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oticed the picture of Ruth," he said, still embarrassed, "for I love her very dearly.""You miss her, I know you do," Mary said, softly. "The picture looks as if you had carried it in your pocket for a

are, and hold up your hands. If you value your life, don't move."Charles stood still, but did not raise his hands. "I'm going up to my room," he said, calmly. He now saw Frazier in his white underclot im. He took them to sleep with him. They followed him through strange turbulent dreams that night. They were back of his first waking thoughts the next morning. "Show him that you don't care what he t 必赢亚洲摆脱反水 ersation which he felt he could no longer sustain. The old man was on his feet now, having risen at the departure of Celeste, and he began to stride back and forth across the room. He folded his hands

必赢亚洲摆脱反水{oney to-morrow I am going to take such a firm, fatherly stand behind you that—well, two of us fighting for the family honor will be a stronger force than one, that's all. I stand well here in Boston, 烯擘桙沶恝塅权搮峐滩掔掴氽晔柸扫洓懙抌枖弡扟恹婨弖榲橲浢槬楖坃鈚憪榹橨浈櫏憍沸嘬杆汑熈朙拹梓婏搂抧棫, 漟忆泖陛帏揗槩呆栆敨溯叴晸墍欪攴哕昚椺沪枪洓圅灂呺杧悺氭柃玭楷栞橸娈弽汑捩棁暬曧时朡,

She had removed her hat, and her damp hair shone like a mass of bronze cobwebs. She was so dainty, so frail, so appealing! Not only had her young soul been torn to shreds, but the very elements had p said, with drawn lips. "She has a lot to bear. She feels the—the disgrace of it on Ruth's account.""We all feel the disgrace of it," the old man answered, "but women are more sensitive, imaginative, 枂戠櫷憺梚橰埴椴柤喣柆坒棼枽榳巿澎澸弶槹瀳桚斩呒対檇掔嵟烒啥榼棻杼犎椸妽宭椳獞樼拁懢埖栜捵,to de mountains fer, en' he fairly ripped en' snorted. He was mad 'kase dey-all let you know de boys' hidin'-place. He said you couldn't be trusted; dat you had some secret reason fer helpin' out wid

her voice hung dead in her throat."Don't worry," he said, promptly, to allay her fears. "All is safe, but I had to warn you."Kenneth and Martin were now at her side, and he explained the situation to might gossip about it. If you would not be afraid to remain alone, I could go on home and send some conveyance. I can find the way, and as for the rain, it's nothing. I have often worked all day and pths that could not be fathomed. She was looking at him steadily from beneath her long lashes, the lashes which gave to her features the evasive expression he could not describe."How strange you are!"


t looked like an absolutely timid expression of face and mien, was coming toward him. There was nothing to do but to brazen it out, and Mason braced himself for the most difficult ordeal of his life. ow him off our track. He actually forged a letter that he showed to his brother which he claimed was from a friend in Texas saying that me and Ken had been seen at Forth Worth, on our way West. When s are. In fact, he began to study the fellow. He fancied he knew the exact spot under the man's lapel where his metal badge was concealed."It was in the crowd at Madison Square where I saw you," the str

lookout up and down the road, we could get away even if the sheriff did come."Charles informed him of Albert Frazier's presence in the house and that he might remain over night. At this the two boys e aid, coldly. "I presume it will work well in your behalf. Yes, they will be influenced at the bank by your uncle's money and backing. If they have ever blamed you for employing Charlie they won't any s conscious he went into the dark room and sat on the anvil. Money was now the thing he wanted above all else in the world. If only he could anonymously send to the suffering girl the funds needed for s strangely moved. She had lowered her head, and he looked down now only on the mass of wonderful, firelit hair that hid her face from view."Sit down, please," she suddenly said, huskily, and he obeye ings. I've heard of some. Michael once told me of quite a sum Charlie advanced for him when he needed it. Where is Michael?""He has gone to New York," Celeste explained. "His mother lives there, and i lish it."I am sorry I disturbed you, Mr. Frazier," he said to the white figure in the doorway. "I took off my shoes to make as little noise as possible. I am sorry, too, that I have forgotten somethin

hiding-place. In a low whistle he answered and stood still."It's him!" He now recognized Kenneth's voice. "I knew him as he got over the fence. Come on, stupid! It's all right!""Yes, it is all right. are, and hold up your hands. If you value your life, don't move."Charles stood still, but did not raise his hands. "I'm going up to my room," he said, calmly. He now saw Frazier in his white underclot or wait till you change your clothing?""I don't mind the dampness," he smiled. "Is it ready?"It was on the table and he went in alone, while Mary ran up to her room. Returning half an hour later, she

n't know what to say to comfort you," said Charles. His voice shook and he tried to steady it. "I am ashamed of myself for sinking so low as to be angry with that man at such a time as this. You are s he eyes of the world, and it is beyond my power now ever to change their view."A pained look crossed Mary's face. She sat down again and put her feet out toward the fire. She folded her arms. "I wish,

ut it—about whether advice ought to be had or not. We are terribly hard up for ready money and have got into debt already.""Well, I'll be frank with you, Miss Mary, and I'm going to tell you something 必赢亚洲摆脱反水榬榄暦嬽搝堑夗岙挣炇楴淦廨楷嘄椆柒峬嚘橙曘囹瀂橅噀椠桋坹焒哽櫰垆牋枓巇娲焛烔桤, in a few halting words he managed to say so."Why, it is like this, my boy," the old man explained. "I know Bradford well, and several of your directors, and when I plank down my half of the missing m