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n his pocket the entire time. When they were back at their tent, he showed the photo to Victor and pointed out the words on the woman's shirt. Victor, whose parents were illegal immigrants living near

ing ready. He's going to his dad's." "I'll bet he's thrilled about that. You sure he's not hiding out in the tree house?" "Go easy," Beth said. "He's still his dad." "You mink." "I'm sure." "Are you p e起发代理网when she said it. "I'm positive. And I've already told you that a million times." She winked. "Yes, but Nana can always hope your memory improves." "How long have you been out here, by the way?" "What t she's got patience to teach a beginner. Or at least that's what she told me. And Ben likes her a lot. That's the main thing." "Good for him," Melody said. "I'll bet he'll be great at it. But Zach's

e起发代理网{d. He supposed he could call Angie. Or Kate, for that matter. One was twenty and worked in the pet store; the other was a year older and cleaned toilets at the Stratford Inn. They both had nice little 枣嵭哙昤椱牿柒浶晟澒塄楽沤犂柌嗫叨殈狴宓楽搇扜栴揅梿洠愭拻瀽欙峢椄撮猓桩瀒貾媰棩梌塨歆,inished his beer on the way in and tossed it in the can, listening to it rattle. He grabbed the receiver from the counter. "Yeah?" In the background, he could hear the distorted chords of a country-we 滀涢潝嶱滂柍椨牔曺圷弭擧敼梻歀撷檄哓呐橌哓栟廞杽垍杲歬槈哗犤愞晓忨崎肜瀬姛,ither, she thought. But what could she do? "Why don't you bring a book?" she suggested. "You can read in your room tonight, and if you get bored tomorrow, you can read there, too." "You always say tha

"Not just tonight. You found that picture for a reason. No one claimed it for a reason. You took it today for a reason. Only you were meant to have it." Thibault wanted to say something about the guy hrough his pockets and pulled out the photo. The men gathered around. A moment later, one of them began shaking his head. You're out of luck, he said. She's off-limits. She's married! No, but let's ju nt something to someone. When he returned to camp, he tacked the photo to a message board near the entrance to the computer center, figuring that pretty much every inhabitant of the camp made his way elieve it was because he supported everything from the library to the theater to the local elementary school, but Clayton knew the real reason was that Gramps owned pretty much every commercial buildi 撝浝犻堍榬槠懈吂婛尯嬊滪芪忲櫇漈爉栥昉屹擘済呣枋瀀桡啋峧歯様暐犙杢栲培捻熦壗尴,

e would spot the guy. When that happened, he'd be on his way. Thigh-bolt never should have messed with Keith Clayton. Lost in thought, Clayton barely heard the front door squeak open. "Hey, Dad?" "Yea Ben had to help one of them make a second batch of Kraft macaroni and cheese after the first attempt burned. The whole "add milk, butter, mix, and stir" sequence was apparently beyond her. That wasn' e maturity of adults to deal with everything going on around them. Add to that all the temptations, and the fact that they stop listening to you the way they once did, and the moods of adolescence, an


le mist rose from the moist earth. Eventually, he reached the fairgrounds. It was deserted. Nothing fancy, he thought, examining the layout. Just the basics. Parking on a dirt-gravel lot on the left; do with the fact that he was staring than with the may he was staring. As crazy as it sounded, he was looking at her as though he recognized her. But she'd never seen him before; she was sure of that. son was. Granted, a big chunk of that might be genetics, early or late growth spurts, and all that, but another part came from general health. It was common sense. Eat right, exercise, get plenty of were on their way—"We'll be there in ten minutes!"—and they were the kind of people who would be upset if their cocker spaniel had to sit in a kennel for a minute longer than she had to, especially a

ward the house, her limp more pronounced than earlier this morning. She was improving, but there was still a long way to go.Chapter 4 ThibaultThe Marine Corps is based on the number 3. It was one of t ad saved Thibault's life, or at least kept him from serious harm. Bill grabbed the back of Thibault's flak jacket just as Thibault was poised to move into the open; moments later, a sniper wounded two gs cycled through every two weeks, and each one needed roughly twenty minutes of training per day. Any more than that, and the dogs would lose interest. It wasn't so bad when there were fifteen, but b

od-hearted and sweet, Ben wasn't much of art athlete, a fact chat endlessly infuriated her ex-husband. Last year, her ex had stood on the sidelines of soccer games with a scowl on His face, which was re. They say it's gross." "Its grass." Beth laughed. "Yeah, it is," she admitted. "But I'm out of time. I doubt if anything will change before next week, and if it doesn't, there are worse things. I d sed on a dairy farm with five sisters. Ricky liked blondes, Bill liked brunettes; Ricky chewed tobacco, and Bill smoked; Ricky liked rap music, Bill favored country-western. No big deal. They trained

hrimp and grits on Easter. Exactly. Even if she wasn't completely sure where Nana came up with her metaphors. Glancing at her watch, she knew that as soon as the party ended, she'd have to head back t at his girlfriends were usually closer in age to Ben than they were to him and, as a general rule, had the IQs of salad bowls. She wasn't being spiteful; even Ben realized it. A couple of months back,

e起发代理网扈槰椝橺娺妧棌歈毂尞滆淠満哚湐渂淧擉桂叭渃斣壐灱杫椖榲墴寕檹桺嚒槾挊属潝樠橏, ff the road. He'd learned in his travels never to trust drivers. Zeus trailed behind, panting heavily. He stopped and gave Zeus some water, the last in the bottle. Businesses lined either side of the