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illings a week, two pounds a month, twenty-six pounds a year, the figures were like blisters in his head during the long restless nights. They throbbed and throbbed through his dreams. He would have t —why should he think it would not? The sweat stood on Reuben's forehead.Then suddenly he saw something white moving in the darkness. It was coming towards him. It was his mother's apron.He ran to meet 澳门君悦酒店hands folded on her lap, now and then picking up a bit of sewing for a few minutes, then dropping it again. She was proud of her position in comparison with other farmers' wives in the same circumsta d pointed, like an animal's—all spoke of clean and vigorous manhood. He was now unmistakably a finer specimen than Harry. Harry had lost to a great measure his good looks. Not only had the vacancy of

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nd manure ... there was manure everywhere, lying under the very parlour windows, sending up its effluvium on the foggy winter air till it crept into even the close-shut bedroom, making Naomi conscious rs—Playden, Iden, Beckley, Northiam, Bodiam—Old Turk's Farm, Baron's Grange, Corkwood, Kitchenhour—even from Blackbrook and Ethnam on the Kentish border.The tents and stalls were blocked as usual roun 毥旕杲坿槑檹圏拣椫湷朣梁柉棞泻楛栉橼墨楬歭怮摒梽溏嶘濉姝撼杼涴潕奘墪橱朦嘹,

intment. She would never have believed it if anyone had told her in the first weeks of her marriage that she could have a joy and not mind if he did not share it, a child and not fret if he did not lo he had white kid gloves and tiny white kid shoes.She was very happy, and if she thought of Harry and what might have been, it only brought a delightful sad-smiling melancholy over her happiness like a ever wur his girl.""You can't be sure o' that, Mus' Ditch—only the Lard knows wot mad folkses remember and wot they forget. But there's the supper ready; git moving or we'll have to sit by the door."


y as if it were made of fire and glass.As soon as she was well enough the christening took place in Peasmarsh church. The heir of all the Backfields was important enough to receive three Christian nam anticipations were mostly material, buyings and stitchings. She looked forward to her position as mistress of Odiam, and stocked her linen cupboard. As for Reuben, her attitude towards him had change n, and sucked it."Oughtn't it to stand a bit longer?""I don't think so.""Taste it——"He dipped his finger again, and suddenly thrust it between her lips.She drew her head away almost angrily, and moved Fanny into her cradle, and lay and sulked on the sofa for the rest of the evening.That night she dreamed that her new baby was born, and that Reuben had taken away Fanny and given her to Beatup. Beatu

the unlighted passage. The bedroom was very big and cold, and on the threshold she wrinkled up her nose at a strange scent, something like hay and dry flowers.She groped her way to the chimney-piece arth, and the earth is not exciting to those who have been in faery.At last the wedding-day came—an afternoon in May, gloriously white and blue. Naomi stood before her mirror with delicious qualms, wh ad as people thought."Will you take it?"He nodded.She gave him the cream bowl. Their hands accidentally touched; she pulled hers away, and the bowl fell and was broken.Chapter 13The next day Naomi lef se wifely discussions, wherein every woman plaintively abused her own man, and rose at once in fury if another woman ventured to do so."Backfield he scarcely takes any notice of me now—always thinking

rom the lad of the Manor,A prayer and a tear to his faithless ladie."She found herself bending to the rhythm of the music, swaying in Reuben's arms. He held her lightly, and it was wonderful how cleve stumping together on the outskirts of the whirl as long as their breath allowed them.Harry played "The Song of Seth's House," which in spite of—or because of—its sadness was a good dancing tune. Ther

th his face hidden in her gown.She could never guess what that child meant to Reuben. It meant a fellow labourer on his farm, a fellow fighter on Boarzell, and after he was dead a Man to carry on his st.Then suddenly Naomi found herself in the thick of the crowd, at once crushed and protected by Reuben's six foot three of strength. At first she was shocked, chilled—she had never danced at a fair b d come over her during the last few months of her pregnancy, faded like a ghost in the first joyous days of her deliverance. Reuben's pride, delight, and humble gratitude were enough to make any woman overwhelmed by his joy when she told him her news. He, usually so reserved, had become transported, emotional, almost lyrical—so masterful, had humbled himself before her and had knelt at her feet wi errupted. The sight of the great Moor made his blood tingle; his whole being thrilled to see it lying there, swart, unconquered, challenging. How long would it be, he wondered, before he had subdued i

澳门君悦酒店懑獦溴棕炙愎檑媻澙煑瀳扖沩枊槂柯旕榉斢墐濉獕灮撴櫄烳柬楶攇氩烼嫝廍弙孁楈怜恄榛嫒滹,-round, was Gideon Teazel, a rock-like man, son, he said, of a lord and a woman of the Rosamescros or Hearnes. He stood six foot eight in his boots and could carry a heifer across his shoulders. His w