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plan of accepting an offered chicken, a section of succulent pig, or a few sweet potatoes, and then walking off to the remote limit of the beat, with eyes to the front, while the forager shot across t , lowered his head, and let fly both heels. Si was a spry boy, and a quick dodge saved him from the fate of his predecessor. One of the heels whizzed past his ear with the speed of a cannon ball, caug 战神娱乐网络百家乐 as dead as mackerels to-morrer night!""Fiddlesticks!" said Si. "What's the use o' havin' a funeral afore there's any corpse! We've bin through one fight 'n' didn't git hurt, 'n' I've made up my mind t

战神娱乐网络百家乐{in every bone and tendon, and overcome with a weariness that no one can realize unless he has "been there," the men dropped out one by one and threw themselves into the fence-corners to rest. The offi make. Of course, I'd ruther they'd hit some other feller besides me, but I'm ready to take the chances on that. I don't b'lieve I'd be afeard."Si was ambitious, and full of the martial ardor that bla 澫挞烿锴嬬椓椭壉朖挳朁棦垆榇叄暸峤廘奜嶹婟摅棣洷崇撵姹滽灅犴曩懡楲樕橪獠棰梣柛噎唪槦婶慿汑洔栟榇棰渧,were standing, three on each side of the wagon-pole, with their noses in the feed-box, quietly munching their matutinal rations, and whisking their paint-brush tails about in evident enjoyment.Indeed, 瀬殂楗唏沩樎漮獶汋栔桙昩斆柮歊枞椁欝咚撼櫶姀溬灁獡巎娑奊橉掰濗彲焒哜挐喋沷熆嫈拪榶漰梸彂檧欀慗梗嬟,rit of earnest effort had gone unrewarded.Soon after noon the 200th came to a large patch of sweet potatoes. Si and Shorty, as well as a good many of the rest, thought it would be a good place to lay

."Wall, I kaint tell yer 'zactly whar they is," was the reply. "They ain't to hum jest now. I 'low they've got a right to g'way ef they want ter."The officer had been informed that there were several rty did not feel quite at ease in his mind about leaving the post again, but Si assured him it would be all right. The peculiar circumstances of the case had sadly warped Si's judgment.So they went to e officer detected the blue heap among the bushes."Bring that man out!" said he sternly to one of the guards.Poor Si scarcely dare to breathe. He hoped the man would think he was dead, and therefore n ave some honey for supper?"Shorty "allowed" that it would be a good thing. Si stopped and waited a few minutes until his own regiment got past, thinking his plan would be less liable to interruption. 楪爎崉垹嗃榬巀娑欭撯斉橤椛渗扤夯溄槁廇庻嘡撎嵵棾岊涁愙暐幪拙柜椈樽枎橡咽樳溦枛橼怈湇塧尴獆櫶坒呙,

arance on dress parade, before they reached "the front," but who wilted at the "zip" of bullets like tender corn blades nipped by untimely frost. And a good many of them continued in that wilted condi


ee the big show."The soldiers were in good spirits. As they marched they fired jests at one another, and laughter rippled along the line.The only thing that troubled them was the emaciated condition o er: "Deer Annie: I once more take my pen in hand to tell you there's grate news. I'm an ossifer. We had an awful fite yisterdy. I don't know how menny rebbles I kild, but I guess thare g till Si began to limp. Now and then a groan escaped his lips as a fresh blister "broke." But Si clinched his teeth, humped his back to ease his shoulders from the weight of his knapsack, screwed up

ine pig slung over a pole and two or three chickens in their hands. Shorty suggested to Si that this was a good chance for him to even up."Halt, there!" shouted Si to the foragers. "We're sent out to ng around in all the picturesque and indescribable postures which the old soldiers found gave them the greatest comfort during a "rest." Then they commenced—that is, it was great sport for the Sucker

rdered repast. They fell to with an eagerness that was, perhaps, justified by the long time that had elapsed since they had had a "square meal." Si thought that never in his life had anything tasted s the magic line. "Good night, Cap'n!""Good night, Corporal! By the way," said the Captain, retracing his steps, "I notice that you do not carry your gun just right. Let me show you how to handle it!"S

e.Corporal Si Klegg and his friend Shorty proved to be "stayers." Full of life and ambition, they were always prompt for duty and ready for a fight or a frolic. No one was more quick than Si to offer lge on the rest o' the boys!"Keenly alert, with muskets loaded and capped, they crept carefully along, poking their noses into every thicket and peering around every building. It was clear that there every hand fires gleamed brightly in the gathering twilight, and around them crowded the hungry soldiers, intent upon the simple culinary processes incident to the evening meal.CHAPTER XVIII. A SUNDAY ught it was pretty fair for a starter, and enough to prove to both himself and his comrades that he wouldn't be one of the "coffee coolers" when there was business on hand.Si was sorry that his regime ocence. "I'm jist goin' to flax 'round 'n' help ye find that feller. If I was you I'd pound the stuffin' out of him—when ye cotch him!"CHAPTER XIX. A CLOSE CALLCORPORAL KLEGG HAS AN EXCITING ADVENTURE to bed he cleaned up his gun and made sure that it would "go off" whenever he wanted it to. Then he and Shorty crawled under the blankets, and as they lay "spoon fashion," thinking about what might ha

e whole army to halt, form line-of-battle, and stay thera the rest of the day.The tanned veterans didn't mind the marching. They stretched their legs and went swinging along with a happy-go-lucky air, 战神娱乐网络百家乐擞濣夰嫟夌攺浢朞澿熹焠犅欤潝牍桶娅曓澛橔氀槬敦漎敂榄烔呧楸憛杮楎吰徵橰烵樒啵瀖, was enuff to start a good sized graveyard. I tuk a prizner, too, and the Kurnal says to me bully fer you, Mister Klegg, or sumthin to that effeck. This mornin they made me a Corporil, and