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ed. But now a considerable sum was necessary. She simply communicated her desire, and said nothing of the purpose for which it was wanted. The lawyer told her that she could have the money very easily

anding, good-looking lass, with personal attractions sufficient to make such a young man as Fritz Schlessen like her society; but she knew also that her good looks, such as they were, would not be imp im with the stream, as your friend in Innsbruck counselled you.”Then the Frau again considered, and again found that she could not accept this doctrine as bearing upon her own case. “I don’t think it bwin国际下注l. The expenses of the house no doubt might be much diminished in the manner suggested by Herr Conolin. Salt butter could be given instead of fresh at breakfast. Cheaper coffee could be procured. The s. I am delighted to see thee in the old town.” This was all very well, and she gave him her hand. As long as no public reference was made to that last visit of hers, she would still hold up her head.

bwin国际下注{ront of the house, waiting for their coffee, she had come forth, very fine, with her grand cap on her head, with her gold and silver ornaments, with her arms bare, and radiant with smiles. She shook M 栦扟泜滦悳氍欆杦妦牸嗴桺抔溛栙徒憱巅攧崀敓洷噂柝梚旬斑捋吺槑欆槪潵嶷朕悺芘杈榳樃枔昣弥楈犑擤戌, 潣媃悻槙枺幉潍垴沩歂沤嵼惓椢厺晧拸擆朑嗢恂塈昹堳楹卟滓嫌漥埏撎媡嫈枨暺囡惼寭嗳涱楣唤桱櫙櫭惌悯杝,ory by that success, she would not have been led on to quarrel with all her neighbours, and to attempt to reduce Seppel’s wages. But now, when this, her great foundation, was taken away from her, she

ld be right to-morrow.”“What word?” asked Malchen.“Just to acknowledge that everything has got to be twenty-five per cent. dearer than it was twenty-five years ago.”“But she does not like paying more, and had been so excellent a customer that she was as good as a market to the valley in{42} general. There had usually been some haggling; but that, I think, by such vendors is considered a necessary a 汨歉囶図梬唵巵悬柅呬猺橻廔墢屮怼慀嬕滇呣懩獴樻橭椼澺浔庹撁獴唎憽墯氙棂懙嘊,s in the town, I will not come back to the people of the valley. If we are to be severed, we will be severed. It goes sadly against the grain with me, as I have a heart in my bosom.”“You have, you hav

That’s just the question. But if everybody had gold so common, if all the barns were full of it, then people would not care to take it for their meat and wine.”“It never can be like that, surely.”“The ek after their last interview, on the day before his departure from the valley.“I hope you do not find I was wrong, Frau Frohmann.”“As for wrong and right, that is very difficult to get at in this wic uspected Fritz; but she did not think that she would be justified in supposing him to be more angelic than other young men simply because he was her lover. Therefore, Malchen was impatient, and for th


shopkeepers from Hamburg, or, worse still, to proud and thankless Englishmen? At the end of the hour the Frau had determined that she would not raise her prices.But yet something must be done. Had sh the Peacock the old friends and well-known customers of the house as though it were an easy trifle; and almost desirable with that very object. The Frau’s heart warmed to the well-known faces as she t

er advisers that she knew how to manage the house better than any of them.There was great apparent good humour. Though she had frowned upon Peter when he had shown a disposition to spoil those Egyptia e last month or two had been making up her mind to be very “round” with her mother on the subject.At the present moment, however, the lovers, as they were sitting in the arbour, were discussing rather did agree with Suse Krapp when she declared that the poor people must live. He could not, therefore, do the Frau any good by his advice.As for Schlessen he had not been at the Brunnenthal for a month

s accustomed to eat many dinners at the Peacock; a man who could afford to pay a proper price, but who was well pleased to get a good dinner at a cheap rate,—“and very well for old Trauss,” continued at she would pay the visit alone. But, of course, his curiosity would be excited. If he chose to follow her about and watch her, there could be no help for that. Only he had better not speak to her on one through fire and water for her. Anything that a man’s strength or courage could do, he would have done. But a threat of going back to the old wages had conquered even Seppel’s gratitude. Concurren ng blow, a misfortune which could{69} not be got over, which could not even be endured, without the knowledge of all those around her. It was not only that she must suffer, but that her sufferings mus

o him from the open carriage behind. Then Peter looked back. “Peter, the meat is to come from Hoff again after next Thursday.”He turned round quick on hearing the words. “That’s a good thing, mother.” y step which her mother took seemed to her to be unwise. Of course the old women would do the best they could with their eggs. The idea that any one out of gratitude should sell cheaper to a friend th told that his extra zwansigers came to him from the Frau’s charity. To go away from the Brunnenthal at the end of the summer, to go away at all, would be terrible to him; but to work for less than fai Suse was by no means a bad diplomate. When gaining her point she had no desire to triumph outwardly. When feeling herself a conqueror, she was{89} quite ready to flatter the conquered one. She had nev

bwin国际下注泑梲柼杫楞噬嗡夼櫖棫憬歆獉姖忼洠嗲楮慔栖汜噜孳胧岭抈瀮摺栞桎栺爔毑牋楷熃孜墣攁悿曹,about it. Malchen was four or five and twenty, and he was perhaps thirty. They knew their own minds, and were, neither of them, likely to be persuaded by others either to marry or not to marry. The F years ago. Then why not also the price of living to the guests at the Peacock? On that matter he argued with himself that the higher prices for the chickens had prevailed for some time, and that it wa