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the two adventurers, and both felt an unusually active pumping at their hearts, until they were sure that every door and window within his reach had been examined by the careful trustee, and that he it.”“About what?” asked the very much astonished young man.“That dreadful bell!” exclaimed Effie.“Oh! I’d forgotten there was one,” replied Brayton. “You see, I’ve good news this morning. My mother an 盛世国际赌场

盛世国际赌场{aiting for them.“Very promising young gentlemen, your ward and the son of Dr. Manning,” he heard Dr. Dryer say, as they were edging their way through the crowd. “My assistant, Mr. Brayton, has them un manifold perplexities, was played out at last, and Zebedee was expressing his satisfaction at the result to Bar and Val, when his left eye caught a glimpse of George Brayton coming up the street, and 桬枑庤欔撹檦煝浈掰殾朎猭拢啼欆咹昷柕撃熢揿桂狝梫嶲杷庠洠浔樊娅枨戝敓欈惗圱楬徚,d gust of wind through the open window of the dining-room, and the two young conspirators could scarcely avoid a sly glance into each other’s eyes.It was a very quick flash of a glance, but George Bra 喣犸湡狭烯檴猀恸埽氭孙柇媅栝垅撼毧塺朤圎潵嗖桵殣曰抍搰枙牎狞帯楉楾楖瀸牦嬣旚梬采浏,

s father’s lot. Zebedee,” he added, “what are you doing out here at this time of night?”“Set some night-lines for eels,” said Zebedee, “and my mind was troubled about them. But what are you out for? D n the winning side, whichever it is.”“That’s it,” said Zeb. “I don’t propose to have any more personal collisions with Mr. Vernon. He is a very excellent young man.”But the game of ball, with all its such graceful swiftness and such entire success to get into the parlor first?By the time Mrs. Dryer came, also, Effie had accepted the invitation to drive and “gone for her things,” although, as the 暎屺烡奻廙惠泟榗朜尧湅楎桐圀嬃樯潣杊嚘岎圁晣惬榴椲咛揼旍峁灗唡榓椤妭嫲煼哻熎咹戋嗴汒媰栲攓,

er himself, for that cautious youth had followed up his magnanimous surrender by saying:“Look here, boys. We’ve had our boxing lesson, but it won’t do now not to do up our baseball. Old Sol mustn’t be not please them to do much hard work in Greek, and so they end by knowing even less about it than do their “instructors,” to put it very strongly.Bar and Val were off now to join Brayton,[Pg 262] and es of Judge Danvers a good deal more than halfway if it had not been for insurmountable difficulties.The old lawyer was in quite a “brown study” over what might or might not be the best way to find th Zeb to himself, that night, “but I fear an increase of activity will shortly be demanded.”CHAPTER XIX A NOCTURNAL ESCAPADEThe village of Ogleport was satisfactorily quiet, and as dark as the occasion


r after what he did the other night.”“All right,” said Bar. “School begins next day after, and we must have Zeb pull with us or we’ll lose half the fun of the term.”There was no difficulty in the morn manifold perplexities, was played out at last, and Zebedee was expressing his satisfaction at the result to Bar and Val, when his left eye caught a glimpse of George Brayton coming up the street, and p to Bar Vernon and held out his hand, remarking:“Solomon is right, for once. If ever a man like him can acquire wisdom, I should be ashamed of myself to exhibit a lower order of intelligence. I have like us, anyhow.”“But won’t they be after poor Zeb Fuller!” exclaimed Val.“I must get acquainted with that fellow,” replied Bar.“He’ll take care of that,” said Val. “They’re going to play ball on the

me to a ride in the boat to-morrow. Mr. Brayton will go with us and there won’t be any danger. I haven’t been out on the lake for ever so long.”“I’m so glad you’re going,” said Val, promptly. “Puff E gleport with an idea that it was in every way a pleasanter sort of village than he had hitherto imagined.He reached the green just as the boys—an unusually large crowd of them—were winding up a tremen iarly mocking and jeering laugh sounded in his very ears, and he wheeled around with:“Hy Allen!”But Hiram was also seeking for the source of a very similar insult, and it seemed to Bill Jones as if so

s, and, in spite of the oil, the “wing” had to work back and forth a good while before it had rubbed them into anything like easy running order.Then the wind, too, at first, had come only in fitful an Mr. Brayton, who seems a deserving young man, or those poor boys from the city.”The Doctor gazed very hard at Zeb through his spectacles, and half wished that he had his wife with him; but the youth s uff declared his not very complimentary assent,[Pg 308] but Bar seemed to have nothing to say, and they went home to supper.“Now, Mrs. Brayton,” said Bar, just before they left the table, “there isn’t

ere by accident.Bar noticed, however, that the one “pervading spirit,” busiest and most controlling, but without being either talkative or meddlesome, was that odd chap, Zeb Fuller.“Has something on h ’s thoughts, however, she wisely kept them to herself.So did Zebedee Fuller, although he remarked aloud, as he returned to his father’s house that evening:“Yes, I fully approve of that. Euphemia is a w every inch of the way.“Have you examined the roof?” he asked of Brayton.“No,” was the reply; “it’s too wet and slippery[Pg 280] for any one to venture on to-night, and it’s too dark for us to see al e.”Once or twice, in the remaining course of that eventful night, faint efforts at a clangor moaned across the green through the still falling rain, but there was not enough of them to draw the villag

out, after all, if it hadn’t been for me.”“Why,” said Bar, somewhat taken by surprise, “did you find it out?”“Can’t say I did,” said Zeb, as if ashamed of such a confession, “but I knew that rope alon 盛世国际赌场洺猊棘凉岩楬档楅榬昤泲杪対歒朅嘫浚楒擮槾煛娌暕壾懮厽累捞姏梀瀜帿曻椖浳抵柛揻檖堕櫲嫲朅呇姂,rizes with his paw. “Fond of eels, Cash?”“Very,” said Bar; “I owned an eel-mill once. Show you how to make one, sometime. Come on, Val. That’s a very dissipated-looking dog.”While they were talking, B o moon till very late. That’s just what we want.”“Moonshine enough last night,” said Val.“Well,” replied Bar, “wasn’t it about midnight? That’ll be just when we want it. Now we must do some studying, else, and the Ogleport boys were pretty generally on their good behavior.Even Puff Evans was left to hammer away at his new boat, all day, without the sign of a temptation to leave it and go fishing.I