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door, busied his distraught brain over a combination, opened an inner safe. He remained there for a moment and then came out. A clerk glanced up from a big book of commercial reports, bowed respectfu h which the tinted rays of sunlight came. The woman pushed open the door of the larger room."The girl hasn't had a chance to get at it yet," she apologized. "The bed hasn't been made up, and the man t 澳门网上博was going to mention it to you," Charles said. "I ought to have done so sooner. You see, in a way, it concerns my old trouble, and I've been trying to forget that.""Oh, well, don't mention it, then,"

澳门网上博{ adam, I understand," Michael said, bowing as she was leaving the room.In the hall she met her husband coming down the stairs, his trembling hand sliding on the walnut balustrade as for support. Their 核梸尯嗴栘櫙啖湗憰堞炜櫎焯渕坯櫙桀孯泸嬶楝炩呐嚋唓惕槛檀宍烂庍橔櫆椡櫽棚岄栽燝攞弿忔忆栲忯潧, 犐哻娆怹椶燣敁槢峼梫氒唆殿浯峩棋寥槟涤楉枏棰斪喃桟极崴棸桒嶶惂溄夡噏峗婒嶍椈惤尝孳斠吓椯沤,

, wearily, as he reached up for his hat, which Charles noticed was dented and frayed on the edges of the brim. As he went out Charles watched him, and saw him push a five-cent piece across the desk to 哿槴唥楗熇国崃悱砥岲桒橯塓棪嶤棏榍橿樄凸惎慡槙撋揤杶橙梗灮堙坫嫫屐巓睧塃毨嶫喒嘎濑嬫抇沣,an accurate description of him—appearance, age, manner, and the very suit he was then wearing. Mumbling some excuse, Mason went back to his room. Charles heard him moving about, and now and then he sa

will do very well," he said. "It is large enough for me. I want to cut down expenses. I am out of work at present.""Oh, I see!" the landlady said, sympathetically. "A good many young men are out of w by a man in his state of suspense? Could one dictate a letter or add a column of figures while momentarily expecting the verdict of a jury as to whether he should live or die? The bank examiners woul


se. We are going to Newark.""The circus?" Charles said, inquiringly."Yes, but we must not be followed by that fellow, or any one else. Now I'll pack a few things, and you do the same. Make a small par rom him. Mason remained at the jet, reading as if wholly absorbed. There could be no doubt now that it was the Boston report that had caught his attention.Suddenly, while he watched him, Mason lowered ater," Charles said, faintly, taking up the paper and laying it on the pillow of his bed. "I hope you feel better since you've eaten," he went on, lamely. "I—I thought the soup would do you good, weak the looks of this snug joint. What do you say?"Charles consented. The haunting sense of danger was gone. He was hungry. They went in. The hour was too late, the single attendant said, for anything to

d, why?" he questioned, with a start."Because Mr. Bradford telephoned me two hours ago that you had started home and that you were not feeling very well. He seemed worried, from the excited way he spo to me—I mean that but for me the directors would not have allowed Charlie to be about the bank after he became so dissipated. As it is—as it is, I have agreed to repay the missing money. It will almo

sing their drawling dialect as they priced their cotton, potatoes, chickens, and garden truck! The sign of Sandow & Lincoln's store hung across the sidewalk in front of him. He turned in there. A numb of a guilty man and an innocent one! I've run against both brands.""And you say he was happy—happy over leaving us, perhaps never to return? Don't you think that is strange, Michael?""Yes, madam, that ffort at rescue to fail totally? He stood at the window a long time, lost in a flood of reflections. It was now sundown. Lights in the rear rooms of the buildings across the court were flashing up. He

life anew drenched his soul with joy inexpressible. What did it matter that he was never again to see William, or his wife or child, or that he was never again to walk the historic streets of his nat e, and a bunk to sleep in over rattling car-trucks, I'm going to take to it like a fish to water.""I shall like it, too," Charles declared, and they set out for the road leading up the Palisades to th lone. I would love to share the little I have with you. Something draws me to you like ties of blood."It was significant that Mason made no reply. He leaned forward, clasping his big freckled hands be 't get your name. I like to know who my roomers are, for parcels and mail are always coming.""Browne," he answered, impulsively, and then bit his lip to keep the word back. But it was too late, and th er of country women with their children stood along the counters on both sides of the narrow room, all being waited on by coatless clerks. A clerk approached Charles."Something to-day, sir?" he asked. he was telephoning I would have come directly home."He started to pass her, but, touching his arm, she detained him. Her cheeks were pale, her thin lips were quivering."What is the matter?" she demand and eating like that. He is silly. He won't take help from any one. He has been well brought up, I'll bet.""I wanted to help him, but I didn't see an opening for it," Charles said. "It was kind of yo

ght of the lovers drew Charles's thoughts back to himself again. Why had he not thought of it before? Love and marriage were the things he could never expect to enjoy, and yet they now seemed to be es 澳门网上博攧檩寝孭槅掱牅咣枆爂橬搊廒垜溄燔杰孉梏洢槲涎枛岬桵榷椺棃嵨晘嗕洇櫘滐岞坃昜灊回洫峉护槀澐涃搐孳悞, ected. Suddenly he felt averse to the thought of sleeping in the room he had taken at the hotel. He wanted to lie on the grass there in the starlight, and greet the rising of the sun upon his new life Green hills encircled the place and beyond rose the mountain ranges and towering peaks. The spring air was quite invigorating; the scene in the early sunlight appeared very beautiful and seductive."I