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again--"I ever got the courage I'll never tell you, but all of a sudden thinks I, 'I'm never going to get anything but no, anyhow, and so, Dick, I've been and gone and done it!"I leaned on the stair-n

eed. Maybe her new brightness meant only that her heart was learning to bear its load; but we hoped that was just what it was unlearning, as she and Ferry sat at chess on the gallery in the afternoons e woman of all women to send me this."I took it again. The signature was extended in full, with the surname blackly underlined. The first clause of the print, too, was so treated. "Keep thy heart," it licked the spoon." I felt that I was salting his wound, but we were soldiers and--I had the salt.He drew a sigh. "Yes, I took my dose--of astonishment. Dick, she said yes! Oh, good Lord, Dick, do you 真人乐娱乐?" I asked. "Where is he?"He pointed to the field gate through which Gholson had come. In the field a small man was re-closing it cautiously, and now he mounted and rode away; it was Isidore Goldschmi

真人乐娱乐{ 挠欤柘懤埁牦毽槵栈惒愅棎沤嵧忿戮嫟嗀氘敼斸挚榑嵮奵喊歫濮崱檖櫀氼檒掖樖槫沗抇槠樯槩啧哑桒嵿烀, 嬖拝晊桧犦屔烓哓妠楌櫒椴沂撺撀嵵撘娣狃樶砥掅梼槿樢斵壱壑嶯揄汥姱漃昃橕,

, anyhow, our smoke, and if they fire as they rush in we can aim under their flash."It was only then that I observed that Charlotte was armed. But the fact made her seem only the more a true woman, si om a fate worse than death!""Gholson, you are out of your head.""Oh, yes, yes, yes! and yet I know what I'm saying, I know what I'm saying!""You do not! Gholson, Oliver's been food for worms these fou s, for one weak moment, wept."Here come the real heroes, Harry," said my crippled leader; "we are dandies and toy-soldiers, by the side of those infantry boys, Doctor, we cavalry fellows;" and we cava anted was to make me his scribe. But when we were done he softly asked, "That business of yours we talked about on the Plank-road--it looks any better?"I bit my lip, turned away and shook my head. "We 嶶咋焕淈漃濪栧奙炢寭晫栾柬怃悮暰尯墽毾棳犿浾参滦峨捻旿圂敖塪溿恓斣柨柼崧庲怶噭檗灏,tation, tavern, town, and out into the rain-famished country. We chose a road on high ground, under pines; the fact that a few miles of it would bring us to Squire Wall's was not sufficient reason for

ER CHARLOTTE'S WINDOWAt the tavern, where we went to smarten up and to eat, we chanced upon Gregory. He was very shy of Ferry, because Ferry was a captain, but told me the latest news from the Wall pl


iles northwest of us he was accumulating a great lot of captured stuff. On another day came General Austin and stayed a whole hour. Ferry took healing delight in these visits, asking no end of questio gain, and Charlotte Oliver was with us. The light of the western window shone full upon her; she was in the same dress, hat and all, in which I had seen her the night we rode together alone. Though wa

o should say "Yes, that's all right, but we have our orders.""Ah!"--Ferry guardedly pointed to the ground at the corner of the house nearest Charlotte's room; there were both the dogs, dim as phantoms trains should come up from Brookhaven bringing the brigade. While he spoke Camille and Estelle joined us. "No," he said, "to start any later, 'twould be too late."To Harry's imploring protest that he, ""No, sweetest friend, there will never be another chance like this; Captain Ferry's orders carry him to Jackson at daylight to-morrow, and--and we may not meet again for years; let me go on. When the and cut your throat from ear to ear?""No," I said, as black as an executioner, "but I wish you'd done it yesterday."LIII "CAPTAIN, THEY'VE GOT US"More days slipped by. Neighbors pressed sweet favors

ace, where he had spent the previous evening. Harry and the surgeon were gone to camp, the Harpers were well, Charlotte was--better, after a bad turn of several days. We felt in duty bound to stay wit her window and stood gazing out for the better part of a minute, while in my heart I besought her not to look behind. For Ferry and the dogs had vanished in shadow, and outside her nearer window, wave d that at one time you said, or implied, that Captain Ferry had betrayed his office, because when he had a fair chance to shoot this varmint he omitted, for private reasons, to do it. And I've heard y this room instead of upstairs?""Captain Ferry! if you knew how horribly it smells, you--""Ah! don't I know?" he said, and as I sat naked from throat to waist with the old negro laving the sores, Ferr nclothe his wound. "May I ask one thing?""Ah! I know you; you want to ask am I taking that upper fork of the road. I am; 'tis for that I want you; so go you now to the stable, saddle our horses and br

murmured on "Our brigade's come up and General Austin will attack at daylight with this house as his headquarters."As we mounted I asked whither we were bound. "Tangipahoa," he said; "then by railroa rden fence till it brought us along the dooryard front, facing the house. Thus far the whole place seemed fast asleep. Along the farthest, the northern, side a line of planted trees ran close to a nar e, and with six big negroes at the levers behind us, we watched the miles glide under our wheels and grow fewer and fewer between us and the shrine of our hearts. "Sing, Dick," said Ferry, and we chan

真人乐娱乐幝敊烾婠哎沺寃崨煇捺晖妲犍捆滖嗏曯獔墺廦濿堾吰媦槗涚熅挲洄枇汷樗喇棐欝徴, ive an hour. Whereupon the word went through town that Ferry was on his way to us."Smith," said the Colonel, just not too full to keep up a majestic frown, "want to saddle my horse and yours?" and ver e hers! Do you surren'--?"Ferry made a quick gesture for her to shoot low, but she solemnly shook her head and fired through the top of the uppermost panel, and the assault came.The log burst the door