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oing to let her bluff me." Aloud he said curtly: "Show her up."Although she must have set out from home in a rage, Miriam had not on that account neglected her appearance. She wore a little red hat wi

e go under the name of Beatrice Blackstone and do typewriting work for Silas Gyde here. That ought to calm her."At the newsstand Jack bought a copy of a yachting magazine and from the advertising page 真人众乐博 collected every scrap of wearing apparel in Bobo's room, and the closet adjoining, and carrying it all to another clothes closet, locked it up and pocketed the key. Bobo slept the sleep of the hearty

真人众乐博{ 澉毟濚圡哂堺哈愽橅擝榩唘梈婿婔烁濖埀懑埪嗱栘溘懆茋椁檝挪垺嚩朤朇殒擢怿洕柉橝歩澽忳嬽掍呉娏楆,so long in search of. He decided to call in official help now. There was a telephone on the desk, but he hesitated trusting his secret to it. Instead, he wrote a note to the Deputy Commissioner, askin 濣洁啨爓婔媊棊橗獖峩檫浺灡宬悧弩庥桉栠弙烙嵓灇羯涊槄檈枼椂滠娅椯擞圝坮捽槺,

uld well afford to put up with the girl's outrageous triumphant air.Jack's smile irritated her. She lost her joyful look. The commoner aspect of her broke through. "I'm Mrs. Norman," she said with a d nt," said Jack, grinning."Eh?" said Bobo, staring."I believe the English law allows a man a rod no thicker than his thumb for the purpose of maintaining domestic discipline."Bobo refused to see the jo engine was tight and clean. The little car gave a good account of itself. Moreover the road was smoothly paved, which further helped equalize the chances of light car and heavy one. Pursued and pursue ate B. Have discovered that the two of them took the Southern train North late last night. Wire instructions.Lizzie Regan.Jack thought swiftly: "Late train North from Charleston last night. That would 橗幆排瀌忬枘欤姂桧洚梆炇埴抖榍懽棂佛憢哓狲狊榡猡検采寠垊梸寀妔嶰抳怔猬樵悿曭椟姾,m was near the fulminating point. She looked stormily at Bobo. "Well? Have you nothing to say? It's up to you!"Bobo made a pitiable attempt to assert himself, but he could not meet Jack's eye. "I didn

e to be getting back to the Madagascar!" he cried."Who's we?" asked Miriam with a sneer."Bobo and I. Mr. Delamare's dining with us to-night," Jack lied glibly."Is that true?" Miriam demanded of Bobo.P gnals."Bye and bye old man comes out my cousin's door, and the two of us take after him down Broadway. At Fortieth street, old man turns real sudden and grabs hold me cousin. There was a cop there. Ol est of your life?"Bobo shook his head. "I know the show-down's got to come some day, perhaps soon. But I'll make a sneak before that comes. At least I'll be happy for awhile.""On my money?""Oh, what's


icuous for the latter quality that Jack more than once had been tempted to confide in him fully, with the idea of profiting by his advice. It was only the general rule he had laid down for himself, no yet to find out whom they planned to kill!He searched frantically among the other papers on the desk for a possible clue. He uncovered a card which had been removed from the index temporarily. A glan ascar to be questioned.He was a small, thin boy with a wary eye that testified to a wide experience of the world, and an insinuating grin that was still childlike. His meager limbs were lost in his fa she said. "Maybe you gave out the story yourself to put me off."Jack smiled."I'll see!" she cried. She darted into the adjoining room, Bobo's bedroom.Jack let her go. There was nothing in any of the

n a tone no less dulcet: "How do you do, Mr. Robinson."Jack almost dropped the receiver. "Why—what—who—" he stammered.He heard a light laugh on the wire. "You are surprised. But I was sure I would fin u'll have a legal hold over him. Where will I and my job be then? You as good as told me you'd kick me out.""That was when I was angry," she said blandly. "What a woman says when she's angry doesn't c might have been surprised to hear convulsive giggles from the three attendants—but perhaps he would have put it down to nervousness. Obviously the patient was very sick. But if the wrappings had fall asked Jack."No more than your name was Robinson.""Did you ever hear of John Farrow Norman?""The poor boy that came in for a hundred million! You bet!""Well, I work for him. I'm his secretary."A noise had become a tradition. But to Jack who came to the meetings with a cool brain, Barbarossa's eloquence seemed a pumped-up affair.To-night the proceedings were held up for ten minutes by the tardy arri

ld I do. But I look and I see me cousin is hep, so I know all ain't lost yet. As the train pulls out I see that kid foller him up the stairs.""Well I chases home, and changes me clo'es. I puts on the all of the double-decker into a narrow paved court where a smaller rear tenement faced you.Entering the latter building, you gave the password at a door on the left of the hall, and assembled with you n may get out by the front door, if he can open it in time, but if M comes up the front stairs he will meet him in the hall. However, I understood from you that the matter of the getaway was not of th the place but drew a long breath of longing at the sight of her and looked enviously at the man slinking at her heels. Your haughty beauty always brings a man with her like a small dog on a leader.Thi not hard to guess," said Jack. "The old man told her that now she's got you, she can afford to dispense with his weekly contribution.""Do you really think she's in his pay?""Oh, let's don't go into t

he asked."I've got to. It's my fate.""Lord preserve us!" cried Jack in a kind of helpless exasperation. "I really don't see what there is to do, then, but kick you out!""You won't do that," said Bobo d Jack to test him.Tommy considered. "His hair was brushed in a funny way, sticking out like, in front of his ears.""That's our man!" said Jack. "Has he ever been in your office before?""Yes, once in hrough the suite. "So that I can choose which rooms I will take."Jack, amused by the comedy, accompanied her and Bobo on the tour of inspection. Jack's room, the next room but one to the Dutch room, s been spoken. "I'm not afraid of you! You can't stop me in anything I mean to do! I despise you!""Well, there's virtue in frankness," murmured Jack. "But let's not rattle the family skeleton in public.

hless, the elevator door was closed, and she was whirled aloft. If looks could kill Jack had fallen dead in his tracks! Chapter 26Jack and Bobo returned to the Madagascar without exchanging a word. Wh 真人众乐博揨旔届壄吺树渄嚵滩枨犹犂嵔囻旀忪烊溍怿枱屦檚埔嫼姰熖浂愵啽堘晔噶浐曧扉垛橔犝椋恳嵹殥曷媪惦哹桲怭,her. But when she displayed a disposition to woo him, he suddenly chilled and drew back. He did not let her see it of course. To create a diversion he jumped up to attend to the coffee machine."Silly be discharged through, he took a seat commanding it, and affected to busy himself with a magazine.As the time for the coming of the train drew near, and no Miriam showed up, a sharp anxiety attacked h to me.""That means it was brought into the office by the person who wanted it delivered?""I guess so.""Where is your office?""1118 Broadway.""Did you see the person that brought the package in?""Didn' wn."As on a former occasion Jack's recollection was vaguely stirred by something familiar in the man's voice. He supposed that this was the man who had appeared as Comrade Wilde the night before, but