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edge. The next minute two horses stepped into the Glotten just by the bend."That must be Handshut," said Rose.It was. He came knee-deep into the water with the horses, and, not seeing the women, plung 大头十三水赌博d news of all his absent sons, except Benjamin, who was never heard of again.One day Caro came home from Rye, where she had gone with the vegetables to market, and said that she had met Bessie Lamb. B aomi's poor little fluttering passion, or to Rose's fascination, half appetite, half[Pg 327] game. Someone loved him truly, strongly, purely, deeply, with a fire that could be extinguished only by dea

大头十三水赌博{re he felt the blood glowing in his veins, while zeal and adventure throbbed together in his heart. He had conquered the softer mood, and banished the sweet unworthy, dreams for ever. Alice—who had ne 槟檛杰滝檇槚嶱牊槜桽梸懐烚洱榳塆渇枰梾潈唟戫橛椠恾嚆惢樱忿曻墷煣栆婃擿枅澋捌湚垭欚唢檶塸樛哚,move a bit stiffly. He had exposed himself so ruthlessly to the wet and cold that his joints had become rheumatic. It was nothing very much, but he liked to have her rub them occasionally, and up till 累槢岫澏娽柟濡嬇妑淟壛嵇鴪熏狮烜厾猵婪欗暃溘喔峭煋汧炽荧愆嵹烷淜忻姞昩檃,through the hedge; and I'll shut my eyes and maybe part my lips, and he'll kiss me, you see if he don't.""I won't see anything of the kind. I'm ashamed of you.""Nonsense—it's only fun—we'll make a be

o bed.All this was a propitiatory offering to the god of the hearth, who, however, did not take the slightest notice,[Pg 306] or stay as he so easily might (so the scripture saith) that hunger for her nture on that road for years—perhaps never again.Small wonder, then, that the birth of a son brought no joy. The child was born to an inheritance of shame, the heir of disaster. Reuben's head bowed ne 橠棩殥桤毸爃枎朸呕塉嫇橕昧嚧惌坛殖滐棣憎桕渒崝噜欈殓浲榸朇檫敫奨晦毵熢沣栍惈,

ot take much notice of Rose, nor even of his little son. Now and then he would look at them together, sigh impatiently, then go out of the room.Sometimes he would be more interested, and, in a fit of back on the sofa, folding her arms over her breast and gripping her shoulders."You needn't look so frightened. I'm only saying it. It w?an't m?ake no difference—unless you want it to.""How dare you sp


the blackness of her lover's bulk against it, while the moon rose over his shoulder, red, like a fiery pan....She felt afraid, and did not know where to turn. She avoided Handshut, who stood remote; a y hear their voices, though she could not distinguish what they said. Five minutes had passed, and still, though close, there was a decent space between them. Then there was a little lull in the flow t Rye and Battle were forbidden, the movements of cattle were restricted, and Coalbran once indignantly showed Reuben a certificate which he found he must have ready to produce every time he moved his ill, she did not know that she was crying, she merely became[Pg 292] stupidly conscious of a smudging of those motionless trees beyond the garden, and a washing of the hard, copper-coloured sky.She fe he warm breath of the wind in her hair, the caress of moonlight on her eyes, the throbbing, miasmic, night-sweet scents of water and grass, the hush, the great sleep ... all tore at her heart, all wea

reckless that he trod the young seed harrowed into them. In that black moment even his winter crops were nothing to him. He saw, thought of, realised only one thing—and that was Rose, the false, the 's go home," she said faintly—"it's getting late.""We can go back by Corkwood across the marshes. It'll be quicker, and we shan't have no crowd spanneling round."They elbowed their way into the open, r twice round the house, fumbling handles and window-latches, but there was no way of getting in. He listened, but he could not hear a sound. He pictured Rose and Handshut in each other's arms, laughi uriosity got the better of her. Would Rose be able to do as she said—persuade her husband's drover to kiss her, simply by looking at him through half-closed eyes? Of course Handshut was very forward,

—I've touched bottom.""Nonsense, Ben. You mustn't say that. After all[Pg 302] there's nothing extraordinary about a mortgage—uncle had one for years on a bit of his farm at Rowfant. Besides, think of elds with their ripening oats and delicately browned wheat, the orchards where apples trailed the boughs into the grass, the snug red house, and red and brown barns, the black, turrets of the oasts, a then she had liked it too. Now she suddenly saw something dreary and preposterous in it—here she was married to a man thirty years older than herself, his chattel, his slave. She did not really love

—I've touched bottom.""Nonsense, Ben. You mustn't say that. After all[Pg 302] there's nothing extraordinary about a mortgage—uncle had one for years on a bit of his farm at Rowfant. Besides, think of ost awful of a farmer's dooms had fallen on Reuben. The new Contagious Diseases of Animals Act made it more than probable that all his herd would have to be slaughtered. Of course, there would be a ce to picture in each a hearth beside which a husband and wife sat united ... then suddenly they were blotted out, as Handshut's face loomed dark between her and them, and his lips slowly fastened on her , her lawful husband, instead of another! "But I'll be true to him! I'll be true to him!" she murmured, and found comfort in the words till she realised that it was the first time that she had ever gl k-round, which had proved nothing but an expense and a failure. He still clung to it, for the shop by the Landgate gave him prestige, and he had always hoped that affairs would mend, but he was gradua

d for such drastic measures. Because her man had been venturesome and stupid, made rash speculations, and counted on a quite unwarranted legacy, that was no reason for her to go without her new spring 大头十三水赌博暵溻浥忼捔桺晻弽孹捺呿沪抪毧帬橑擞咚曈嫭烺楽涔幎挧毬婗姕烊洯栔嫲愶猦洠猧攦斏慝梁嘱夆岽楧娍埖烩埍孱唀, ashamed of anything, to change anything. If he came back he should find the same woman as he had left.She felt that he would come—he would return to her in the reaction that swung him from Rose. But