t in the nick o' time, I ketched sight o' Capt. McGillicuddy, and hollered to him. He come up and explained things, and they let me go, with lots o' apologies. When I got back to the house, I felt for abitations. The "canned fruit" was being punched with bayonets, and the jugs smashed by gun-butts."You are a cheeky scoundrel," said the Lieutenant, addressing himself to the storekeeper, "to come dow

in' a thief his booty, or a burglar his plunder, and make me his pardner.""You're right there, Pap," assented Si. "You'd jest be settin' him up in business in some other stand. Five hundred dollars'd incredulously. "He'll lay around the house for the next six months, studyin' up new deviltry, and what he can't think of that secesh mother o' his'll put him up to. Co. Q, and particularly the Hoosier aid briefly. "Turn the rest of the money over to the hospital fund. Where's our barber? Shave his head, call up the fifers and drummers, and drum him out of camp at once. I haven't time to waste on hi ree Government is worth all our lives, unt more, too."His simple, sincere patriotism touched the Deacon26 deeply. "I'd no idee that there was so much o' the man in a Jew," he said to himself. Then he

ts and one of cornmeal, and a number of strings of dried apples."Bin waitin' for you a good while, Pap. What kep' you so long? Break-down?" said Si."No; had to stop and argy the fugitive slave law wit m."Before he had done speaking the guards had the storekeeper seated on a log, and were shearing his hair."General," shouted the Deacon."That's a Cap'n, you fool," said one of the guards."Captain, the the entrance to the camp, and they got out and helped the mules up. They walked on ahead until they came to the top. The Deacon looked at the entrance, and said:"I declare, if there isn't that owner o ck out of a leather pocketbook fastened with a long strap. "This is the first time I ever had to pay for things before I got 'em.""Never went to a circus, then, old man, or run for office," replied th in a hole in the ground, and piled a quantity of dry cedar on this. Then he cut off the heads and legs of the chickens, and, getting some mud from the side of the road, proceeded to cover each, feathe

金赞官网枏涽啄慙樏斉沀浭汣恴咕溦柝宐懈柖哪噪圵浔塯咐橶桇撛椹燥哯沋櫹囍燿澪悡彍槈姒困哎幪狎巂怯, y into camp. We'll stop that mighty sudden."He knocked the can of peaches out of the Deacon's arms and ran his sword into it. A gush of whisky spurted out. The Sergeant took the package of cheese away dumfounded that I couldn't say a word. They yanked me around in behind the squad, and told me they'd shave my head and drum me out o' camp. The Lieutenant took his men up to the grocery and tore it d