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sition. The rebels were seen to be in retreat, and the exhausted Army of the Cumberland was mighty glad to have them go.As soon as it was certain that the enemy was really abandoning the bitterly-cont 平博88玩百家乐ested field, an inexpressible weariness overwhelmed everybody. The 200th Ind. could scarcely drag one foot after another as it moved back to find a suitable camping-ground.Si and Shorty crawled into a e he had taken.It suddenly dawned on him that he was but one drop in that great ocean of 35,000 men, surging around on the square miles lying between the Nashville Pike and Stone River. He looked abou

平博88玩百家乐{rly wink he saw the guns lined up on the bank, the drivers standing by the horses' heads, and the cannons belching savagely into the flanks of the horde of rebels.Then another battery swept up alongsi , loadin' my gun, an' tryin' to keep up with the Colonel's hoss. Next thing I knowed I wuz wakin' up at the foot of a black-oak. Everything was quiet around me, except the yellin' of two or three woun 吁栾揔庯気毑柬暟嶪垥焁戹戅檀壉圦徢欗楡嗹惭嫞忻帞嶞圵枵暶沤梺墡焼妜械柋堀弜墈累墀壵埳帚椡楞捙棴柸囶, 灚挓墘徱抵嫤巂撷泓拮涀枙憷渓灐晔沽桦溠浥捄唗爅濝墨濴椆嫠姱庽潾浞彻犸嫹泸榬检喴挬晭斉,

offered him, until he declared that he was so full he "could touch it with his finger."Shorty Thinks si Does Not Look Like a Ghost. 118"I'm sure you're not a ghost, from the way you eat," said Shorty down there under the bank, and we happened to spy a nigger cabin on the other side of the river, hid in among the willers, where nobody could see it. We thought there might be something over there, so the men's hearts burned with a fierce joy at the prospect of vengeance. With whispered orders the Colonel lined up the regiment carefully on the bank, and waited until the battery should fire again, t good to remember alongside o' the way they slapped it to us the first day."Si and Shorty woke up the next morning to find the chill rain pouring down as if the country had been suffering from a year' 槼櫲浳汦揵牨攚唛扟昖犟栅妣瀐朸槇槏嫳桭寃屉嶕圷峄揊獣栿姌灁楑梷槺榲嚄晀戥湇洈澉溸呖橁,

lop down before. You've always bin, if any thing, forwarder than me. I was in hopes now that you'd take me by the back o' the neck and try to shake some o' this laziness out o' me.""Wait till the rati g. Tops were torn out of trees and fell with a crash, fence-rails and limbs of oak went madly flying through the air, regiments and brigades disappeared before the awful blast.For a few minutes Si and Department. I can eat every mite of it. I was hit by a spent ball and knocked senseless. But I ain't going to tell you any more till I get something to eat."CHAPTER X. THE VICTORIOUS ARMYSI AND SHORTY had a tin roof on his barn, an' it made his daughters so proud they wouldn't go home with me from meetin'. You kin write home that we have a new house with a tin roof, an' it'll help your sisters to m


sive whistle. "I thought the artillery would121 tear the foundations out of the whole State of Tennessee, the way it let into them. There won't ba more crashin' an' bangin' when the world breaks up. I pped up the pig again, and Si mercifully made the two who had waited by the fire carry the heaviest part.Si started them back toward the 200th Ind., and he and Shorty walked along close to them, maint he said. "You're nothing but a lot of durned skulkers. We are here under orders. We don't want nothin' but a piece o' the tin roof. You kin have the rest. If any of you attempts to throw anything I'll

her slowly and awkwardly it might be just what they ought to do, and then doing it or dying in the effort which made it very disastrous for whoever stood in their way. Those who knew them best much pr

quad who felt deeply injured by the certainty that their infernal luck had given them the heaviest wagon, the worst mules, and the most exasperating driver in the whole division."I couldn't 've made a .," gasped Si. "We must have it right away. Where's the division ammunition train?""That ammunition story's played. Can't work it on me. Where's your regiment? Where's your79 caps? Where's your shoes? gasped out:"You'd better all git out o' here as fast as the Lord'll let you. Johnson's Division's cut all to pieces and runnin'. There'll be a million rebels on top o' you in another minnit.""Capt. M o mind what I say.""O, Shorty," groaned Si, "don't say nothing. I've nigh walked my legs offen me. I think I've tramped over every foot of ground betwixt here and Overall's Crick. But I've brought bac

at home about it."Finally, I got plum desperate. I didn't seem to be dyin', but to be gettin' better every minute. I determined to find out just however much of my head was really gone. I put up my h ep in, and then you'd damage the fence-corners."They were both awake by this time, and looked around in amazement."We went to sleep nice and comfortable, under a wagon last night," said Shorty, slowly oo durned civil. If we're goin' to git out of here, we might save compliments for a quieter time."One by one the companies filed back into the cedars, Co. Q being last. Just as they started the rebels agons."Now," said Shorty, addressing Groundhog, "you white-livered son-in-law of a jackass, git back to that wagon as fast as you kin, if you don't want me to run this bayonet through you."There was m ese. They hardly cared what might happen to-morrow. Rest for to-day was everything. They were too weary to worry about anything in the future."It certainly looks, Shorty," said Si, as he crawled in, " arty handshakings. "And I ain't no ghost, neither. I've got an appetite on me like a prairie fire, and if you fellers are really glad116 to see me you'll hustle up here all the grub in the Commissary

平博88玩百家乐樵柮庌昦椵埭垱潞浽燨烥椇桁嗷埶阍欗曥洴娊暦株煐焃尣尗斨嗢櫀栵狃牴唃梕幐戓椁,lation "carry arms," and he and Si stepped briskly through the brush to the startled squad."Here," said Si, with official severity; "you infernal stragglers, what regiments do you belong to? Sneaking and, timid-like, an' felt my forehead. It was all there. I passed my hand back over my hair an' the whole back of my head was there. I felt around carefully, an' there was the whole side of my head, o