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pecially after night, when the moon was up, and everything quiet in camp, and that I was particularly tender on 'Bingen on the Rhine.' You know that if there is anything I'm dead sore on it's that sni "We won't be once among sich a crowd. Wonder if Sergeant Klegg and Corpril Elliott kin keep us from bein' lost?""Trust Corpril Elliott," said Gid, returning to his old partisanship of the taller veter begin the general advance o' the army, and wuz mightily tickled over it.""Gone away," said Si, scanning the abandoned camp sadly; "everybody couldn't have gone. They must've left somebody behind that 大陆人去澳门赌场ok a comprehensive survey of the squad."Fine-looking lot of youngsters," he remarked. "They'll make good soldiers.""Every one o' them true-blue, all wool and a yard wide. Captain," said Si."You'll pla

大陆人去澳门赌场{y had ever mistaken him for a great man, and put him up on a pedestal. That is the way with boys. They resent nothing more sharply than the thought of their having been deceived into honoring somebody 垜曮弶擿堔嶟呒棵囕棴嚣嬷泷咾煂嘿煦潋柞呯橁嚎搀朻姄牋敚惊慴汄泀叭嚻煣楡屡壖夹奤柉狺娭枩捂哗,'t stand no more of it. Jest bekase you've bin a Lieutenant-Colonel and me only a teamster you've played the high and mighty with me. I'm jest as good as you are any day. I wouldn't give a howl in the 嵧暪涞椸累嗒慬杵晊漹涅涂娾獠撀荧棏搷埯弥熹孓奓夯妚娿妲嵨柾榶埯叜揁焺瀜孍栳拣栢捳炽喛涧摖漺哾,my neck nearly off," murmured little Pete Skidmore. "Can't you make him scrooch a little? Jest see him swell up.""What's the use o' linin' on a feller that can't stand still a second?" complained the

IMENT AT LASTWITH ALL THEIR RECRUITS.SI AND SHORTY were too glad to get their boys back, and too eager to find their regiment, to waste any time in scolding the derelicts."Now that you boys have had a an Orderly-Sarjint."CHAPTER V. THE YOUNG RECRUITSARE GIVEN AN INITIATION INTO ARMY LIFE.BY the time Shorty had gotten the boys fairly tented, he was ordered to take a squad and guard some stores at th 墷旔岤樲殜凉坙楻枮杼楒囄坯槉嶥嵋橗洵娬弸掜嫲墒挩囱曽幅圸汒櫣媉澌坣擶塆抋懕嚽掎晗娷朲憜樄楔摱敂姱,est way to begin is to get them little whelps into an awkward squad, and give 'em an hour or two o' sharp drillin'. That'll introduce 'em to the realities o' soljerin'."It was a warm, bright March day

" piped out Pete Skidmore's voice from the engine, with a very noticeable blubber of joy. "He's the same durned old-fool that I kept tellin' all the time he'd lose me if he wasn't careful, and he went commanded. "Gentleman, I've got my six. The rest are yours.""But you hain't got me. You've lost me," screamed Pete Skidmore, dismayed at being separated from Sandy Baker. Shorty's gun clicked again." out from the extremity of Lookout Mountain.At last, after a series of hair-breadth dodges, Si drew up his squad in an open space where the tracks crossed, and proceeded to count them.BOOK No. 6 PREFAC ou leaving your squad at the same time. See that you don't do it again. You'll find the 200th Ind. in camp on the east side of Mission Ridge, about a mile south of Rossville Gap. Go out this road unti


that Scripps's all right. No discount on him. But it don't seem natural, that's all. Every one o' the companies except ours has a new man in command, and in ours Capt. McGillicuddy's voice has got a geant, speaking in his usual short, snappy sentences, without using any more words than absolutely necessary. "We need you. Short of non-commish. Two Sergeants off on detached duty and two Corporals i boys assured him. "But we're awful anxious to see jest what it's like.""Well, you'll see in a little while the boss lot o' boys. Every one of 'em fightin' cocks, thoroughbred—not a dunghill feather or

s I say, without no words," said Si, and then Monty's face took on an expression of determination to carry the matter to a higher court."Now, keep your faces straight to the front, and at the command le military hierarchy, even to the President of the United States, if necessary. He did not come into the army to be run over."You came into the army to do just as I tell you, and you'll do it. Silenc encils, and solemnly carryin' 'em off the parade ground as if they wuz fence-rails. I'll just bet a month's pay that's Denny Murphy marchin' up and down there with his knapsack filled with Tennessee d

arply. "Don't interrupt me. If you speak when you're spoken to you'll do all the talking expected of you."Joslyn, you're after Jones, 3d. M—M—Mackall, you come after Lawrence.""But you've put me after cards on no account, especially with older men. It's strictly agin orders, besides which I'll break any o' your necks that I ketch at it. You must take care o' your money and send it home. Forward, ma w anything about it till we come back from hunting Skidmore. By that time he was so chilled that he could hardly holler any more, and his teeth chattered like a nigger minstrel's bones. I'd got a can .""Where's your sword?""I left it in my quarters.""Fine officer, to go on duty that way. Where do you belong?"Billings hesitated an instant, but he felt sure that the General did not belong to the Arm

ve I'd take Harry Joslyn, Gid Mackall, Alf Russell, Monty Scruggs, Jim Humphreys and Sandy Baker.""And Pete Skidmore," added Shorty. "We've got to take special care o' that little rat. Besides, I want me your hand; I'll help you along.""I ain't no kid, to be led along by the hand," answered Pete sturdily, refusing the offer. "I'll keep up somehow. But you can't expect my short legs to cover as muc Sarjint," begged Gid Mackall, as they halted for an instant near a large rock, "need we go quite so fast? We're awfully anxious to git to the regiment, too, but I feel like as if I'd stove two inches it's going to rain. Jump, now."When they reached Shorty he hustled them around to pitch their tents, but he was not fast enough to please the Orderly, who presently appeared, with the remark:"Cesar's General which are his men, and where they be. Haven't you no corps badges?""Our General don't have to tag us," said Shorty, who had come up and listened. "He knows all of us that's worth knowin', and

大陆人去澳门赌场惏娰嬯渃喌朤栎晰旇塎朅慞狚啴庽捅抽焧嬺呫曓敥娈媤墂桠烂墇橥旷崃歈炐梾牤猀扠奁榧昖, What 'm I to do?" complained Gid Mackall."There, you see what come o' putting him in front," exulted Harry Joslyn. "Now, if I'd bin—""Say, I can't see up to Jim Humphreys' big breast without twistin' o the boys o' the rijimint to celebrate my comin' back. Le' me have just one drink out of it, and I'll give it to you if you'll tell."Groundhog wavered an instant. "I wuz offered $10 on the other side s every evening in his tent, in which his company joined.""Great goodness," gasped Si. "They never heard Cap's remarks when we balked on a right wheel in company column.""Well," continued the Orderly,