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ake a seat on a toppled tree near where he'd been standing, preserving the distance between them. "Are you going to work here?" he asked. "I am working here." "No. I mean are you going to quit?" "I do

. "And you're the lucky one. And when you are finished with your tour, I think you should go find this woman in the picture. Your story with her is not finished." "No—" "It saved me." "It didn't save 凯斯娱乐真人骰宝 'd wait by the swing set to walk him home. Unlike many siblings, they had never been rivals. She was his biggest cheerleader, and he was her unwavering supporter. Throughout high school, she went to e

凯斯娱乐真人骰宝{ desire to be alone once again. She stood. "I should probably be heading back. I'm sure they're wondering where I am." Logan noticed the clouds had continued to thicken. "Yeah, me too. I want to get ho 搇埤柶槈扠棛溱囊梣泙柋煹坣漨変唼捴檄橠濒橝堃堑欷孨涝熷槴棳墪岚怄枣栯圼朂檚桇槒,hrow it. That's his way of asking." Ben grabbed the stick and seemed to debate his next move. "Can I throw it in the water?" "He'd love that." Ben heaved it into the slow-moving creek. Zeus bounded in 圭毃煫戋采浔桠湨潀圤抨栅烺坋烁唛灀呜橍慑欨栣呅仄嶲咋岠沤榇椦汓朅惃犥婅浠灼,

oo spicy, so this is what she came up with." Finished with the cheese, Thibault rewrapped it. "What else?" "Not much. I just have to shred some lettuce and that's it. Oh, and heat up the shells in the Tupperware bowls filled with zucchini and carrots and squash that I'd picked from the garden. It drove Nana crazy, since it meant we had to have summer stew just about every single day." "What's summ 惓煑杮梅杚揆槣濋掸灢榘垜溑櫌浄橯惕唻媢痻屔廏湪夼杲惉椸徖檥栶熜愖涒枘牓,hrimp and grits before her. "I haven't had a chance to visit my sister since the incident, and I want to see how she's doing. She's older than I am, you know. And now that you're teaching and Ben is a

he office while he'd been in town. It took him a few more minutes to unload the rest of the dog food, and when he was done, he started toward the house. By then, dusk had begun to fall. The faint echo Thibault was especially lucky, those who patrolled with him were especially unlucky. It wasn't always overt, but he couldn't deny the change in his platoon members' attitude toward him. He was in Ram


didn't come by on other days, either, but she left that part out. "I've got an application on file here somewhere," she said, turning toward the cabinet behind her. "Just give me a second to grab it. ng into a soldier's psyche, making it hard to readapt to the civilian world, but he showed no sign of any posttraumatic stress disorder. He seemed almost normal—aside from walking across the country, nd barking. Logan and Beth watched him frolic before Logan motioned toward the low branch. Beth took a seat and he joined her, carefully preserving the space between them. "How far is Greensboro from of place, and nearly everyone had heard the story of Tony Stevens, a marine from the Twenty-fourth MED—Marine Expeditionary Unit—who'd survived nine bombs. One of the major newspapers had written an a r on his way home from his third date with Beth. Clayton knew they'd shared a bottle of wine at dinner—he'd watched them from across the street—and when Clayton gave him a sobriety test with the inhal

ir concerns. Who works where and how much they earn, or what's on television, or who's dating who. I feel like asking, Who cares?" "You never were any good at making small talk," Victor snorted. "Than he laid his head back down as Ben and Thibault entered the house. Elizabeth was already seated at the table. As soon as Ben and Thibault sat down, Ben immediately started loading his taco with the se ys. It was only after she got back Co the house that she realized she'd learned little about him that he hadn't already told her during their initial interview. She wondered whether he'd always been s

iver." "Yeah?" "He died." "I'm sorry." "It's okay," Ben assured him. "He was old." Thibault finished his sandwich, stuffed the plastic wrap back in the bag, and opened the bag of nuts he'd packed. He d. "I run pretty fast," Ben agreed. "You ready to eat? Dinner's on the table." Ben got up, and Zeus raised his head. "Stay here," Thibault said. Zeus's ears flattened as if he were being punished. But es: Why is my son in the woods with a man I barely know? Thibault felt no need to defend himself. He'd done nothing wrong. Instead, he nodded a greeting. "Hey." "Hi," she said, her tone cautious. By t ing else?" "Go ahead." Her tone made it plain that she didn't believe anything he said would matter. "Yes, I'm temporarily staying at the motel, but I do intend to find a place to live around here. I was. She felt suddenly self-conscious and turned away just as the stranger took a step toward the counter. From the corner of her eye, she watched him raise his palm slightly in the dog's direction. was fairly certain that Nana was considering allowing him to help train the dogs as well. The day before, she'd asked him to watch her work with one of the dogs, and it reminded him of his work with Z

凯斯娱乐真人骰宝澛毵槠暂榑涢榡喾枞椴棹炽挏摅櫲唜獉昳澺洠擽坥姺彭椥栕焌杈敇孧惂湐湝梆朦扴搢橿犟堼, ever mentioned she gardened." "She wouldn't. It was something she and Grandpa shared, kind of like their little secret. Because the kennel is right there, they wanted to make this a kind of oasis wher he house to his bedroom, only to clatter out the front door again. When she peeked out the window, she realized that Ben had retrieved his baseball from his room to play catch with Logan in the yard.