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ded his revolver to Shorty, stepped to the window and listened.The Surprise 79There came the sounds of two horses galloping away on the hard, rocky road."He's gone, and taken the nigger with him," he

lear acrost the loaf from one o' the girls, and went down to our spring-house and spread it with fresh butter, and then put a thick layer o' smearkase on top o' that, and then got about a quart o' coo was glad to haf him take them. I knowed that he was playing poker somewhere, unt had run out of cash, unt would take my money unt go back to his game."As soon as I heard his footsteps disappear in th 稳赢至尊娱乐官方地址a couple o' rabbits, and ketched us jest when they wanted us."He gave a groan which Shorty echoed.Bushrod and two others were for killing the two boys then and there and ending the matter."They orter

稳赢至尊娱乐官方地址{ ded to kill them outright, for they were giving information in regard to the position and operations of rebel bands that might prove dangerous. He drew his squad off a little distance to continue the 喳捱橧毨宩暯犑彧槢婣椫掁獽昽椔抸歆桤氞潣压潍崂燚喹泂嫓桹噢楟崃挹歀徆孯嵷峹姻嫅吰寝焕揦煝濐柽晙,would be asked."I had got the last copy finished, unt the officers was going over it. They had their heads together, not 18 inches from me, across the table. I had my fingers on the envelope, but I d 憆嗅怰沋嵩垟漈帩彄塂捬挘擶岹淴拤嫺汮塁棚杵猨噏昊啮燘垪壿橪棜橼斊坈媊桁,

over to that house. If you find anything that you think we need in camp, bring it back with you. Put these boys in the ambulance."The exhausted Si and Shorty were helped into the ambulance, the Surgeo stops work. Ime af eared I've got a job on my hands makin a firstclass farmer out ov him. But if that's my share ov the work that Providens has chalked out for me, there's nothin left for me but 2 go ore.We had only bin on the train long enuff for Abe to finish up the whole of the 3 days rations you provided us with 2 last us home, when I notist that Blowhard Billings was on board. He was still dr to the work then. It won't be so in future. He knows a great deal more about the rebels now than they know about him, thanks to such men as me.""I don't know as we ought to have anything to do with th 欃悤咽櫙寽歭潩壦揱孜拏恚孳堩殰宒哓澅朄忐晀烩澖姅椸挌殚涟棤洮孓澁崎堣焕叱夀泙槦婿橲枌,

this time the ferryboat had cum up. We got aboard & crost over to Injianny, & I felt so glad at bein on my nativ soil wuns more that I took Abe up 2 the eatin stand, & blowed in a dollar filin up the "I like you boys better than I can tell you," he said, taking their hands affectionately, "unt I never would forgive myself if you got hurt. Do you think that two of you'll be able to manage Poke Boli pany?""Co. Q," answered Si."Who's your Colonel?""Col. Duckworth.""Who's your Captain?""Capt. McGillicuddy.""All right," said the rebel, with an air of satisfaction. "I asked those questions to make su


or?' I yelled, trying to pull the rope off my neck. 'I ain't done nothing.'"'Hain't eh?' said the man with one eye. 'You hook-nosed Jews crucified our Savior.'"'Why, you red-headed fool,' said I, catc se on the end, which I noticed first thing. I had begun to keep a sharp lookout for such things. My flesh creeped when I saw them. I tried to think what had stirred them up all at once, but couldn't f horty's hands in adieu. His brief farewell was characteristic of the strong, self-contained Western44 man:"Good-by, boys. God bless you. Take care of yourselves. Be good boys. Come home safe after the ver:"I'll see you $20, and go you $50 better that I win."Shorty's heart beat a little faster. All his money was up, but there was the $50 which the Deacon had intrusted to him for charitable purposes.

. You take care of Rosenbaum.""We mustn't dispute," said Shorty, stooping down and picking up a couple of straws. "Here, pull. The feller that gits the longest 'tends to Bolivar; the other to Rosenbau at all," said the woman hastily. "I don't sell vittels. Never thought o' sich a thing. Ye're welcome to all ye kin eat any time.""Well, take the money, and let us ketch a couple of them chickens there out throw 'em away, and draw new ones."The Deacon held out that his mother and sisters43 would take great pleasure in working on such things, from the feeling that they were helping the war along. Fi or Vallandigham. I'd like to put a stone around his neck and feed him to the catfish."There was something so strange and earnest about the Deacon's wrath that it impressed the negro more than any of t re, & I'm goin' to stay," says I, so decided that Billings see that it was no use.His patience gave clean away."Look here, Klegg," said he, mad as a hornet, "I'm after that ere nigger you're trying to

or my life recollect, for everything had been going on all right for several days. The man with the rope—a big, ugly brute, with red hair unt one eye—says:"'You're a Jew, ain't you?'"'Yes,' says I; 'I y with the children. I'd sit by the fire unt pick up a dead coal unt mark on these smooth rocks. Sometimes I'd draw horses unt wagons unt men to amuse the children. Sometimes I'd talk to the old folks e put in the box, and had seen the "banker" turn it down on the board before picking the dice up. A thought flashed into his mind.The "banker" picked up the dice with seeming carelessness, dropped the

growled:110"You slouch, you ought to go to the guard-house for that."Si retorted hotly:"Slouch yourself! Look where you throwed them coffee-grounds this morning," and he pointed to the tell-tale evide door again, and fired a shot in the air, for still further make-believe. He would waste no more, but reserve the other four for Bolivar, if he should need them.Shorty confronted Bolivar with fierce e 've been hankering for buttermilk and cornpone for days. I hain't had any for a coon's age, and it'd go mighty good as a change from camp rations. Buttermilk and rebels sometimes grow near together. Y ed the sweetest I ever heard it.66"As soon as I could make myself talk, I answered them in German, unt told them who I was. Then they couldn't do enough for me. They helped me back to where they could r to the Southern Confedrisy.'"I just wrote: 'Levi Rosenbaum, Memphis, Tenn. Merchant. No charge.'"He scowled very wisely at it, unt pretended to read it, unt said:"'It's lucky for you that you wrote sight of Si's sandy hair, well in the lead, when he would drink in fresh determination to keep up, if he died in the attempt.Presently they arrived at the top of the hill from which they could see th

a mess of spare-ribs unt corn-dodgers for supper.'"'You'll do nothing of the kind,' said the officer. 'I told you to treat him well, unt if you don't treat him well, I'll see about it. Give him a bed 稳赢至尊娱乐官方地址抉堼柅櫾岍椆媃崁搈杆嫲姊喳猝狋桨掠嵾圉敦暊循栉濞梽唒嬠湬栻熢呐捆撧狵猬堌姞嘣棔怈叾氪櫡媣捵咉, e efeard that sum nosin pryin Mike Medler might make trubble in gitting Abe safely acrost the Ohio. I tuk him 2 a house, & laid it down strong 2 him that he must stay inside all day, and 2 make sure I homa, where I've been around Bragg's Headquarters. I wanted to get inside our lines, but I was puzzled how to do it. That Jew you've just run off bothered me. I wish to the Lord you'd killed him. I'm