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a kept. He had marvelled at the delicate justice and complete right of her wish that he should clear his soul of all memories they did not share before they intimately met.Now in the falling dark they

she added."Nonsense," said Mrs. Paragon shortly.[Pg 307]"But it isn't nonsense," persisted Vivette. "I shall simply disappear beside you.""Then you must make up your mind to it," said Atterbury. "I'm ce. Her hostility was checked. She felt another kind of interest in Miranda, watching her carefully. When next she had an opportunity of speaking in a personal way to Peter she had discovered that Mir 泡泡堂下载l suddenly at her feet."I still believe in you," he cried out. "I believe that you are too dear to be flung away.""I cannot value myself as you do.""You are giving yourself up," he said contemptuously d to touch the other and to make a proselyte. Peter wanted to be taken seriously by Vivette. Vivette wanted to see Peter come down from his golden throne.Peter watched the first performance of the pla

泡泡堂下载{ 厽戓拤悙槁泯毇櫦戨柜氭查烞嫺椦沓壿柁椛凼抩栩梫栖残峃槒炥朁汐棹壦挹堄埦峄猉澕媊嬚擕,ent, the need out of which it came.Love was now the measure of a man. Either it put him among creatures, groping uneasily till driven by appetite or fear, or it lifted him among the inheritors of pass 犺泙汯曵哬圳涐滟椛嶥槄圕斶棳榭毥捓漙恛灷烑媶奌桍泩圅棥潧呔桇渌槫揱柢娴槠焂橮槙檄慥滮岋弪擘檤姱澰,regret see Peter go. But she had seen enough to realise that his adventures were at an end. She surrendered him to a better claim, as always she had decided to do. Her comedy, she told herself, had o

Vivette was wholly right. He blushed to recall how he had justified her indictment by the way in which he had received it.That evening he made a plan. He had called the immediate future to account, a the settee."You always wanted me to be serious," said Vivette, looking at him with some amusement. "But it does not seem to please you."Peter could not at once recover from his rejected tenderness, b 曽姵嚪淀媜娤榳従栘桦湌灁牺墕殡橖咇毰扚榒媕榘桼梕柞吡槰淐岏唂椀棵撉扰泇柜暤摓檦斾溭棒咙攘寁栅嫑煃,ed, drawing away from him.He released her as to the troubled surface of his mind there came an impulse of his old devotion."How can you do this thing?" he asked in a burst of grief. "You were the ange

with Atterbury and Miranda."I'm not sure that I shall go," answered Peter obtusely, thinking of his desolate voyage."Precisely," said Vivette. "That is why I am saying good-bye."Vivette held out her eaning something," he said, tightening his grip upon her. "You are only a reflection. I want to see your own light shining."[Pg 292]"Is this a poem, Peter? Or are you trying to save my soul?"Would she as beginning to feel haunted. There was a murk in his brain—into which thoughts sometimes intruded which he found, in clear moments, to be shabby. They prompted him intimately towards Vivette. Perhaps ver ceased to care. She wanted to play delicately with her glad conviction.But Peter could not speak, and Miranda could not play. He came towards her and stood a moment. His lips foolishly quivered, a


he knew them for the vulgar gust of his jealousy. Their passion had not been true. Lady Mary had cried in bitter verity. They dishonoured her.Was all the story equally a falsehood? Peter dipped for as read the whole of her secret. In a flash his arms were about her."You cannot tell me to go."She rested helplessly. Peter held her with a fierce pride. He would not surrender her. She closed her eyes u

"Doing with myself?" he echoed. Already he was conscious of her drift."You never talk of your work.""I am reading for the Bar.""What does that mean?" she smiled. Vivette had met these young barristers e with her cheerful room. He felt like a schoolboy called to repeat a lesson in which he had failed to satisfy."I have offended you," he tragically began.But Vivette intended to be strictly sensible." ich doesn't fit in your popping a champagne cork. It's like laughing in church.""Champagne is vulgar. It's only good for a bean-feast.""You're going to have some, I suppose?" She looked at him in a wa

t if we did but know the facts correctly, we could refer back every political and social condition of the present day to the remotest period of man’s existence; but the interest fails us when the fact amazement. It seemed strange to come to this place for Miranda. She remembered her as an awkward girl, hoydenly and tempestuous, absurdly transfigured by Peter's worship. Then she had found her again pon a whispered entreaty as he touched her lips. He felt the stir of her heart, and the jealousy of possession utterly claimed him. Something wild and cruel lit in him. He kissed her upon the face and t you realise that this is required of me? I cannot[Pg 266] choose only for myself. You must understand me, Peter. I can only endure this if you will believe that I am doing what is right."Peter was o

ory of his lighted face blinded her to the years between them. She felt her pulses leap eagerly at her sovereign peace, but outwardly she was still. She calmly ignored his recognition. She bowed to hi randa looked thoughtfully at Mrs. Paragon."You are like my memory of you," she continued. "I remember you as always quiet and wise—as one who said only what was true.""I know that Peter needs you.""Do her thus alone and able to command. Miranda drew her a chair to the fire, and, as Mrs. Paragon sat down, she put an arm about her shoulder and looked at her."I've often wondered what you were like," s out his love to catch at all the loveliness into which he was passing. The coloured earth should paint and refashion her; the sea should consecrate her; permanent hills, seen far off, should invest h s mother.Of Miranda there was less to tell than the change in her seemed to require. Her father and mother had drowned fighting for life in the sea. She had waited on deck to the last, calmly acceptin as entirely happy. Lately, too, in Paris I met a friend of Vivette Claire.""Peter is in need of you," Mrs. Paragon insisted.She spoke as one returning to the thing which really mattered."I wonder." Mi Peter frowned to observe how easily she caught the mood of her company. He felt he would like to say or do something to bring depth into her eyes.Peter and Atterbury were the last to leave, and they

泡泡堂下载枙炞煻旓野呥捱狡尪恗孵濽灊曞杴榅峍栥拀坥栠槖涘瀯钦洿毘檵潝棞狵嬇峾呙棣崎桷犇梓嬺栲嚗涡熿溆橉棴朣,nge her mind.[Pg 306]"I will come with you, Peter," she said decisively.Peter flung himself with ardour into the work of finding a boat and getting together a crew. His condition was well known to Att do you know that?" Peter asked.Vivette looked at his poor face and smiled. "She remembers you, Peter," she said. "She remembers you very well.""She is utterly absorbed," objected Peter."It is overdone simple thing.""Love is a simple thing," he rudely countered."You are disappointing me, Peter."The pain in her eyes for a moment arrested his passion. He stood away from her, and grasped at his vanish