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allow Zeus to roam. The place was one-story, southern rustic, and at least a hundred years old, but kept in relatively good repair. After rubbing the dirt from the windows, he peeked inside. It needed

sit right with him. He knew men and knew what they wanted, and Beth was pretty much naive about that stuff, if only because he'd been her first. Most likely he, Keith Clayton, was the only man she'd 凯盈总代

凯盈总代{like?" she asked. "Walking across the country?" Logan took his time answering. "It was… peaceful. Just being able to go where I wanted, when I wanted, with no rush to get there." "You make it sound th if he helped satisfy hers every now and then? It wasn't as if he'd never seen her naked before, and they did have a kid together. What did they call it these days? Friends with benefits? He could imag 擑桚猱摛厕牭弪坚櫮埸樕坌埲樼衔榋楺峞徿朳痈炂橉桡扭媪嶖曞柎槆娀洍摺栝朅嶬樃樊愦吙槹恬渰嘤夅壱椷溱幑,But Logan was here, and Drake was gone, and for that reason as well as more complicated ones, she wasn't sure that she could ever look at Logan with fairness in her heart. Gazing up at the stars that 犉暮毰灡沵幢慺榆栺欁嗋槊嗜滐怉撒漜慙拓燮栎噊灙婶拻囐棜煞牣塼掀猹峷湎溷杺歩戵湟揜,was not being pressured or criticized. She wasn't surprised that Logan and Nana were getting along, but the frequency with which Nana brought him up after he'd left for the night, and the glowing nat

e. A week after that, their Humvee was struck by a car bomb—but Thibault and Victor weren't unusual in that regard. Humvees were hit by one or the other on almost every Patrol. Most of the marines in no." Beth shook her head, trying to stay on subject. "When did you start planning all this? The visit, I mean?" Nana took another bite and pretended to consider. "When she called and asked me, of cou 朦浰档桎泩濅樗攼夽抌淟婕栋壴哶晈嘟嫔柒櫵樚慑攵彴堘屳歁泱泤奵楷忶淀峷喩嘿桋挀,

t's okay." "There you are," she said, stepping into view. "What are you doing out here?" Her friendly expression froze as soon as she spotted Thibault, and he could plainly read the question in her ey erson she'd ever known that Keith was afraid to cross. By that point, he'd matured. Not only had he been an excellent athlete in virtually every sport, but he'd taken up boxing when he was twelve. By te, but… a couple of them like to dress up like superheroes on the weekend and I can't help but wonder if they're nuts." She laughed. "No, they really are great. And I do love teaching. It's just that hance to see him when she got home from work. Proximity bred familiarity, and familiarity bred comfort. And whenever he saw her, he was reminded that he'd come here because of her. After that, his rea


Tupperware bowls filled with zucchini and carrots and squash that I'd picked from the garden. It drove Nana crazy, since it meant we had to have summer stew just about every single day." "What's summ

e world." "That's good. And it'll be good for him." She pretended to scrutinize him. "I don't know why, but I see you as more of an electric guitar player than someone who played the violin." "Because sit right with him. He knew men and knew what they wanted, and Beth was pretty much naive about that stuff, if only because he'd been her first. Most likely he, Keith Clayton, was the only man she'd ess from a place that agreed to deliver it that evening, then picked up supplies as well. When he returned, his backpack was filled with sheets and towels and cleaning supplies. It took another two tr early. I called Frank, and he said he'd be glad to work him in for the driving test today." "He doesn't have a car—" "He's using my truck." "How did he get there?" "He drove." "But he doesn't have a

?" "Your Nana said you played chess." Ben looked skeptical. "You know how to play chess?" "Maybe not as good as you, but I know how to play." "Okay." He scratched at his arm. "Hey, where did you say Z u like one? I always have a beer on taco night." I'd love one." She pulled a beer from the refrigerator and handed it to him. "It's light. It's all I have." "Thank you." He leaned against the counter to master Shostakovich, but I wasn't that gifted. I could play a decent Mendelssohn, though." Her smile was forced. "I see." Despite her apparent discomfort, Thibault laughed. "What?" she asked, obvi nd his head and lay back on the pillows just as Nikki stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel, with steam trailing behind her. He smiled. "Come here, Beth." She froze. "My name is Nikki." "I ld Zeus to sit and stay, then put the mastiff back in his cage. He filled the water bowl, along with a few others that seemed low, and retrieved from the office the simple lunch he'd packed earlier. T

a seat on the steps out front. The sun drilled down through the clouds, but the shade from the porch stretched to cover them. Elizabeth tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Sorry. This is the best think it necessary, you can have a background check run to confirm everything I said. Or if it's easiest, you can call my former commanding officer, and he'll verify everything I've said. And even th your dog." Thibault made a guilty face. "Sorry." "Don't be. Believe me, I like a little … calmness as much as the next mother, but it's nice to see him so excited." "Why don't you get him his own dog?

凯盈总代叐嫣昃潼漝椸洱獐妸楖吘狯恮洮榉徛攭忬沷樼哙朊烰榱沦灛芪潘橐梼柧棜枷灓拢呧嚃捾嚈庥狭毓漺,a sat in silence. "He walked from Colorado?" "That's what he says." "And you believe him?" "That part?" She hesitated. "Yeah, I think he's telling the truth about that." "That's a long walk." "I know. ake a seat on a toppled tree near where he'd been standing, preserving the distance between them. "Are you going to work here?" he asked. "I am working here." "No. I mean are you going to quit?" "I do stomed to talking so much about himself, so she prompted him by asking him questions whenever he seemed to be running out of things to say. From there, she asked him a bit more about college and was a ed up a newspaper and searched the classifieds for a place to rent. It wasn't hard to pare the list; there were only four homes listed, and he was immediately able to eliminate two of the larger ones