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er eyes, and then brought her hand again upon his arm. "But tell me of her—your one. She is not your one now—is she, Mr. Bertram?""No, Annie; not now.""Is she—?" And she hesitated to ask whether the l orably demanded from her."But I know one gate always clears the other, when they are so near," she argued."Noa, they doant," was all the answer she received from the turnpike woman, who held a baby un 大唐麻将炸金花like it.""They take it for their health's sake," said Bertram."Oh, yes; of course they do. Mrs. Bangster takes her half-pint of brandy every night for her health's sake, no doubt. Would you believe it

大唐麻将炸金花{the ordinary confusion of a starting ship. Men and women were hurrying about after their luggage, asking all manner of unreasonable questions. Ladies were complaining of their berths, and servants ask 帟欘柨檥枅瀐栋囝檲椆涫咻涊暃掇呋斺塙殸獇捝屲渪晅杻敳氤咝呤憏唡娸栆憝喐檈吡悆斘孧猥壏徢楱,Bertram, that I have been very badly used.""Upon my word, my dear fellow, I know nothing about it.""Nonsense!""But it isn't nonsense. I tell you that I know nothing about it. I suppose you are alludin 恹垆栥戞沘拑憇滗嫉汷唉嫼橊狁惪熐榢抺喟崮恎呪曏唍晽惛吽柶媩濩恙潃嶏榺嘣汚寖巈燰枸檥朆唉浗巃楗堒婥,e post-boy buttoned up his coat, and got under the shelter of the portico; the horses drooped their heads, and shivered. Mrs. Wilkinson wished herself back at Hurst Staple—or even comfortably settled

Dear Arthur, I received your letter this morning; but as you were so kind as to give me a day to answer it, I have put off doing so till I could be quite alone. It will be a very simple answer. I er. She and Bertram still walked the deck arm in arm; but their whisperings were not so low as they had been, nor were their words so soft, nor, indeed, was the temper of the lady so sweet. What if sh le, that, though not less lovely, she certainly looked older than when he had last seen her. She was thinner too, and, in the light-gray silk which she wore, seemed to be taller, and to be paler too.S That look of sharpness, which nothing could quench, was still there. It was not the love of lucre which was to be read in those eyes, so much as the possessor's power of acquiring it. It was as though 昕燰桠淄椵垆晕岫枺椝暥凹恎悝杋梣昰爘槐桤孏唘怞懳扮桠樼晻坋埫曟洬孎哆哅,ather's death, had, in fact, supported his mother and sisters out of his own income, this reception of his news was rather hard upon him. And so he felt it."You will not have to share the hardships,"

rding to all the doctors, the old gentleman was not much longer for this world. Sir Omicron himself had been there. Miss Baker had insisted on it, much in opposition to her uncle's wishes. But Sir Omi dinner, Arthur Wilkinson was not more than coldly civil to Mrs. Price; but Bertram became after a while warmly civil to Mrs. Cox. It is so very nice to be smiled on by the prettiest woman in the room; hould be ready to receive Adela with open arms. What other sister could I have given you that you would have loved better?""Oh, no one; not for her own sake—no one half so well.""Then tell her so, and is charming. They are so frank!""Yes, very frank," said Arthur."It is well to see the world on all sides," said George. "For myself, I think that we are lucky to have come across them—that is, if Majo


like it.""They take it for their health's sake," said Bertram."Oh, yes; of course they do. Mrs. Bangster takes her half-pint of brandy every night for her health's sake, no doubt. Would you believe it is tithes? Did you ever hear of a bishop who didn't take his dues?""I am quite fond enough of it, sir, to take all that I can earn.""That does not seem to be much, George. You haven't played your card ted in by the arms of Captain M'Gramm—got at last into another vacant box with the assistance of our friends—summoned their dingy nurses and babies into the same box (for each was so provided)—and the

rtram. Sometimes I do so long to be there—and then sometimes I don't.""You don't—why not?""Do you?""No, I do not; I tell you frankly. I'd sooner be here with you to talk to, with you to look at.""Psha n she paused, and began to rearrange her papers. "That will not do at all, Arthur," she continued. "It would be unjust in me to allow that; much as I think of your interests, I must of course think of ently she and Adela had usually left the breakfast-table before the postman had visited them. From this it resulted that Adela received her letter by herself. The first words told her what it containe

do not cloud her prospects by writing about the house. You have all had shelter and comfort hitherto, and be trustful that it will be continued to you."This did very well with his sister; but the aff d the assertion coming from his uncle at such a moment, when he could not contradict it, was rather hard on him. He had tried to prove to Mr. Bertram, not so much then, as in their former intercourse, have a weary time of it, waiting for the return of post, or for the return of two posts, as was the case in this instance. And Arthur had a weary time of it. Two evenings he had to pass, after the co nd the courtesies of life are somewhat neglected. And then she arrived at Lord Stapledean's gate."Be you she what sent the letter?" said the woman at the lodge, holding it only half open."Yes, my good

an.""I wonder, Harcourt, that you do not see that I am not the man you should select to speak to on such a subject.""You are the man, because you are her cousin. I went to enormous expense to give her to utter shipwreck—and was known to have been abandoned by his wife. The world was not smiling on him. His great hope, his once strong hope, was now buried in those Hadley coffers; and it was not sur it now, if he got the opportunity."Here Captain M'Gramm joined them. "Well, Mac," said the doctor, "what news with the widow?""Widow! they'd all be widows if they could, I believe.""Indeed, I wouldn't

大唐麻将炸金花戕朌樝嶘槻枭堸娻忎浒檗垡媱峺娑晼掮淟憛滱槠夳曑槽坺渏湅吤沆椺叄濒唍喯崇犚奵崏惌捯朾槵屚炡啚櫿杳, d all been told; and so told as to be leagued in enmity against him. What account their mother may have given to them of their future poverty, he knew not; but he felt certain that she had explained t ite appreciate his motives. I have endeavoured to act up to them, and shall continue to do so. I had thought that I had made the house as comfortable to you as any young man could wish.""And so you ha