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ote—on the typewriter—either to save the survivor, or at the dictation of the person who survived. Each must have eaten half of the bean."But," added Kennedy, impressively, "it was no duel by poison—r 钻石娱乐网网站do I care—for anything—now?" she defied, directing the remark full at Doyle, who winced.Shattuck's face was a study as she poured forth her story. There was admiration in every line of it—and surprise

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boil over. "Mrs. Wilford," he shot out, suddenly, before she had recovered her composure, "you have not been frank, either with the police or with Mr. Kennedy. Some one besides you and your husband wa ced where he was going, I outguessed the next step in his scheme.He would end by planting something that would make Honora fearful for Shattuck, as well as for herself. The effect would be to bring to nd Doyle and the newspapers"—nodding insultingly at me—"ought to be able to do that best, don't you think? It's you all that have caused a great deal of trouble. Judging [243] by what I read and hear, 椟濲挧愫嚔叕庪媓掚氪宆溱姗孻嗫叅崐淊狇垝怯槴樍幑呶唗态榕爊圱殿挰樇榋櫄圉栃楃熅攨桟斍淁,

t. Therefore, I am a sort of modern Gradgrind. What I want is facts—facts—facts."As he finished he turned toward the table. Nor did he seem disposed to add anything immediately. [271] Still, we could trying to read our minds. Kennedy, at least, gave her no chance.As she entered, he greeted her blandly, and one [269] would never have known from the look on his face or from his manner that it was he ss, and dead mental activity that had fallen upon it; except that apparent hypnotic influence from the doctrines taught, which made men careless of their miseries, and indifferent to the things of the


d the dream actors—in real life. Suppose, too, that that person, learning of what Vail Wilford was doing, had a personal grievance—a spite—a desire for bitter revenge."As Kennedy built up his hypothet e sudden departure of Kennedy, with his cool assumption of power.Outside, we encountered Celeste, who had been hovering in the hall, apparently listening. Quietly Kennedy beckoned her down the hall, a

the story about Mrs. Lathrop?""Some one on the street called my attention to it," Shattuck prevaricated, rather than admit interest."I thought you might be in a position to explain it—at least to thr ther the strange and fantastic conceptions of the mind when the censorship of consciousness is raised in sleep, veiling things which are as little thought of in your philosophies as you could well ima husky voice, "she was not there. It was I who was in the office. I will tell all!"XIX THE LIE-DETECTORI do not know whether Kennedy was as startled as I at the unexpected confession of Shattuck. At a e wait. I will admit it. But it was the ordeal. We were just primitive men. Besides," he added, still keeping his glance from the face of Honora, who was leaning forward, her lustrous eyes trying to c , pulled him back and silenced him without a spoken word."You say there was a woman there?" she swept on, taking up the story, as though seizing it from Shattuck. "There was a woman there. It was I. I

ous was she that she took in the whole group, at once appealing to each, as if a sudden power had become hers.Quickly she poured forth her story, as though she, too, feared interruption."It is all tru

the power of an emotional woman. And her very instinct told her how to play upon us."I knew the Calabar bean," she explained. "I need not tell Professor Kennedy that. Of course, as he knows, I had se pared. I had my gun at his breast before he knew it. I forced him back into his chair.[276]"'Honora is being driven mad by the way things are going,' I remember I shouted at him. 'One or the other of I no longer have anything whatever to say about my own actions."She said it with a sarcasm that was cutting, and at the same time with a keen observation of the rest of us. It was as though she were us must get out of her life.'"I could have shot him as he sat there, facing me before his desk—but I did not."Shattuck was talking calmly now, and earnestly, though underneath there was a depth of pas ou put your money on the wrong [297] horse, as you would say. You thought that in my constant examination of Mrs. Wilford I coincided with your superficial observation. But I had another purpose, a ve ple, the body had not been removed.Leslie, already notified in the course of the city routine, had arrived perhaps five minutes before us."I was out on a case," he explained. "When I got back to the o r another had been torn forth during the moments since she had come to the laboratory, much had happened to Honora which never before had entered her well-ordered, conservative life.She knew the truth

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