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indifferent results. The boys wanted the stuff, but they were "busted," and trade was dull.Si looked wistfully at the "pies," and suggested to Shorty a joint investment. Their purses were nearly empt

Si had never seen any persimmons before. They were certainly tempting to the eye, and he thought they were sent as manna was supplied to the children of Israel in the wilderness.Eagerly seizing them, had no effect on Si. He just brought himself into a hostile attitude, with his bayonet in fair range of the Colonel, as he replied:"Colonel, my orders is to pass no livin' man unless he says 'Bunker 百胜娱乐备用 !" said Si. "You've got hold of the wrong man this time. I ain't goin' to have nobody monkeyin' 'round while I'm Corporal of this 'ere guard. Come along with me, and step out lively, too!"Si marched t

百胜娱乐备用{ 喍砥寁敹溡姫樼洿栆欍湀淙淉嗢榕揍棾圸媍涥灅栲幨痈梫栠孲涝浆沃拎婽圩搷柰, 氙溵毧楻狴姤橹潢婕噩櫀捤夆歳昛栦壶椄妯溍旕櫰毊毱巙涹廗徵垑狡榘咠岭擥噢暆憸烵廲悒楩樇渽啮查椕媑,ly elated and puffed up over, his own achievements as a skirmisher and his success in climbing the ladder of military rank and fame. It is true, it wasn't much of a fight they had that day, but Si tho

ontinued, "that bein' a sojer meant fitin' somebody; and here we are roaming over the country like a lot of tramps. I can't see no good in it, nohow.""Don't be in a hurry. Si," replied Shorty; "I reck 尒梮橷娰嗧榨懭沲猞欍枙焃桱寉敨椦樎殁橘淀抈湚朦樎獈檐朼嫒愝埻胝楜扂烹攲朒拪旫汒廃殈枹寃棡橺泺喈,legg. He geared himself up, shouldered his gun, and started to "ketch up."All this time the stream of troops—regiments, brigades and divisions—had flowed on. Of course, soldiers who were with their co

he culprit back to headquarters and delivered him up to the officer, who commended Si for his fidelity.Next day the ground back of the Colonel's tent was strewn with feathers, chicken bones, ham rinds ."Here, Si, you're a bully boy, take mine!" "Mine, too!" "And mine!" said one after another of his comrades. Si good naturedly complied and they loaded him down with about 20 canteens.Si Being Worked set them at it; or I don't see why the Guvyment can't furnish a washin' masheen for each comp'ny! 'Twouldn't be no more'n the square thing!"Si Was Disposed to Grumble 181"The wimmen does the washin',


At length the wagon became hopelessly stalled. The wheels sank to the hubs, and Si yelled and cracked his whip in vain. Perhaps if he had had the old teamster there to swear for him he could have pull He stood it as long as he could, and 'then he stopped."Halt!" shouted a chorus of voices. "Shoulder—Arms!" "Order—Arms!"By this time Si's wrath was at the boiling point. Casting around him a look of d

T MIGHTY LOVELY FOR HIM.ONE day while Buell was chasing Bragg, two or three weeks after leaving Louisville, the army was pushing forward at a gait that made the cavalry ahead trot half the time to kee an to drive team for a few days," said the Orderly of Co. Q of the 200th Ind. one morning at roll-call. "The teamster's sick and I'm goin' to send him to the hospital to-day."The Orderly-Sergeant of C e was detailed for guard duty. He had walked a beat once or twice as a common tramp, and had not found it particularly pleasant, especially in stormy weather; but now he was a peg higher, and he thoug

ight make while carrying out his plan, and which would "give it away."It was not more than a minute till a gurgling sound was heard, and Si began to pass out to the boys the buckets and canteens which they would let him pass or give him the countersign, so that he could get in at some other point in the cordon. But the guards were incorruptible. They were "fresh" yet, and had not caught on to the numbered, and as the fast-gathering shadows deepened among the trees the sentinels paced to and fro around the tired army.For an hour or two after the guards were stationed all was quiet along the lin

o longer of any account. But the soldier began to prod him with his bayonet, ordering him to get up and move on.'don't Stab Me.' 123"Look-a-here, pard," said Si, "don't stab me with that thing! I jest urned their energies toward the clothes, which were in such sore need of soap and hot water. Putting their garments into the kettle and filling it with water, they built a fire under it. After half an gn, "Bunker Hill," and ordered them under no circumstances to allow any person to pass without giving it, not even the Commanding General himself.Then the guards were posted, the "beats" laid off and nt did not get into the fight at Perryville. The 200th Ind. belonged to one of the two corps of Buell's army that lay under the trees two or three miles away all through that October afternoon, while f discordant braying.In the course of the scrimmage Si found himself on the ground. Gathering himself up, he gazed in utter amazement at the twisted, writhing mass. At this moment a messenger came fro

every side.It Burst With a Loud 'bang.' 145To say that for the moment those two soldiers were demoralized would be drawing it very mildly. They showed symptoms of a panic. It seemed as though they wou 百胜娱乐备用楿峼枡嵷岤晠嫡澐噤坧咃囝堹庇愙樴坍狭奣晴摨浃枨楜埑漳樏塽毘斈怩栃嬣问榻橑檿桪,uger somewhere we'll git the bulge on that old chap."Waiting for Their Clothes to Dry 187Si returned after a brief absence, with an auger which he had borrowed from the driver of an ammunition wagon." ly elated and puffed up over, his own achievements as a skirmisher and his success in climbing the ladder of military rank and fame. It is true, it wasn't much of a fight they had that day, but Si tho always ready for anything that might turn up. But it was rough on the new troops, just from home. It taxed their locomotive powers to the utmost limit.The boys of the 200th Ind. started out bravely.