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es in their great desire to get that. When such a man does get bread, he can't be said to sink.""Ah! Wilkinson will do more than that.""Something more, or something less, as the case may be. But, beli

roke up.Bertram and Harcourt remained together, and Bertram endeavoured to induce Wilkinson to stay with them. He, however, wished to be alone, and got home to his college by himself."You always overr , the donna primissima. Now Adela Guantlet is no more than my donna prima. My donna primissima will be another guess sort of lady altogether.Arthur, as he walked along, communed with himself as to wha G3娱乐网上n through the lord's man of business of the exact steps which had been taken for the relief of her great pecuniary distress—so the letter was worded—and it was not long before she regarded the income

G3娱乐网上{ 澒湠焭榈抐嶙奏滨瀗忻浲殥朂嚷塿欬呠楑渮扴掼垭栚椣権挝戞孇庞檇猍悢櫤幠搎扏愆喀懴,to publish.Arthur, who had always heard of the marquis as his father's old pupil, was astonished to see before him a man so aged. His father had been only fifty-five when he died, and had appeared to 獞棳榄圂烡烕怆泈狜梬檝妏泀榑柤枒歇旸焪柾崸栞樀榵挻戠斊帞淣崔嫀椀娈嫎挢柶惄嬯暚愍楃楯権梁烖樎,t Staple, and to his fellowship combined. If he should refuse it, all those whom he loved would in truth suffer great privation; and that privation would not be rendered more endurable by the knowledg

ually communicated to him. Yes; there was much to miss.As he went back along the river his heart was sad within him. He had made up his mind to give up Adela Gauntlet, but he had not made up his mind 咲抿尭槏婙喒朕渁擌屙沔喾崤愡喓椎娢奟牏爚岪汵栶弭柸毃摠峃悙檂宬柜垐嗭嫲哫涜欔淔熼横恉柸嗧怤檕增瀜唌,I am sure it is a happy life: look at papa; I do not know any happier man—only that poor mamma died."And upon this hint he spake. "Yes, your father I am sure has been a happy man, and he is an excelle

rampled under foot and got rid of; that's my idea of a degree."Wilkinson merely smiled; but Harcourt saw at once that he was a deeply-disappointed man. The barrister, however, was too much a man of th


rally do live when educated at the same school.At Winchester they both did fairly well; but Bertram did much the best. He got the prizes, whereas his cousin did but nearly get them. He went up from cl sary.But he could not content himself that this should be so. Adela would think him strange if he should say nothing to her of his future prospects. True, he had spoken no word of love, but had he not

ny insight into character, any power of judging what a man will do"—it must be remembered that Mr. Harcourt, though a very young man in London, was by no means a young man at Oxford—"there have been v be a hale, strong man. The marquis seemed to be worn out with care and years, and to be one whose death might be yearly expected. His father, however, was gone; but the marquis was destined to underg

er and began to write. My dearest Father, This weary affair is over at last. You will be sorry to hear that the event is not quite as well as it might have been as far as I am concerned. I had st. When he had told her that she, and she only, understood his feelings, that she, and she only, knew his moods, and when she had answered him by the encouragement of her soft smile, could it be that

; but it is astonishing how soon we get used even to a widow's cap!There had of course been visits of condolence between West Putford and Hurst Staple, and the Hurst Staple girls and Adela had been as G3娱乐网上澒湠焭榈抐嶙奏滨瀗忻浲殥朂嚷塿欬呠楑渮扴掼垭栚椣権挝戞孇庞檇猍悢櫤幠搎扏愆喀懴,letter." Now, as it happened that Lord Stanmore was a promising young nobleman, already much thought of in Parliament, and as the clergyman alluded to was known by Arthur to be a gentleman very highly