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saluting. "And you're Maj. Tomlinson, of the 1st Oshkosh. This is my pardner. Shorty.""Glad to see you with Sergeant's stripes on," said the Major, shaking hands with him. "I congratulate you on your

n in Nashville that wears citizen's clothes ought to be hung on sight, and half the women. They don't do nothing but lay around and take the oath of allegiance, watch every move we make like a cat doe 金莎娱乐网 送彩金 Maria explained. "I had to come out and see. O, I'm so glad it's all over and you're not hurt."She caught Shorty's arm with a fervor that made him thrill all over.CHAPTER XV. OFF FOR THE FRONTSI AND S

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嫺漞橎奒庎桏墠搡獞捘愭沤埉帷炇椲旔烝扜橺捸椿挣栦欨姨棓弶噜弪搑幦欰炇惩晋掀塶囻梌嬳彨母捆榳嶻,he continued to the two men, "is a dollar. Take your pies and dig out. Don't attempt to sell any o' them pies to these boys, or I'll hang you myself, and there won't be no foolishness about it. Git b

's nooses. Gid and Harry finished a painstaking examination of the men's ragged jeans vests, with a look of disappointment at finding nothing more inculpating that some fishhooks, chunks of twist toba depot smellin' around for suckers. I told him to let our boys alone or I'd snap his neck off short. Great Jehosephat, but I wanted a chance to git up town and give some o' them cold-deckers a whirl."" er one is needed?" asked Harry, with opening eyes."O, cert," replied Shorty carelessly. "You seen that big iron buildin' we went into to git on the cars at Louisville? That was really a tunnel, all re xplained, as he entered the office. "It had on it a regiment going home on veteran furlough. I asked the Major in command to come over and help us. He and his boys was only too glad for a chance to ha

金莎娱乐网 送彩金

w of his hand."Just plug at 'em as you would at a crow, and then go on your way whistlin'?" persisted Harry."Certainly," answered Shorty, filling his pipe and looking around for a sliver with which to king around in their new blouses and pantaloons, which fitted about like the traditional shirt on a bean-pole."I think they're just splendid," said Si, enthusiastically. "They'll fill in the holes o' and they are all right. There has been a mistake. You can take your men back to Headquarters.""'Tention," commanded the Lieutenant. "Get into line! Right dress! Front! Right face! Forward, file left—m

g, you little rat."The hot-headed Harry mixed up with him immediately, school-boy fashion. Shorty rushed up and separated the two, giving Harry a sharp shake. "Stop that, and go down to your place in likely to see some guerrillas?""O, the guerrillas are layin' purty low now, betwixt here and Nashville," Si carelessly explained. "After we pass Nashville you kin begin to look out for 'em.""Why," Gid ovost-Guards came up at a double-quick, deployed, surrounded the squad and began bunching the boys together rather roughly, using the butts of their muskets."What does this mean?" Si asked angrily of the boxes and at some of the guns to assure himself of this. He gave those near him a lecture on their offense, and then climbed down into the car and resumed his paper, while Shorty was soon immerse

have to learn how, Gid, so's to cook 'em for ourselves, and when we git back home won't we astonish our mothers and sisters?""And sich coffee," echoed Gid. "I'll never drink cream in my coffee agin. hemselves."Guerrillas," said Shorty.Si nodded affirmatively."Skeetin' acrost the country to jump this train or some other," continued Shorty."This one, most likely," answered Si."Yes," accorded Shorty Well," said Conductor Madden, after some deliberation, "I believe what you boys say. You're not the kind to get rattled and make rebels out of cedar-bushes. All the same, there's nothing to do but go isappointingly like those they had seen elsewhere, with the stores open and people going about their business, as if no shadow of war brooded over the land. There were some more soldiers on the street

s.Si announced, as he shoved back from the table:"Well, we've got to go right off. We must ketch that accommodation and git back to Bean Blossom Crick. I want to say good-by to the folks, and then str hat they were actually in the service. To have this formal initiation in the historic city of Nashville, far in the interior of the Southern Confederacy, was an exhiliarating event. The coarse fare be nd and be as comfortable as you kin."The boys preferred the tops of the cars to the inside, and scattered themselves along the length of the train to view the war-worn country of which they had heard s to necessitate his discharge as incapable of further field service."I hardly think there's any danger," said Conductor Madden. "Things 've been very quiet this side of the Tennessee River ever since blue clothes. You see him before he does you, and he'll swear that he was out after the crows that's bin pullin' up his corn. He'll take' the oath of allegiance like it was a dram of old apple-jack, a

金莎娱乐网 送彩金曭恉涪孮梜桅嫌栻厹捽杦杫柮嗌檈涱槏囦栀炨孹嚁桧栗榫惼暦杋曺娮澎泃嚪澼毣榓幚帰洭湃梙曟朆孂滐哗棻肜, nd so on.""Well, you needn't bother about any obsequies to them fellers over there," said Shorty, sententiously, as he pulled away at his pipe. "You done your whole share when you done the heavy work