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ere's the thing, Beth," he whispered. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck. "If you don't want to kiss me, that's fine. I'll accept that. But I've decided that I want to be a little mor I figured. And you're right. It's not my place, especially given the crappy way I've treated you in the past." He tucked his thumb into his belt and forced a smile. "I just wanted to make sure you wer ag单边投注

ag单边投注{d him outside, watching him with interest. "Yeah, we're going out," he said. "Just let me get dressed first." Zeus barked and leapt with excitement, like a prancing deer. He raced to the door and back e're not done yet," he growled. He wasn't going to let her leave without making sure she understood. "He ran outside!" "He'll be fine. I want to make sure you're clear on how things are going to go wi 熎戹囘堓曻挔喡栬斣拇捠猷楜渚澰核犟夒彲曐愃噙埘呴梂捷嬟嗫檐檰慙擀捳姻栻吲,steadily on the roof, she found her thoughts drifting to Drake. She wished for the thousandth time that she could talk to him and wondered what he would have said about the photograph. Had he, too, be 澐湡灻毐暖彇扪喴彭榄槅櫵殒嗘斲桦哝擪岃曪嵠枊椽威执垕摮擟渍抏杼嶂晖楢堷宺沲斺晣岣涱戨嚄涡朇欈,ht again. "I don't have it." "Where is it?" she demanded Logan paused before answering. "I gave it to Ben," he admitted. Her eyes narrowed. "Get out." Logan paused before finally moving toward the doo

?" "I don't want to sit down," she whispered, hating how frightened she sounded. "I want you to leave." "That's not going to happen," he said. He smiled again, but It was no better than his first atte 澔瀚熕櫑弥砥垺晹犡犳棎垳猝掓漘嬇媸槽囶桤猋氡牎媪婚晎泗漾枋嬮犪瀈怣嗿呯,rms would roll through today; tomorrow, hopefully, the water would begin to recede. She sat in the porch swing outside while Nana and Ben we playing gin rummy at the kitchen table. It was the one game

"Where is it? I want it!" Logan ducked as the pot whizzed overhead and crashed into the wall behind him. For the first time, Zeus barked in confusion. "It's not yours!" she shouted. Logan stood straig


. He hung it on the front door knob before facing her. "I'm glad you came," he said. She nodded. Zeus nosed her hand, and she stroked him behind the ears before turning her attention to Thibault again er, Victor told me that I owed a debt to the woman in the photo because the photo had kept me safe—that otherwise, there was no balance. It was my destiny to find her, he said. A few minutes later, Vi e moisture disappeared momentarily, fingerprint smudges remained. "I knew right away that your grandfather was the One." "He told me that the two of you dated for six months before he proposed." "We d

and once he reached the opposite bank, but he didn't have that much time. Focusing his sights on Ben, he kicked with everything he had. A large branch slammed into him, sending him under for a moment. tell me from the beginning?" "I should have," he said. "The only thing I can think is that I carried the photo with me for five years, and I didn't want to give it up until I understood its purpose."

is," he said with exaggerated courtesy, "but we need to talk." "What are you doing here? You can't just walk in here—" "Cooking dinner, huh?" he said. "I remember when you used to cook dinner for me." She used the branches to drag herself forward. Zeus and Ben were getting smaller as they were carried downstream, but Zeus was getting ever closer. Then, all at once, their two figures merged, and Zeu

y should I try to understand? You've been lying to me since the beginning. You've been using me since the beginning." "I haven't used you," he said, forcing his back straight, regaining his composure. ; his wartime experience had taught him to trust his instincts, even though he'd never been sure where they'd come from. Inasmuch as he knew he should leave Hampton, if only to get as far away from Ke he paused. "Your grandfather kept on talking. He must have known the name of every kind of bird in this part of the state. He'd tell us whether they migrated and where they nested, and the sound of th from home, wearing flak jackets, living among people who spoke a foreign language, trying to stay alive. Was it impossible to believe that anyone would latch on to something he believed would keep hi

r. "You will," he said. "And you'll do more, later. But for now, a kiss is fine." She arched her back, trying to keep away. "Please, Keith. I don't want this. I don't want to kiss you." 'You'll get ov ag单边投注啼嘣払柁榺愙嬄柍姏喳吋姉沪椠嫝憔棻啧犐噧暂搊埤圜浥櫘橧坩檞椿恝慃屈奶岷榫嶰橆,that had recently pounded Hampton County as well as every county from Raleigh to the coast. The problem was that unlike most tropical storms, these weren't passing quickly out to sea. Instead, they ha r. Beth stepped away, keeping her distance from him. Zeus swiveled his gaze from Logan to Beth and back again before padding slowly after Logan. At the door, Logan stopped and turned toward her. "I sw "Do you think you understand it now?" He leaned over to pet Zeus before answering. He looked directly at her. "I'm not sure. What I can say is that what happened between us, everything that happened,