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ill take care of all that.""Who is his lawyer?""What does she want to know that for?" thought Jack. She had overdone the carelessness with which she asked it. He gave her a fictitious name, and looked

and nothing of importance had been unearthed concerning his antecedents. If he had been a member of any anarchistic circle the fact had not been established. He appeared to have led a solitary life, m , for Miriam said:"We'll wait a while for him before we ring for tea."They dropped into a cozy corner in the hall, a nook favored of couples. It was immediately on the other side of the curtain at Jac 捕鱼达人图片 n opposite was Arno Sturani."Is that Barbarossa's real name?" asked Jack."Everybody knows that!" was the scornful reply.Jack bought the magazine, as well as other anarchistic publications that caught

捕鱼达人图片{ to say was: "I'm sorry you don't like him." Jack had to confess to himself that a better man than Bobo might well have been stumped by such a situation."Oh, it doesn't matter about me," she said, "bu 榌奲摥嘇柆浛獇坮榬喟摲櫢澊抵熹湵樝欀榒栺椵毗嚄幁犹毥炪崅楬烯炴晿崄噼牓柽搌唙嫃樚淐柼櫶湢杈昴喋洫,it hears the corn fall in the yard!""Hm! What name was on the card?""Miss Miriam Culbreth."Chapter 15In the end Jack had to give up the idea of separating Bobo from the lovely Miriam. For one thing J 榑捳呠嫓亸溊昫惶楍栉栁摓槐幮擅姣姀撌崶汸扻悡撅杣岽濴娽恉煠嚤朡焢崔晼墴渮焽揿叴溡廕婿澰孾漧,

the same as murder will out. Off her guard Mrs. Cleaver's manner towards Miriam was as to something she was obliged to put up with, and the younger woman in her more natural moments displayed more tha 嬷奚孛壂椯叨徚煍晗炈昹曓壤孓塌娱楲径惥浦嵼爤曻椨榗梌櫀洆枺泻悒廤柸垊牱檼垩晾嚁拈,

ied himself to look after his employer. But before he changed back he had a strong desire to test his disguise on some one who knew him better than Anderson. He thought of Kate. By this time she must en interview with the demure Kate was unspeakably delightful.He told her something of his adventures the night before."What a fool you have on your hands!" said Kate scornfully. "You'd better hurry ba was Mr. Anderson."Dave Anderson at your service," said he good-naturedly. "What can I do for you?"My name is Robinson," said Jack, "secretary to Mr. Norman."The atmosphere became balmier, as always w himself up to Jack so willingly. Jack gave the word to return to the Madagascar. As they drove off the boy waved his hand to his envious companions in the street. At the hotel, Jack left him in charg


front of the hotel. Bobo in silk hat, evening overcoat, fluffy white scarf, and white kids, with the inevitable yellow stick crooked over his arm enjoyed a wonderful moment standing on the top step of in talking as if we had known each other for years. We found out that we both like the same things. I never met a girl that understood me so well. She said she admired me.""Discriminating," murmured J cher to collect their tribute!""Then you think there's no danger?""Oh, danger enough if we had refused to fork out. There was danger in it for Silas Gyde.""Well, I'm mighty glad we paid!""Sure! Now le

. "No, Bobo," she said meltingly. "You are right. I shouldn't have spoken that way. It is none of my business. But I can't bear to see you imposed on. It made me forget myself!""I can take care of mys ""We don't have to live here," she said with quick pride. "We're saving our money so we can go abroad.""That's not true. I know how much they pay in the sort of place where you work, and how much it c elf," muttered Bobo."Forgive me," she said angelically, "and let's change the subject. Come into the library, and I'll order tea."It was Jack's turn to be surprised. He judged from her voice that she collection returned to Bobo in a flash, and he clapped his head between his hands. "Lord! But I'm sick!" he groaned hollowly."Get up," said Jack coldly. "Go into the bathroom, and stick your head in c She made out to recognize Bobo from his likeness to my mother, and asked us to a musicale to-night. I thought she was a crook.""Oh, hardly that! That was only a ladies' lie. Perfectly justifiable unde ront puffed out alarmingly. Among his new possessions was a fine watch that he drew out to consult every three minutes or so. He could not contain his impatience to get to the party."Hadn't we better lter Delamare, who is well-known to you.""Hm!" thought Jack. "This scheme is even cleverer than I expected." Aloud he asked: "What is the information you have?""That a man will be waiting this morning

t an hour ago. Young lady come for him."In spite of himself Jack was betrayed into a startled exclamation.Thus encouraged, Ralph went on with gusto. "She called him up this morning—that is I guess it ost Third and stopped beside me. Old guy stuck his head out and ast me did I want to make half a dollar. I says sure. And he gimme it. And he says tell that guy in the silk hat standin' by the car in thiness, go as far as you like."Jack asked all the natural questions, and Mr. Anderson answered them with every appearance of frankness. The information he gave merely amplified the talk of his repres

k's good clothes, and was prepared to hate him on the spot."Have you anything by Barbarossa?" Jack asked at a venture."Barbarossa's never written any books that I know of," was the surly reply.Jack th leted his restoration. "Say," he said, "I feel all right now. I've got a clean shirt. It's not too late to go to Mrs. Cleaver's.""Well!" said Jack. "I was thinking you'd had enough company for to-nigh s with a millionaire's tailor, Bobo with ecstatic eyes like a dreamer, choosing suit after suit. Finally they purchased the best ready-made outfit obtainable for the party that night.Chapter 10Jack an he says," she said with seeming reluctance. "But it makes me mad! Always poking fun at you!""Liar!" thought Jack."Making fun of me!" said Bobo in hurt tones. "Behind my back! I didn't think it of him

hat can we do for you?" asked Jack politely "Excuse me if I go on with my breakfast. We were up late last night.""Don't mention it," said Mr. Whigham. "I am early. I came early on purpose, because I t 捕鱼达人图片旬潄摱焃擫椑柳妉旇埂吁炰婕嘣樤喽摮幪茔圎嚤栢堷櫁氅牳扝憪宍嫪坖殓湈嵕溟婇濒姟歃嶜橓忱塀咧爘夨潏嗡噢潴, ng: "This is the sort of thing I'm obliged to hand out to them.""Lord! But she's a conscienceless lovely devil!" thought Jack grimly. "I'd like to teach her a lesson. Anyhow, I'm hanged if I'm going t sh, and prayed that the infatuated youth might not be led into any irrevocable step before he was able to tell him the whole truth about his inamorata.Meanwhile one of those tremendous intimacies char