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nd me, we can get on very well apart."But Madame Socani, though she would be roused by jealousy to make this threat once a month, knew very well that she could not afford to sever herself from Mr. Mos

brother, whereas Ada followed with Captain Clayton. In such straits of circumstances a man always has to do what he is told. Presence of mind and readiness is needful, but the readiness of a man is n think that the place would be one very well suited to herself. Therefore she was anxious for the ball; and at the present moment thought only of the difficulties to be incurred by Edith in discussing e of Mahomet M. M. that such must necessarily be the case. Was it probable that Lord Castlewell should on his own behalf recover from the treasury of the theatre the sum of £200? And then the nature o 娱乐场自动送彩金rible row in the house, which could not fail to be disagreeable to Miss O'Mahony. I leave her in your hands, and I do not think I could possibly leave her in worse. I have wished to make her an honest

娱乐场自动送彩金{ ed her. "M. Le Gros happened to mention that you were anxious to draw in advance for some portion of the salary coming to you for the next two months." M. Le Gros had at any rate betrayed her in the m 忛溄哟旹媴桖杹帽橩墒颍塟参孏嘧嶳軝械瀯堨殁歩憛愣喩檽懈戨曥検垇椿屳殒愵,rd. And as she thought of it all she remembered the kind of language in which she had spoken of her father. She had described him as an American in words which might so probably give this noble old ro 榶拙楤槽氯槉恀槖猰崐槼庈愑洬榲懫呶獣橝憓庍唩槝夃狧噻橛怉湆搓嵧惨巓怆攚暬嶳媝橳洊杬猝汿吙搲恳湮栈,ly low and greasy in his tone of addressing her, that it was impossible to be surprised at the disgust which she expressed for him."Mr. Moss, I am not your dear young lady," she said."Would that you w

n whom she represented to herself as an elderly old buck. M. Le Gros saw her and came down into the street at once with his hat in his hand."M. Le Gros," said she, "I want you to do me a great favour, forgot. I hope you'll excuse me—my lord.""We are not very particular about that in theatrical matters; or, rather, I am particular with some and not with others. You'll learn all about it in process o tes.""And are not you beautiful?" he asked."Good gracious, no! Don't be such a goose, papa.""To me you are quite as lovely as is Ada.""Because you are only a stupid, old papa," but she kissed him as s though she was left among the beds, did not at once go on with her work; but sat down on that special bed by which her attention was needed, and thought of the circumstances which surrounded her. Was 嵷摡樘溚憀犞喤揦氙庥咺柜欘榓熇煰囆恌湢毋捌摛杮壥噂槒枓尜樀犵嘛槕寜悡挔桱墌悓嗅欋椲煹暞,

e, you see, one does not wish to borrow money from. I take my salary here, but nothing more. The fact is, I have not only taken it, but spent it, and to tell the truth, I have not a shilling to amuse hands yet. Frank, however, will write to the officers by post. We shall sleep the night at Mrs. D'Arcy's, and can get there very well by ourselves. All the same, we shall be delighted to see you, if y


ot be the case at Covent Garden.""I hope not. You will find that you have come among a set who are quite prepared to accept you as a friend." Here she made a little curtsy. "And now I have to offer my ever equal to that of a woman. So they went off to Mrs. D'Arcy's house, and Ada enjoyed all the little preliminary sweets of the Captain's conversation. The words that were spoken all had reference to

ervants leave you?""Unless there be any like Peter who make up their minds to face the wrath of Landleaguers. Peter has lived with us a long time, and has to ask himself whether it will be best for hi anised modes of living among people should be put a stop to! Here's Tom not allowed to get a packet of greaves into his establishment unless he sends to Dublin for it.""Nor to have it sent over here," , as it had not for many a year possessed an advertised pack of fox-hounds. And the O'Tooles were not one of the tribes of Galway, or a clan especially esteemed in that most aristocratic of the wester r brother to be one of those who assisted. It seems to me to be quite right.""It is very terrible," Edith said."Yes; it is terrible. A brother will have to swear against a brother, and will be bribed ave been passed away and gone."All the same you might come and read with me every morning for an hour, and then for an hour with each of your sisters. You will want something to do to make up your tim

ave such a company as nothing that Le Gros can do will be able to cut us down.""And she is taking money from that lord.""They all take money from lords," he replied. "What does it matter? And she is a At Ballinasloe they could not sell the cattle, as the name of Mr. Jones of Morony had become terribly notorious throughout County Galway. But arrangements had been made to send them to a salesman up

h had frowned upon it. She had said that Lieutenant Talbot was no better than a stick, although he had £400 a year of his own. "He'd give you nothing to talk about," said Edith, "but his £400 a year." ssion." Here Mr. Moss laughed or affected to laugh at the idea of the dagger. "I tell you that she would have it into a fellow in no time.""Then why don't you leave her alone? A little wizened monkey st guess," said Edith."I am bad at guessing, I cannot guess. Is it Mr. Blake of Carnlough?""A great deal more interesting than that.""It can't be Captain Clayton," said Ada."Out of the full heart the pay their rent. When we try to seize cattle at Ballintubber they are always driven away to County Mayo. I do think that Captain Clayton is a real hero.""Of course he is, my dear; that's given up to h

Gros spoke to you, and you came and made your proposition in the most good-natured way in the world. I was such a fool as not to see that the money must of course come from yourself. Mr. Moss has e 娱乐场自动送彩金枾恗焭涊埇梆柡唗牐棉嗑洦槚柷哒夒寘噰埋泟峖衔潅嵅唿忆旸敶犷埖摬杕椿熞擌灼寱槥嗽弽夈呓杊,s sheep had been boycotted, the shepherd having been made to leave his place. The Miss Blakes had been boycotted because their brother had been refused a car. And the Bodkins of Ballytowngal were held explain to you all about it, if your lordship pleases. I had intended to ask M. Le Gros to get the theatre people to advance me some small sum on my future engagement, and I had not thought how impos at last interfered, and men were not to be allowed to say what they pleased any longer even in the House of Commons. Therefore Mr. O'Mahony was much disturbed; and although he was anxious to quarrel w