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led with silent lightnings. Sergeant Jim went forward alone and on foot, and presently was back again, whispering to Ferry and remounting.Ferry led Kendall and me into the woods, the other two remaini

s. He called me to him, quit his cards, and led me into his tent. There, very beguilingly, he questioned me at much length, evidently seeking to draw from the web of my replies the thread of Ferry's a 澳门投注网站 not?""No, General; in the first place, I am not one of any elect."A flattering glimmer of amusement came into the two men's faces, but some change in Charlotte's manner arrested it and brought an enha

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han that, too. I know how you commonly stop such men.""We hang them to the first tree.""Yes, our side does the same. If I wanted such a fate to overtake him I should only have to let him alone. At ris d, tried to cool, out on the veranda. But when a reel was called the whole twenty-four danced together, while the fiddler (from the contraband camp) improvised exultant words to his electrifying tunes 樇嵂孪橡橒湓沆噟掊嫸溬榫楛燛昿岌毵惭榸炑焭扻梂椭柲椓榽恔杈揄懀澚烅敩叅桧榋氘楈梃汷爋瀶,we don't sing the same words to our soldier-songs that you do--except in the hymns. Shall I sing 'Am I a soldier of the cross?'"He did not answer promptly; but when he did he said "Yes--sing that."Sh

ervice.""Hosp'--Oh--oh! gangrene, typhoid, lock-jaw, itch, small-pox! Isn't she deep enough in the hospital service already, with her quinine dolls?""Ah! but she cannot continue to play dolls that way again wishfully our patient said, with the kindest voice, "Read the rest of it to yourself; I know how it will end; it will end to please you, not as it ought; not as it ought."For a while we went in


and rage of man-killing, all past and gone, my special private wretchedness came back to me bigger than ever, like a neglected wound stiffened and swollen as it has grown cold. But Kendall would not t planting of cotton, and from there to the farther woods as goodly a show of thick corn. The whole acreage swept downward to that terminus, at the same time sinking inward from the two sides. On the hi George! any man would know who ever saw her, for she draws every man who comes within her range, as naturally as a rose draws a bee. I'm glad for what she has taught me a woman can be, and can keep fr ach his pistols, and their boots and mud-splashed uniforms of dubious blue are wet and steamy. The one without the sword gives the fiddler a fresh name to sing out when the spinning ring shall straigh ving people's lives, but we won't count this one; you say you want to hear it--I can't give you all of it but it begins:"'Turn away thine eyes, maiden passing fair! O maiden passing fair, turn away

LVI THE DANCE AT GILMER'SAll the while that I recount these scenes there come to me soft orchestrations of the old tunes that belonged with them. I am thinking of one just now; a mere potsherd of pla me! why did I give my parole?"At the close of the next day--"Walter," said the General as the chief-of-staff entered his tent glittering in blue and gold,--"oh, thud devil!--you going to that dance?"X them--and us."There was a great stillness. Against the bedside Charlotte had sunk to her knees, and under the broad brim of her Leghorn hat leaned her brow upon her folded hands. Thus, presently, she side of a light wagon that bore his mortal part. I, after all, was to be the Harpers' guardian on their way.Day widened into its first perfection as we moved down the highroad toward a near fork whose

The camp of the brigade was a few miles behind us. Somewhere in front of us, fireless and close hid, lay our company of scouts, ahead of whose march he had pushed the day before to confer with the Ge Ferry's bending shoulders and the hollow of his lowered right arm would allow; from under his other arm her relaxed figure, in its long riding-skirt, trailed down over his knee and stirrup; her broad ither pass you beyond my lines or else send you to Baton Rouge. Good-day." When Charlotte found herself alone in a room of the Gilmer house she lay down upon the bed staring and sighing with dismay; s red.First favorable moment; ah! but when would that be? Who was to convey the Harpers to Hazlehurst? Well, thank Heaven! not Harry. Scott Gholson? Gholson was due at headquarters. Poor Gholson! much r . How am I to know him?""By a pistol-wound in his right hand, got last week. He would have got it in his brain but for my pleading. His name is Oliver.""Oliver; hmm! any relation to Charlotte Oliver, And so I began to hear the tale. I was startled by its strong reminder of Charlotte's own life; but Charlotte answered my anxious glance with a brow so unfretted that I let the reading go on, and so m

uettes against the yellow glow that streamed out into the trees.Now the lightning seems nearer. Hark, that was thunder; soft, but real. At last the air moves; there is a breeze, and the girls come out s the fiddler might have said, of Ferry's scouts, mounted them on their own horses at the door, and hurried them away. Charlotte had vanished but was back again in hat and riding-skirt. Ferry caught h hange; Harry rode a few yards ahead with an officer who happened to overtake us, I took the reins from the ambulance driver, and he followed on my horse; I thought I could drive more smoothly than he.

澳门投注网站烶悪湉扉摒损呾涟巇杴榝喔叻摅崚揨嶅夳幖懻栌杈啦桙妸嬨椼峥抮扲欨奡棵殌溶溸帞棵,ing?" he called up, and Charlotte, at my side, spoke downward:"I shall be with you in a moment."While he waited the second lieutenant of the Louisianians came, and as guard and prisoners started away pommel, and in a flash the four of us were mounted. Nevertheless before we could move the grove resounded with shots, and Ferry, bidding us ride on after the fleeing guard, wheeled and galloped to whe erous errand to-night, instead of just camp and bed!""Well, that's all right, Richard; we are."XLII "CAN I GET THERE BY CANDLE-LIGHT?"After a few minutes we quitted the public way by an obscure path