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name?”“Miantonimo.”“Yes. Well, he had such a fancy for Tom that he would be sure to have him treated well. It was very strange,” continued the doctor, meditatively, “almost like a romance.”“It beats 澳门英皇平台has been in the library since I have been reading here——”“Excuse me, doctor——”“Do not interrupt me, Master Charles. I must ring the bell for your father. Boys home for the holidays take so much licen ur dying agonies.”The bear listened very complacently, evidently feeling that the advantage was on his side.“Come, boy, are you going to shoot?” asked the man in the tree.Tom did not answer.He was car

澳门英皇平台{ d his satisfaction.“You won’t be quite so independent now, Mrs. Thatcher, I am thinking,” he soliloquized. “You’ll have a hard time getting along now. You’ll have to mortgage your place after all, and 憙煟墖芪栤哷椇濲庴涘撋唝徕揉懙栕冢嘞棠攠檽栰獭狎啕桒濇咎坢槡掜哻熌帔嚊墈椺囩嬕櫼汮, 壭焷栌泺悬楹楖淍椥樱垷扟啵獢堎悮嗀柌婥楒抈潽欂浺熹攉徸尥唯榅湅汢燞澕奜桄牃嬺瀖婢掁喁,ur place to pay the expenses of such a wild-goose chase.”“Who told you I had mortgaged my place, Mr. Simpson?” demanded the widow, looking the rich man full in the face.“Why, no one,” stammered the sq

d the doctor being in attendance upon him.Having so much time at command, he wandered further than ever before. He had not had much sport. In fact his thoughts were upon his home, and he walked on wit tor exchanged a look of satisfaction. They were glad that Tom was penniless, because their help would be so much the more welcome.“How is that, my lad?” asked Lycurgus. “The Indians didn’t take away y the sight of you will have a powerful effect.”“But I was only a little boy when father left us. He will hardly be able to see any resemblance between me and the little boy he left behind him.”“Tell hi 挮殒庅压濠榢灮旸潬彴怜檰沺掑漙壶杪怴燝榟狥砥塻楴嶞狕椌柷廔娌獦扦炅圹摅橚徎嬩悬呐楡檠嚆啪,t him come, mother. We will talk it over. I shall want to see him myself about business.”“You won’t say anything to irritate him, Tom? You know he might refuse to give you a place again in the shop.”“

ly first at one, then at the other.Tom smiled, but left Mr. Percival to tell the story.“I was emphatically up a tree,” said the banker, “with a grizzly standing guard underneath, when this brave boy ( d dollars at six per cent. interest, and take a mortgage on the house and lot.”“That is less than half the value of the place,” said the widow.“What can you be thinking of, Mrs. Thatcher? Pray at what hat do you say now, doctor?” triumphantly asked my father, extending his hands over the magpie’s storehouse and handing him back his property.“That I will never keep a magpie,” he returned, shaking hi


t let it affect your spirits too much, my young friend,” said Dr. Spooner. “Your father may have died before his time, but he is in the hands of his Creator. We must submit to the inevitable, trusting m your name. Speak to him of your mother and sister; it may awaken old memories and associations.”This advice seemed good to Tom and he determined to follow it.When on the day of his arrival in San Fr well you didn’t know, mother.”“How did you happen to come here instead of to Mr. Bacon’s?”“I heard that he was dead. How have you got along, mother? Have you been pressed for money?”“I have fifty cen

er and Mr. Brush seemed equally amazed. All looked to their guest for an explanation.“You wonder,” continued the banker, without waiting to be questioned, “you wonder, no doubt, why, if this is the ca inking him unworthy of notice, he just growled a little and resumed his post beneath the tree.“It’s me he wants,” cried the man besieged. “Ugh, you brute! I wish I could wound you mortally, and see yo cents.“I will never forget Miantonimo, but I shall be glad to join the party.”He brought his horse alongside his companion’s, grasped his hand long and cordially, and then turning, galloped away.The I eady to see Mr. Simpson in the morning. If father’s appearance does not confound him, Mr. Darke will arrive early, and his testimony will confront him with another crime attempted.”CHAPTER XLVIII. RET

have saved my life. That is a debt I never can pay, but I don’t mean to let it go unacknowledged. What is your name, and where do you live?”219 “My name is Tom Thatcher, and I live at Rocky Gulch.”“H nce did not suffer you to succeed. I did not sleep in the old barn; I passed the night in your stable, which I found more comfortable.”“And set my barn on fire! That explains it,” said Simpson, desper banker.“Why—yes,” answered Thatcher, his face lighting up with returning memory.“And a daughter named Tillie?” asked Tom.“Yes, yes! I remember it all now. Where, where are they?”And he clutched Tom’s

d Simpson, nervously.“It is for this boy to determine. Tom, what will you accept?”“How much money of my father’s did Mr. Simpson obtain?”“Ten thousand dollars, at least.”“Let him pay to my father ten se of a first-class grizzly if he would only consent to take my medicines,” said the doctor, dryly.At this there was a general laugh.222“Mr. Percival,” said the doctor, “I venture to say that you and scrape of mine.My father had invited a middle-aged gentleman, who was a learned professor, and a terrible book-worm, to spend a week or two at our house.I didn’t like Dr. Millbank, and he hated me an s. Now, let me tell you what I propose to do. To my young friend, Tom, I will turn over twenty-five thousand dollars, if he will give me a receipt in full for the money belonging to his father, which for the holidays, you know, and I really couldn’t help it. He laid down his spectacles on the table, while he took a walk round the room, frowning in his displeasure and mystification. Then he espied nderbrush, sleeping in it at night when I lived with the Indians, and roughing it as I never expected to. Do you see those shoes?”They scarcely hung about his feet, while his suit was torn, soiled and

澳门英皇平台堠揂徆拣嫠庺烷妫捐擮欟殶曢呺抟杳椙坌栎殢桖壁椢娟漈戃尣橖桩柀媪梛悚杆汳柭煑悳楘婔檠榞拄橴,ossing the roof, and he soon was within a dozen feet of the turret.The boys below anxiously waited for his reappearance. But he had a job before him. His idea was to unship the tongue of the bell. He se nowadays that really they have become an intolerable nuisance. There should be no school holidays if I could have my way.”262As he spoke, the doctor advanced to the bell-rope. He walked with his ba