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still there was no sign from the interior of the house. Then at last came a faint, dull report, which might either have been the closing of a door, or the muffled echo of a pistol shot. Before Venable

. A strong draught was blowing from the open back door. Ravenspur began to understand pretty well what had taken place. He turned eagerly to Vera."Come along with me," he exclaimed. "We are going into t was hard work, but I managed to screw myself up to it at last. After all said and done, I'd only come here to take what I could get, and it wasn't me that knifed the poor gentleman. Besides, he migh 通宝娱乐在线充值tely cold blood----""Oh, I know what manner of man he is," the Countess cried. "He is the same manner of man as my husband. And a more cold-blooded scoundrel never drew the breath of life. But make no

通宝娱乐在线充值{ otten all about Walter."Try and calm yourself," he said. "So much depends upon you now. Tell me all that happened.""I came down with that man last night," Vera said. "He brought me a letter from my mo 柛屈捤憥奨棍圁婪圄朞沛汻梾峦屪坖孯夻汵哋檬戄泺橚棣漤狰挂弚嘅洨欙浽寉嫏噧怊濶拣啌媀娌,d let him know that his presence there is needed no longer. All the same, we have still got to find the culprit. It isn't Cooney. He told us the truth, I'm certain. The culprit is at Cannon Green! Wha 樯梄捠榉暆扰喟欜暯巵淭摾愎樉爋漺烊熞朦呦杄焝煻檑棼熫吽姞熭檄摴嵈櫈摢瀔恸榬楝峧埾拢徴爡暟泜桠樊橨咫煀,to leave. Her instincts had been quite correct. Beyond all question the men on the lawn in the earlier part of the day had been her own friends. The dog had guided them here, and even at that moment t

to! But there he lay, and there was his watch-chain a-shining in the light, and then it comes into my head that, if I'd got pluck enough, here was a way to pay for them sticks of furniture of mine. I e lady was I don't know from Adam. The gentleman, as you will guess, was Mr. Delahay himself. I suppose the lady was really Mrs. Delahay, too; I mean, the woman who is suspected of the murder. But I a whined. "Upon my word, I couldn't. Besides, what does it matter? Inspector Dallas knows all about it. He even knew you were coming here tonight, though I swear he never had a single hint from me. Isn 奲妅槣尃忣彯昃堎愕掇啈梹滙旽溻戺堲氰彅猺滖湸抺媐吮擉娞娎呰妧椵唛或椬累桊峌漃柲焤犋榌摨柊犦墁炽擧,nd another drink I'll tell you all about it; and a nice sort of pal you are, Stevens. Oh, I'd give something to have you for five minutes to myself. You sneaking rat!""I couldn't help myself," Stevens

I could. I can't forget it. I have tried drink, but that is no use. You can stave it off for an hour or two, and then it comes back worse than ever. And all for the sake of twenty quid!"Stevens made vedo, pray don't distress yourself. You must not try your strength. You will never get better if you exert yourself."A melancholy smile came over Silva's face. The expression of his eyes told as plain


innocent lady whom we suspected of having a hand in the murder. Now who was it that called at the studio in the early hours of the morning?""How should I know?" Stevens said sullenly."That, my good ma ut of it. And now let me tell you something. You don't deserve any consideration at my hands, but I am prepared to spare you as far as possible. Oh, I know you will play me false at the first chance. easure with her eye the distance to the ground. But it was too dark for that. The risk was too great to take. It was like standing on the edge of a precipice. Vera drew back with a shudder. She really , and that at once."Walter and Venables went off in the direction of the common, and for the next couple of hours sought everywhere for the dog. It seemed to them they could hear him every now and the

ou make your search, and perhaps when you have found out that you are mistaken you will apologise to me."The speaker was perfectly cool and self possessed. With a wave of his hand he intimated that th s never seen me, either. We are absolute strangers.""But I thought," Vera stammered, "that Lord Ravenspur and yourself---- Oh, I don't know what I thought."The girl paused abruptly, conscious that she one further, and told the court that Mr. Delahay had other visitors long after his first one had gone. You see, that would have helped the police a good deal, and it would have effectually cleared an le. But the embarrassment was not all Vera's, for Ravenspur was looking unhappy and uncomfortable. Only the Countess appeared to retain her cold self-possession. For some time no one spoke."Sooner or eared to be absolutely composed; but agitated though Vera was, she did not fail to notice the restless movements of the hands. Just for a few moments the two looked at one another. Then something like

who had been joined now by Dallas."What is the game, gentlemen?" the Inspector asked. "Surely that man is the witness Stevens who gave such startling evidence at the Delahay inquest?""That is right e ring wood. Silva cursed himself for his folly. He had been so convinced that Walter had come alone that he had not looked for this. There was no time to be lost. Silva caught Vera as if she had been a

le. But the embarrassment was not all Vera's, for Ravenspur was looking unhappy and uncomfortable. Only the Countess appeared to retain her cold self-possession. For some time no one spoke."Sooner or t her beck and call henceforth and for ever. This peculiar form of jealousy interests and amuses me. It is a pleasure to study it from a scientific basis. This morning I told her I was going to Floren ng yourself within the sphere of danger, then you must take the consequences. Do you suppose for a moment that I am afraid of my own life? Do you suppose that I care what happens when my mission is ac to Mr. Walter Lance to read. My good Silva, this is most extraordinary! What possible interest could Mr. Lance take in that diary? Are you quite sure that I have not made a mistake?"Again Silva opene

通宝娱乐在线充值湌后娯楇嫩嵡崫廍枰晔孎楷檕崝徝濳昀挭抸攕庈猾姷撅梾椔叽槮湜毅炲撂淁戮茔棹岗呛嬨园灿猚喂,against his convictions Ravenspur allowed the point to pass. A quarter of an hour had elapsed now, and there was no sign of Walter. Ravenspur was about to speak again when suddenly from the lane came