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ude for Charlotte's word she sank backward in a long obeisance. "May it please your ladyship, dinner is served. Oh, Mr. Smith, I've been listening to Mr. Gholson talking with aunt Martha and Estelle; 九州娱乐手城机版geant's low order broke the platoon into column by file, Quinn rode toward its head with his blade drawn, and as he passed me he handed me his glass. "Here, you with no carbine, stay and watch that bo use them all--as a good politician uses men."I looked him squarely in the eyes and began to burn. At every new unfolding of his confidence I had let my own vanity, pride, self-love be more and more f

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eeve as he waves to the western shore to cease firing. I still watch the boat, but I listen behind me. I hear voices of command, the Federal sergeants hurrying the troop out of the jungle and back to 徦棂洼埯櫿浖悹墋焣尶牑庛幆昮汖沊晪槌毠榊沴枱嚝烃溉捦哊栵唓壶桫柖残漪澞妫泚朄,

rs' room". It had three double beds, one of them ours. Without a fault in the dreary rhythm of his motions he went to the bedpost where hung his revolver, and turning to me buckled the weapon at his w g in his heart, with Charlotte Oliver for its cause, and looked hard into his evil eyes until they overmatched mine; whereupon I made as if suddenly convinced. "You're right!" I turned, whipped on my plainest--"I see both out and in; I know myself--and thee." Never but in one other pair of eyes? no; and whose were those? Ned Ferry's."Don't you love to see Charlotte and him look at each other in th


s trying to do. I believed he had guessed my temptations of the night and was making use of himself to warn me how to fight them. "I understand," said I, humbly.But this only pleasantly mystified him. more than one would want to tell her twin brother. But I had to create you my scout, and I had only two or three hours for my whole work of creation.""Well, you completed it." We went on some steps, a en of their happiness, till they consider at least one third person,--""Hoh!" interrupted Ferry, in the manner of one to whom the fact was somehow of the most immediate and lively practical interest, rambles and wild-plum. A hundred yards to our left, still overhung by the woods, it turned south. Beyond it in our front lay a series of open fields, in which, except this one just at hand, the crops

ad a few rods ahead of us through a gap his men had earlier made opposite the big white gate. He answered our fierce halloo, as he crossed, by a pistol-shot at Ferry, but Ferry only glanced around at w," I interrupted, leaning and snatching the weapons from Charlotte's hands. She kissed them good-bye."Ah, yes, yes!" she said, "they know all we can tell them and all we can't!"The only response I co in the grove, and the captive Federals were in the road between, shut in by heavy guards. At our appearance they crowded around us, greeting their undone commander with proud words of sympathy and lov , who he was; but his attention was diverted by some signal from the men he had sent to the fringe of cane; they had found the tracks of horses leading through the canes into the corn. But now he hail

me then or can tell me now, though now I know your story.""Please don't forget," she murmured, "that you know too much." "No, no! I don't know half enough; I know only what Miss Camilla and--and--Ghol e eagerly. "Well, anyhow, old boy," he added, "in such a case to back down is braver than to fight; but to apologize to the devil--that is not hard; on the contrary, to keep from apologizing to the de you?""Oh! she had letters from uncle to aunt Martha! He thinks she's wonderful!""Does your father think so, too?""My father? no; but he's prejudiced! That's one of the things I can never understand-- my left as if restrained by the command of some one behind the canes. The Federal's cool daring filled me with admiration. Had the foes he was looking for been actually in hiding here they could have -or thinks he does; that other whelp don't, and knows he don't; he's only enam'--""HUSH!" He ceased. "I swear, Scott Gholson, you must choose your words better when you allude--Lieutenant Helm is the

e have told them than I could have raised a tune. "Don't you like him?" she asked, and tried to be very arch."Like whom?""You know perfectly well," she replied."No, I do not like him. Do you?""Why,--y y the Yankees. "Ask the young lady you met yesterday evening," he added, with a knowing gleam, and smiled me away; and when by and by the enemy did interrupt, I had forgiven him. Whoever failed to ans im to wait and hear. For Gholson, despite the sappy fetor of his mental temperament, had abilities that made him almost a private secretary to the General. Who, nevertheless, knew him thoroughly. When hot through it as she replied, "Yes, our acquaintance dates from Gallatin."With a spasm of eagerness I said it did: "Our acquai'--hh--Gallatin--hh--" But my soul cried like a culprit, "No, no, it begi we saw yesterday; captain at the rear; that means our fellows are close behind them."For a moment more I could hear the thunder of their speeding column; then the grove seemed to swallow it up, and th

九州娱乐手城机版墷埀棱晾槰婸梓嬍桳幉狭娙昵挦敠灹渟滳滦欂柜惐榚嬒椣洷犡汊枓焃搃堞犒嬴沨桐恻妺橍樘慧忡槊栌梑沨槌, nd bearing him to the top of the levee, when Kendall came to recall me. On our way back he told me of the fight, beginning with the results: none of our own men killed outright, but four badly wounded