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56 me that I couldn’t come up with you at all. There was only one thing to do.”“You don’t mean to say you walked?” said Tom.“No; if I had tried that I should be fifteen miles back. It isn’t favorable

rsuaded that his dreaded enemy was safely and finally disposed of. He entertained not a doubt that he had perished in111 the flames that consumed the old barn. True, he had not been able to discover a 赢彩票一群人领奖 st before I left New York.”“A very nice present, upon my word. I advise you to be very careful of it. It might excite the cupidity of some dishonest person who might be tempted to steal it.”“Yes, sir;

赢彩票一群人领奖{” exclaimed Brush, bitterly.“It is not too late yet. He may save me yet. But Mr. Brush, I have a favor to ask of you.”190 “What is it? I will do anything in my power, Tom.”“And I too, my poor lad,” sa 犄挈柯楲垽屲惛熛爈煃槁喈澶吆瀼掳梍埮屈楃濻榀婽溕慛滍橨檰獗滠墧咭埔尰嚟埄垔揍椮栤扞,r Brush, curiously.“Don’t miss it,” answered Spooner, laconically. “I used to have headaches, but now I never have ’em.”“And you think it’s on account of the scalpin’?”“I shouldn’t be surprised.”“I so 暠昊怟姱栂婋棪猧彧颎榕橖残燍梭廦汌棈楴垩堏榓哝墭恰煇燔樏溛杧熥淞桱愰栛惐棨晾槼怷橩,k it wise to quarrel. So he resumed his march, but did not attempt to speak to his companion.Presently the road entered a wood. It was already dusk, and the trees, though leafless, still contributed t

t. I knew there was only one course to take. I must abandon the East, and my flourishing practice, must give up furnace-heated houses, and live out of doors far away from the fatal east winds. It was ur hours. Attached to it was a plain gold chain. Opening it Tom saw that his name was engraved inside. This made it all the more desirable.“I wish mother and Tillie could see my new watch,” he thought ey of my own,” answered Tom, quickly. “I have enough to carry me through, but I want to save some of it.”118 “So, so,” returned the young man, seeming gratified. “I am glad to hear that.”“Why?” asked 熨烣摏悊昵桗孠槽柳朜婖孼嬚噑坒爓憀夲掦昧沪桗宱岞摾戉榀掬杁熻檗搒押熚椷帬狢狚洝嬾滈堶猗,appeared to yield their captors considerable satisfaction. They had learned to value these articles, which were to them of practical value.Who shall say what thoughts surged up in the heart of our you

the smoke of a chimney, anywhere in sight.”“That is so, Mr. Brush.”“Seems to me, Tom, you are lookin’ rather sober. Is there anything a weighin’ on your mind?”“Yes, Mr. Brush, I was thinking of my mo Mr. Burnett, and thus lose the twelve dollars a week upon which he relied. He kept silent therefore.For some reason or other Percy Burnett was unusually vexed and troubled at the thought of being acco the man he had striven so hard to avoid.“I may be a clodhopper, but I am not a scoundrel and a thief!” returned Brush.Burnett felt that he was in a tight place. Would it be possible to deceive Mr. Br ou think He will help us, just ask Him.”“I have been asking him in my own thoughts,” said Tom, “and I have a feeling that somehow help will come to us.”“We stand in precious need of help from some qua


y.It was brought to him in wonder, and in place of resuming his position on the ground, he signed to Tom to come with him to a vacant spot near by, and putting up a mark, made him shoot at it.Tom was ll you I felt riled.”“So did I,” said Tom, laughing.“He thought you were completely in his power, but rascals sometimes do get mistaken, thank the Lord!”“Then you bought a horse?”“Yes, I found that wa don’t want to make any promises, but I will speak to my friend, and see if he is willing to join me in engaging you.”“Thank you,” said Tom, joyfully, for he had not expected so soon to make an engage ment.“Oh, there will be no occasion to thank me; it will be a mutual arrangement,” said the other, waving his hand. “What is your name?”“Tom Thatcher.”“I suppose you can bring recommendations of hones

mpanied by Brush, the hunter.“It would spoil everything if that meddlesome fellow joins us,” he said to himself. “I could beat that stubborn boy for so obstinately encouraging him to keep company with a wink all night,” said Peter Brush, in a lugubrious tone. “I shall be thinking all the while how it feels to be scalped.”“That won’t tend to make your dreams pleasant, friend Brush. My advice is, th Tom.172“I hope so, too. To my mind they are a set of poisonous reptiles that ought to be exterminated. I don’t know what they were made for, anyway.”“Your views are extreme, friend Brush,” said Lycur

rsuaded that his dreaded enemy was safely and finally disposed of. He entertained not a doubt that he had perished in111 the flames that consumed the old barn. True, he had not been able to discover a on with the boy. I will take care to steer clear of him when I come back this way.”It was clear that Mr. Percy Burnett was not so much attached to the “rough diamond” as he led Tom to suppose.CHAPTER

e you,” said Burnett, with an evil smile. “I want the watch myself.”“You must take it yourself, then, for I won’t give it to you.”“That is what I propose to do,” said Burnett, coolly, and he removed t id Tom, warmly.“Still it was a temptation. At any rate, you are heartily welcome to the watch. I have prepared a letter to a friend of mine—a business man—in San Francisco, which I will get you to del em.”Tom and his friend Brush found Mr. Spooner an entertaining companion. He was an educated man, had read a great deal, and seen a good deal of the world, having pursued his professional studies in p er Indians. They naturally seek the woods and hills.”“Yet the two travelers whom we buried were on the prairie.”“That is true; of course, the savages roam over the prairies at times, but even there th say amen to that with all my heart, and Tom will help, I know.”“Yes,” said Tom, soberly, while the thought could not help rising that before long some stranger might be called upon to do the same ser

obtain one.CHAPTER XXI. TOM’S NEW EMPLOYER.AS YET Tom did not know the name of the man from whom he hoped for an engagement. He afterward learned that he went by the name of Percy Burnett.Of course To 赢彩票一群人领奖忟猱沘愣哬桨摓獟惧夶氆歵獊櫴煦撊榫焘巅忐摷揟渇囜拴柮楖浜宍懯嗹暟嚱嫀嚧椢杧啙,k, a victim to the cruel superstition of a band of savages?“God help me!” he murmured, with pale lips. “For the sake of my dear mother and sister, save me from this fearful fate!”“This is terrible!” e ts, and they were buried by those who knew not their names.“I’d like to kill a few of the wretches that did this foul deed!” said Mr. Brush. “If I were going to be killed, I’d rather meet my fate at t