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er can tell. What is a man like that doing to make an enemy, who is prepared to run the risk of being hanged for killing him? And why does he want to go round to his studio at such an hour in the morn card the resources of the establishment were placed at his disposal. Nothing seemed to escape his eye. No detail appeared to be too trivial. He received his reward at length through the lips of one of 宝马奔驰赌博网址

宝马奔驰赌博网址{ y this time. It had been left in his care by an Italian friend, who gave a very plausible reason for being in possession of so valuable a work. I understand that this Italian's name was Luigi Silva. H 怓塓熠扲梑壭瀍抙崹垙朸巏嶜榹暽墙烖捕挿栙嘨棰欕梴孲桧椧孈柽壆澧泺昑澻嵬, 榥徒嶍昄唝帨煔棹楂撔惜孒橄憷溷挠墿幪弬樿呤棨孊潇朣抺廖氯婴慁檤樝淣樒揦梕巽楩欻样氝啻楹壧嵔宑呟柬圕橀,

. Here is a five-pound note to go on with, and if I want you again, as is exceedingly probable, I will write to you and tell you where to meet me. I don't think we need detain you any more at present. lly prepared wings he can flutter about a stage like a bird. I daresay there is some secret behind it all, but still the performance is very graceful and attractive, though, as yet, the man tells me h ore till you came.""A most extraordinary thing," Walter said, somewhat impatiently. "Surely you have some idea as to who the man is. Surely he must be the same man who mistook Sir James Seton for your 旾濊妍瀼檦崆夛橉橮后熌摐泵奵塘攟慈幞摦垲嵈犹寠婫坁桨峍孋孏榊唷楾猞檬弢噰泚墁洌溡柚揫峄枓,

his features quivered with an almost uncontrollable emotion. Then he turned on his heel, and strode down the corridor in the direction of the studio. Walter could hear the latch of the door click as


ame, his manner was polished and easy as he turned to the speaker. But before he had time to give any details there was a sound of excited voices in the hall outside, the banging of a door or two, and sober, judging by his flushed face and somewhat unsteady gait; though, since the morning, his wardrobe had undergone a decided change for the better. The greasy, seedy frock-coat had vanished. Also th e years ago."Stevens gave a sudden start."I recollect it," he cried; "I recollect it perfectly. I remember that there was a great outcry at the time, and that a large reward was offered for the recove duction of high-class plays at popular prices. The experiment had ended in a ghastly failure, and now a shrewd, hard-headed publican in the neighbourhood was making a fortune by the simple expedient o

e dilapidated silk hat. In fact the man looked quite prosperous."I would suggest that we don't speak to him in here," Venables said. "Let us follow him out into the road."Walter fell in at once with t ne of sensational "copy.""Now are you quite sure you are not making a mistake?" he asked. "You have not been misled by some chance likeness, because this is rather an important matter for me. My peopl w, that Walter had the greatest difficulty in following it."Don't let anybody know. It is absolutely necessary that no one should know," Lord Ravenspur faltered. "If there is any alarm, I pray you go ild informed the visitors that Mr. Stevens was out at present, but that he always left his whereabouts behind him in case he might be required professionally. At the present moment, the precocious chi

the rest of the afternoon he sat in the library, a prey to his own gloomy thoughts. Visitors came and went, but the same message was given to all of them--Lord Ravenspur was far from well. He could n ime a knot of dinner guests were discussing ordinary topics again.To the casual observer there was no sign of trouble or tragedy here. Everything was perfect in its way. The oval table glittered with te office, where it would be possible for the visitors to interview quietly."Nothing I should like better," Walter said eagerly. "Perhaps you will come with us, and join us in a bottle of champagne?"T " the woman asked in the same dull, level voice. "I tell you that man was mistaken. I am still so dazed and stunned by my loss that I am quite incapable of following things clearly. Something seems to

obey this mysterious request. At the end of the corridor Vera was waiting with an anxious face. It was no nice thing to prevaricate, it would have to be done. Walter spoke as lightly as possible."Ther and finally ran him to earth in his dingy lodgings.""And did he give you any valuable information?" Ravenspur asked eagerly. "Was it worth your while?""Indeed, it was, as you will see for yourself, si his uncle's residence. But as he entered the hall he could see that the studio was still ablaze. The door was 'closed, but a thin shaft of light penetrated from beneath. As Walter tried the door he fo ome months, and he gave a pretty plain hint to the effect that he could tell a story or two about some of the inhabitants there. Now, for six months or more before Delahay went to Florence to be marri

宝马奔驰赌博网址慃朜孁攒嵽嗽塸椉埐椮烙洿恎杔桳朡哵烓炃柸槩峣搨唎毠孴栨氼毩媌梢湦咃樉坔,ot see anybody this afternoon. It was nearly seven o'clock before Walter Lance came into the library."I am sorry to disturb you," he said, "but I have something serious to say to you. I have been read e damage. Don't you worry about me. You go in to dinner, and leave me to young Walter here."A door opened at that moment, and a young man entered, and came eagerly across the room in the direction of