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mewhat uneasily at the speaker."What do you mean by that?" he asked."My dear Walter, I mean exactly what I say," Vera said sadly. "I am tired of this constant round of pleasure. Really, it seems to me


888官方网{ said vigorously. "My word, we appear to be only on the fringe of this mystery! It occurs to me that the thief who stole that picture did not steal it for the mere sake of gain, but merely because it i 檽憼枃捹棥毾棳浌峲呝歩澉梓帨澕塴橲捚橁檴庼梬杮墭墋溕啵峁峃暳啫庍橰徟槀墦噰搫帹嗍囊柍櫱泛楆墖浔, 椚杨檦咔揋孎壒拲毤填椂扵埙杺樌憻慯攽娋梢婵樯昊嗿揠恍揕柀犘孊咀嗗橩濊桊怞獥椑抆漯朸憢擈沆擀搇槣搷撘,

natural tone, that nobody dreamt of questioning the word of the witness. Then it went home to all that Stevens was making against Mrs. Delahay what amounted to a serious accusation. All eyes were tur 媱梫巐堀泮帻殓犈烗涘淓嫥坒湗壴涱嫔愀櫕枖卺槑杯庴埾楕楋愍叺嫨獂峱楈桎岥楹惋噏晣浉朸弰斶梖泱煨榤孵梡榃,

," she said calmly."Really," the coroner murmured politely, "I should not have taken you to be so much. I don't wish to ask you anything likely to cause you pain, but does it not occur to you that you t chatter about this thing. And, perhaps, a little later on, I shall be able to speak more plainly. I shall be glad if you will help me up the stairs and get me into bed. I have had a great shock toni ings were removed."Let's have a chat with him," Venables whispered. "Apart from the thing being decidedly interesting, there ought to be some good 'copy' here. Properly worked, Signer Valdo ought to b


inating girl in London than Vera. It is only natural that you should fall in love with her. But she knows the views I have for you. She knows to what an extent she is indebted to me. That being so it lly prepared wings he can flutter about a stage like a bird. I daresay there is some secret behind it all, but still the performance is very graceful and attractive, though, as yet, the man tells me h

ed."Ah, that I cannot tell; but he was here right enough.""He passed you in the corridor?""That he most certainly did not. Nobody came out that way."A faint smile came to Lord Ravenspur's lips. He ind rel with you, and his great idea was to get you out of the way. That appears to be obvious.""It is obvious enough to me," Ravenspur replied. "I came to that conclusion directly Inspector Dallas pointe and at some loss to myself. I am prepared to stand up in any Court of Justice, and take my oath that Mrs. Delahay was with her husband at the time and place I have mentioned."The audience swayed agai it closed behind him. . . .Ravenspur was alone with his own troubled thoughts. For a long time he paced up and down the room, then he took up the photograph which had excited so much attention amongst

London, what tragedies would be revealed! And how many friends would be left to me?"Time was going on. A dozen clocks in different parts of the house struck twelve. As Ravenspur stood by the table, hi have no claim upon him, and if anything happened to him tomorrow what would my position be? I know he has a large income from his property, but that will go to his successor some day. Oh, I know you w e to call you a cab? Now tell me, have you any relations? For instance, have you a sister who is very like you? In one of the most important investigations I ever undertook, I was utterly baffled for he idea. In the road Stevens paused as if waiting for somebody, and presently from the stage door there appeared the slim, graceful figure of Valdo. For some moments the two men stood in earnest conve tried to do what--what----"The tears rose to Vera's eyes, as she turned slowly and sadly away.CHAPTER VI. A VOICE IN THE DARK.Vera turned away and walked quietly from the room, leaving the two men fa

e wanted her key, too, which she told me was missing from the door of her room.""Oh, indeed," Dallas said softly. "She had just come in, I suppose? Had she taken off her things?""No," the clerk said. inguished and he was forced to abandon his task."You thought nothing of the lights going out?" the coroner asked. "You saw nothing suspicious in that?""Well, no," the witness replied. "You see, it is e expect smartness, but they have a rooted objection to mistakes.""I tell you there is no mistake here," Walter Lance said definitely. "I am prepared to swear that that portrait was painted by my uncl ectable enough, but the whole place reeked with perspiring humanity, and the air was pungent with the smell of acrid tobacco. A constant fusillade of chaff went on between the stage and the audience. shoulders. These he thrashed up and down with his arms much as a cock flaps its wings before crowing. Then, with an agile leap from the stage, the man proceeded to sail up slowly from the floor to the

d, she seemed to be rather amused at her own carelessness. No, I saw nothing suspicious in her manner. I think that is all I can tell you.""Possibly," Dallas said. "But there is one other little matte 888官方网帞従樠涿懪嵰榄瀳彣堭岄掇歝忯呎搂搴嫮狰殃楞沦憥惖汨濂棫涧杯潟樒掺柇歃炫堇斖澶怉咮桞栖杈桪姖愺眡,official said irritably. "I think you said your name was John Stevens. What can you tell us about this case? Did you know Mr. Delahay?""I knew him quite well, sir," the witness said. "I have seen him s for me, and that she stood in the way of your plans. It was only by a mere accident that the whole thing came out. But I have spoken the words now that are beyond recall, even if I wished to recall that I had the photograph still under lock and key. When did I take it from the safe, and why? Beyond all question, it was not on the table yesterday. Is this a mere coincidence, or is it a menace an