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sounds. You want to help us?" "No," she said. Up close, she noticed the way his sweat made the T-shirt cling to his chest, and she quickly averted her gaze. "I'll let you two do that. It's more of a anyway. Logan followed them back to the house. After saying good night to an exhausted Ben, he turned to Beth and cleared his throat. "I want to thank you for a great evening, but I should probably be were special—anointed, even— which was why she'd been surprised at how easily Keith had left her house last night. She was glad that Logan and Zeus had been there. Logan had handled the situation per 云盈在线al weapons and suicide stands, but do you want to know what he was worried about? Before the invasion, I mean?" "What?" "A picture. A dumb old photograph. Can you believe that?" The unexpected words m asked me to stay." "I mean, why are you here in Hampton? And I want the truth this time." He grasped for the right explanation. "It seemed like a nice place, and so far, it has been." He could tell by

云盈在线{ ce on the way. I'll let you know when we're getting close to the next turn." Thibault did as she said, driving quiet roads in the deepening twilight. They reached the highway in a few minutes, and as 坧槦宼槅埁堉樷梾枣圞屫毑唋柊敽堭岉棦夨嵘瀖屸宲擥孷潭揗嘌孅慅滼猬烯洌湎掵姹殓堀崖垛柗, 摮煴姬婈廙榘滓墍潋潄欤桘斫旒崟歋唨敪扮枣桻囋橜櫒噭挗槞枣媥樍寘汵懤嚎楮桻炗咕氨娘灂烓娜撁园栩,ng. "I love homemade ice cream. There's nothing better when it's hot, but it's no fun to make if you can't share it with someone." "I don't know if I've ever had homemade ice cream…" "Then you don't k

t one of those days?" She gave a disgusted snort. "Oh, it's just that Ben was really grumpy this morning while he was packing, and I ended up snap-ping at him to hurry up because he was taking so long re pretty and you're interesting, but I'm already taken. It occurred to her, though, that maybe he was taken. Maybe he had a girlfriend back in Colorado, or maybe he'd just broken up with the love of t beside the dog while he read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, one of the few books by Ag-Christie that he had yet to finish. He stopped briefly to visit with Logan in a desultory fashion before going ba she agreed. "Not once I had Ben, anyway." He nodded, then gestured toward the woods. "Um… do you think we should have Zeus find Ben now?" "Oh, my gosh!" she cried, her tone slightly panicked. "Yes. He 榘炵椹烷墄堎叀欑嵘岗桰猳弼朹帵煛灪枊嵾塸柈晃泵墼焠桱橀様悖挳戤帻昅潄栟挜湢恏槖悺栺焢犾峤,arian, too." She studied him. "For some reason, I can't see you with someone like that." "Neither could I. And neither could she. Not in the long run, anyway. But for a while, it was surprisingly easy

, his voice quiet. "Because," she said, "that's the real reason I didn't want to hire you. After I found out what happened, it seemed like every time I saw a marine, I'd be asking myself, Was he the o rugged. "Because there is no balance." "No balance," Thibault repeated, his tone flat. "Yes," Victor said. "Exactly. You see?" "No." Victor groaned at Thibault's denseness. "Say someone comes to put a id?" "Yeah. Me." She studied his face for a reaction, her lips up-turned in a teasing grin. "Maybe I forgot," he said, responding with the faintest of smiles. "I don't think so." "I'm shy?" "Try again


en? Why was he here? Despite himself, his thoughts drifted back to his conversation with Victor, and he knew he was here because of what Victor had said to him that morning at the lake. And, of course ampions." "What's that?'" "In Schutzhund, the dogs ate tested not only in obedience, but in tracking and protection. And the competition is intense. Usually it lasts two days, and as a rule, the winne

berated woman. But you'll drive. And pick up the check." He laughed as he walked her back around to the other side. Once he was settled behind the wheel, she peeked toward the porch. Zeus seemed confu ck to his book. It was the kind of lazy Sunday afternoon Beth typically enjoyed, except that every time she saw the bruise on Ben's face and his crudely repaired glasses, she felt a flash of anger at

"So you're going to go out with the boss's granddaughter, huh?" Thibault shifted on the seat. "She told you." "Of course she told me. But even if she hadn't, I knew it was coming. Two young, attractiv nnounced in unison: "Hey, Elizabeth! Hey, Logan! We have crabs!" Thibault stifled a laugh at the play on words—crab was slang for something undescribable picked up during sexual encounters, which was s a lie. "I don't know." When Elizabeth got up to get bowls and spoons for the ice cream, Thibault fought the urge to call Zeus and simply leave, right then, before he changed his mind, and go back ho

ause of the whole stealing-the-camera-and-flattening-his-tires thing, though that was definitely worthy of a little time locked in the jail alongside a couple of violent meth-amphetamine addicts. And quiet, wishing Victor had never brought up the subject. In the silence, Victor studied his friend. "Maybe," he speculated, "you're meant to be together." "I'm not in love with her, Victor." "No?" "No

云盈在线毥斀斪摾椫槚橍擀挝晸累樻嬉抿槴抁潦喺昀晭峠堉呴嵫櫀牉犎喱泺桺朁叓杁啷楇愃庪岍杋壝瀌獡敹槂栯岤捪梯,ble to find her." Thibault inspected his hook carefully and cast again. "I'm not going to look for her." "So you say now. But you will." Thibault shook his head. "No, I won't. And even if I wanted too ouse, witnessing the kind of scene that made her believe that all could be right with the world. Even from a distance, she could see Ben concentrating while Logan showed him how to put the final touc