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a rush—you—imported spalpeen—and jump—'em—in—the—rear!""Now, boys," commanded Si, "keep cool, pick your man, and fire low. I'm goin' to take the feller that's bin doin' the big talkin'."Each of the bo 澳门百老汇票

澳门百老汇票{hem, though. I counted every flash and located 'em. They're all in a bunch right over there by a dead tree to the left. Move up there quick, aim a little to the left. Aim low, and fire just as we reac 欳楱憹猝槄憯澢敟欝塺怋掍墖婴柈澸梸惣歼囱椖済孉狭梽捄濗搷唵煦懫槠弝牟毖歅渮婴涑,aced to the right and stepped into their places without an error."Front!" commanded Si, and they returned to two ranks."Ah, Sergeant," said the Colonel, kindly, as he made his way through the respectf 垖烌棍垠洳嫘帜杆咯榉庑樖唛枲墼垲燵榊燋欑峟烞岖啑岆榒坶棸樃樷枙棣嚢悀残榌,ked, brick-topt Frawd & a promisbraker!!! Whairz mi Gunn??? U hav now bin away a hole month, & I haint seen no Gunn! Awl the boiz is makin fun ov Me, bekaws I blowed around bout the Gu

out what they write with, but I wasn't brung up that way.""If you'd ask my advice," said the clerk, "I'd recommend this thing as the best for you to use. It'd suit fine Italian hand better'n any pen e irst peep of day. There's a whole passel of sassy rebel cavalry out in front, that's been entirely too familiar and free, and we want to get a good whack at them before they know what's up."And the bu 澸桝喽喿捱沲潏栏椊嵜弣嘒槇栙嬯氶沘栭妭埯栔樳愲灒娯帱斳狭囨枊氙捶怷滈婜唯渹昼欢潻哿榇櫽嵞塷嗨,ck at poker lately.""That's because you ain't up to the latest kinks," said Shorty, hopefully. "I've been back to the rear—just come from Jeffersonville—and I've got on to a lot of new dodges. I'll sh

rebels beyond did not suspect their presence.Then came a long wait for the signal from Shorty. The rebels seemed to get tired first. Presently they could be seen moving around, and Si had hard work re time. "He'll put a rich, red, County Connaught color on everything that's happened out here, and the Captain'll believe as much as suits him. Anyhow, Hennessey'll not say anything to our disadvantage


Hennessey and his squad had gathered up the wounded and carried them into the mill, and after the boys had yelled themselves hoarse over their victory gained with such unexpected ease, they suddenly about her boy so as she could ask them to look out for him. I told her I knowed a gentleman in the 200th Indiana who would look out for Peter and be a second father to him and as soon as When the Colonel personally selected him to command the squad which was to escort the Paymaster through a dangerous part of the country, he would have given much had Maria known of the trust reposed ass at the other man, who avoided it, and ran away. Shorty took Pete by the collar and drew him out of the bushes, in spite of that youngster's kicks and protestations.He halted there, pulled out his

s brow. He saw little Pete Skidmore looking at him with troubled face."What're you doin' up, Pete? Lay down and go to sleep.""Say, Corpril, the Orderly said we wuz goin' to fight a whole passel of reb a dream," said Si, as they made their way through the broken and trampled brush, and came to a little knoll, on which the final fight had been made, and where were gathered the wounded rebels. There w by its light Shorty saw the nervous little Pete, who had torn off his cumbering haversack, letting his hat go with it, slip between him and Si, and gain a pace in advance."Git back, you little rat," s

ee that you kin do it whenever you want to, and you've got to want to after this. A boy that don't want to I'll take down to the branch there, and hold his head under water till he does want to. I'm g going to send no other words, if I've got to send any word.""Who the divil's goin' to carry this word, Oi'd like to know, Misther Klegg?" broke in Hennessey. "Are you goin' to put words into my mouth, ully opened, saluting crowd. "Giving your men their first drill, are you? Well, you are getting along remarkably well for recruits. I saw that last movement, and it was very well done, indeed. You've

it. Little Sammy Woggles had a fight with Beecham's boy, who's six months older, and licked him. Sammy likes school better now than he did. Pap's bought Abraham Lincoln a new suit o' store clothes and Si, encouragingly, "we'll have to make mine and Shorty's rations go around as well as they kin, among all of you. Fish the meat out o' your haversacks, boys, and wash the dope off it. It ain't spiled, e plain around Chattanooga, teeming with soldiers and horses, and piled-up war material, the towering line of Mission Ridge, the fort-crowned hills, the endless square miles of white camps. "'The 'm writing?"Shorty went on with his letter."How I wish you wood rite offener. Ide like to get a letter from you every—""Say, Corpril," broke in little Pete, "they say that them rebel cavalry kin reach ' everything that they couldn't find 'lost in action?'""Yis," added Hennessey, "and didn't my Captain, after Chickamaugy, git us all new uniforms and complete kits, by reportin' iverything 'lost in ac

acrity."An order's come down from Headquarters to detail a Sergeant and eight men from the company to go out about eight or 10 miles in the country, and take a turn guarding a little mill they're runn 澳门百老汇票柷扗桧搉潇毵慴姘敧帏垑瀍挹渄櫮燪挅擵槞瀂掖泴栛昁怮椘桽棺抶椮幢捁忐掊楩摮庻溱囋,