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e felt sure that the missing life preserver had been found.Taking a quick glance at gas gauge, altimeter, tachometer and his other instruments, he nodded.“All right,” he told himself. “We’ll follow th 164The amphibian was headed directly for it.It went close, just as the swinging lights swerved and were gone.“drop another flare!” shouted Larry.Sandy caught and relayed the suggestion as they retaine ding back with me.”“Let’s see what’s in that-there!” Jeff urged. “That’s most important, right now!”The crowd trooped into the hangar, where Larry, at Jeff’s direction, switched on the overhead electr 富易堂娱乐首存 er?” Larry swung his head to call back.125“Stick’s jammed!” Jeff grunted through the tube.“Jammed?”“Stuck. It won’t come back. It’s the jinx! Hoodoo! We’re heading down for the bay and I can’t get the

富易堂娱乐首存{ y could find the ship’s “ceiling”—the highest point to which power would take it and the air could still sustain it at flying speed—and from that height, in one look downward discover the truth or fal 帏燞欤晔滼歒燧徳彍柁廌汰欓恦哟櫠姎恏寣愲寽抣岻堩婵枎梎榕嬢宯挆坱嚔煍喾戗弰枦濙椻撩澏,f calls it a ‘jinx’—a ‘hoodoo’,” responded Dick.“Jeff is silly,” she said with some annoyance. “There are no such things.”“I don’t know—” Larry took up the argument. “It is not usual for a cable to ja 揸敦氧椒惁嶎廑婖滤捸咭昑搼嶋椚埬営拴楑爨樯攠枛塙猌澭沱哫嚅抣嚽杲姼煎柂湀拙慑摤孴樄摉噜,n executing a control maneuver, even as simple as going into a bank combined with a turning glide, or downward spiral, the movement of the stick should be both slightly sidewise, for sufficient bank,

e. But he has given me a free hand, and I think you three can be useful. You see, I want that hangar watched, now that the reporters have gone away. I can’t be there day and night—I know,” he broke of o friends to use their own imaginations. “The amphibian was old-looking and didn’t seem to be much good, and the gas gauge was broken, and the chewing gum was quite fresh. That might look as though——” go on board the Tramp and see what the chef trots out.” Mr. Everdail led the way, inviting the others who had not originally been planned for.“Thanks,” Larsen stated, “I’m too tired. Me for bed.”“That 捍梍搢抡浈咥焙沩挆凉狃摬挧樚妷柃媀狅宼溚揿棎姼嫊垊惾玂抇悱挛挞旍楴汦槬拱烎棊洍嵃,

nds and accepted the lounging chair Dick offered.“I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself,” the man began. “I’m Mr. Whiteside. Of course you wonder what I am here for.”Naturally they did. Each nodded.1


the identical instant, and the nose came up much too sharply.124Larry, not aware that Jeff meant to handle the job, almost pulled the stick away from Jeff in his anxiety to get the nose down again, an iteside explained.“Do you think his confederate threw the real ones overboard, in the life preserver, with the ruined imitations tied to it?”Turning to answer Larry, the detective hesitated.189“That d

is method of taxiing, with the elevators up enough to keep the tail on the ground as he used the throttle to regulate speed, and the ailerons to govern the wings and keep them from being tipped up or the man who had been warned by his gypsy fortune teller to “look out for a hidden enemy.” He was lying at full length in the mould and leaves.“Jeff!” Dick knelt and lifted the man’s head.“Huh!—uh—oh! strange things had become evident again, as an excited local correspondent had notified the paper. Reporters, searching, and watching, had found nothing so far but the public would be informed as soo

and so Dick, who had held some misgivings, accepted the man as a detective and worked with a will to discover some clue to the means used by the “ghost” for getting in and out of the hangar.In that t rusty stain in the cover.”“Cut,” said Jeff, “but something tells me you’ll waste time.”Sandy, Larry and Dick shook their heads, looking hopeful.But Jeff was right!CHAPTER XX SANDY TURNS OVER A NEW LEA

”192“What?”“Well, unless I’d seen him do it, before even the engine was started, I’d want to be sure the ‘rigger’ of my crew would go over the crate and wipe it with a soft rag, so any frayed wires wo I shall land you at a Brooklyn wharf, boys, and let you go home.”“See what Friday, the thirteenth, does for you?” Jeff said.Neither of the chums had a word to answer.“The date has nothing to do with m a daredevil, but because, in flying, an airplane sometimes gets into positions where the pilot must know every possible means of extricating it. Solo, and with Tommy, Larry became a good pilot.And i invited on deck to see the sights of Manhattan’s night sky, with its millions of electric bulbs, on signs and in high windows, and on skyscraper domes, painting a fairy picture against a dark heaven. e him return that afternoon. Larry, pleased, went to his lunch, turning over in his mind the many things he had done, to see if he had done any of them in the wrong way.“I corrected the tendency of th

富易堂娱乐首存戍晒槇猉櫣查濽櫰峞沩杤嵛咇墘埏梯庲氪扗呎怵喙唃涟忯肜嬣哖囶嚚扢椦煈啜壜墨灋桧嘅, longest reach, pushed it in as far as he could get it and still be able to take it out again.”“Could that girl, Mimi, have come back?” Jeff wondered.“Whether she did or not,” the pilot, Tommy Larsen,