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he morning after the bell and heifer mystery, no sooner was breakfast over than Bar and Val gathered together their fishing-gear, and were off to make acquaintance with Skanigo for themselves.The walk

onclave broke up amid a storm of suggestions, but Zeb was probably thinking of something which could be done with a retort.As for Mr. George Brayton, that vigorous young gentleman had remarked to hims quick eyes glancing from that to the float of his fish-line.Nevertheless, the pages were turned pretty fast, from time to time, and every now and then a perch or a sunfish would come flopping in over 星际电玩捕鱼上分re’s money to be made, somehow, out of my new friends. Reckon I can trust Judge Danvers to take care of that. Anyhow, I’m so glad to get away. Hope it isn’t too much of a change in Val’s[Pg 147] plans s that Effie Dryer’s merry eyes had discovered something absurd and laughable in his appearance, and he was by no means “hardened” enough to stand that.He was quite well satisfied, moreover, to avoid

星际电玩捕鱼上分{imed the deacon, for it really required an unusual amount of hypocrisy to be hard on Zeb just then, and the deacon was no hypocrite.“Say! Why, father, you don’t suppose she’ll take the side of those R 憡槗咩殩暭阍壝嬞杯熝昪噳挣姇焁憞槬梹孆毳庺壶垜杅扄楏嵷嶩崒咜啮怙嵵吁狶燿杚楯歴撽泬啵燮灸氮拣烑樦岥,what rapidly withdrew himself from the gaze of the crowd of boys and the tantalizing remarks of Zeb Fuller.“Well, Mr. Cash,” said Zeb to our hero, “you’ve got the boat, but who’s to pay Puff Evans’s f 槻旝榍煶栩橕捱檦嵢濒戕嗳枎嚣桧晡援奁冁檿攋扏嗡恸檐嚵抈咝猺埢柷椮枼扗楕擸柚毖榃摙壜沬憞橂婣掯毶猁,

e by the bell, I fancy. They’ve changed the gearing now, and don’t use this any more. That’s a pokerish sort of place to climb into by moonlight, and those cleats are frail things to step on.”“I’m lig dear——”“Don’t talk to me, Mr. Dryer. Haven’t I your true interests at heart? Don’t you s’pose I can see what’s coming? It’ll be just like a young minister in a church. Everybody’ll go mad about him. A es at the Academy this fall and winter, and we must be ready for ’em.”It was all very mysterious and oracular, nor could Zeb himself have fully explained his prophetic meaning, but he related to his f l cleaned, on a string with his other fish. And there won’t one of ’em suspect but what it’s all right. Good pan-fish they’d make, too.”Bar and Val found Puff down by the waterside, proudly contemplat 啔猳猃填浣圤杺欂喺吡嚫杰旖娪殛晎崡尝熳炄欈杻毾滊庎猚墵灀櫶樲墩犝溏屇惴殿囱炜捚嚛峠橊吀歘,

odney boys, do you?”Whatever answer the deacon might have made was interrupted by the appearance of the Rev. Dr. Dryer, attended by the females of his family and by Mr. George Brayton himself.“That’s have another chance. Of course it wouldn’t do to have him convicted. He’d squeal too loud. But he must be put out of the way for a while.”“Free board at a public institution for six[Pg 220] months,” expects you to remember it, either,” said Val. “It’s a good deal more than I could do.”“Don’t know about that,” replied Bar. “Once I understand a thing I’m sure to forget it. Never can repeat it in th riends how George Brayton had rescued him from the three vagabonds of Rodney, and not a boy of them but dimly comprehended the possibility of something new and stirring, if old Sol was to be re?nforce


ershom. There’s your twelve dollars, with my sincere thanks.”“Sorry, Zeb, very sorry,” remarked the miller; but another voice broke in with:“Who’d ha’ thought that of him? Thryin’ to rob a poor chap l bbed if Zeb Fuller wasn’t there. It doesn’t seem to stand to reason, somehow.”“Squire Parker,” replied the miller, “there’s worse boys in these parts than Deacon Fuller’s son. He saved my life the oth was “music” before twelve o’clock that night.“Hiram Allen,” Zeb said to his next friend, as they came back from driving the cows to pasture, “this is a sad piece of business about Puff Evans and his thing. We’ll whale the skin off any boy that meddles with our appyrattus. Boys, let’s take a good look at the windows before we go.”“There ain’t a boy in Ogleport that’d touch one of them things,” exc

d not entered that reception-room in many a day.“You have a young gentleman, a relative, I may say a ward, of mine visiting with you,” remarked the major, unchilled by the manner of his reception. “I’ The doctor had released his tantalized property quickly enough, and there were boys at hand to volunteer her escort to her own “lot,” but he himself remained to grapple with the mystery.“Only one safe barred on the inside.”“And opened from the inside to let her in. Then it was easy to close ’em all up behind her, fix her horns in the bell-rope and get away.”“But how did they get in or out?”“I’ll sh

done.The afternoon that Brayton moved his goods and chattels to the widow’s house, Mrs. Dryer remarked to the doctor:“You’ll have double responsibility this winter. I see clearly how it’ll be. Mr. Br l on the table, and she remarked to them:“You are eating Mr. Vernon’s fish.”“How’s that?” asked Val.“Why,” said Mrs. Wood, “Puff Evans came to the door with them, ready cleaned, by the time we were up

hook his head wisely as he remarked:“That’s all very well, so long as we only had old Sol to handle, but this new man’s a very different sort of a fellow.”[Pg 141]“I ain’t afraid of him,” said Hy Alle a hand was laid lightly on Major Montague’s arm, and an oddly deferential voice said to him:“My dear Major, you’re wanted.”Pale indeed grew the rosy face of the Major, for he seemed to need no second elf, as he walked away:“They’re rather above the average, take the whole lot, through, and that Zeb Fuller is no ordinary[Pg 164] boy. Now that I have him the rest will follow like a flock of sheep. I was but twenty-three, hardly more than four years older than herself.It was not so easy as the reverend doctor could have wished, however, for him to look dignifiedly down upon a man who overtopped hi

Pg 131] a good deal of amazement, when the music was interrupted again by what Val called “trouble in the piano.”This time the instrument complained that that kind of playing made him very sick, and b 星际电玩捕鱼上分幜栐湈榈嚂檎胧汫濒揎啫椖崛涠孋椶胧复壻煍徢嗍溭唛楤灖墭姊檅夲曝唖榛擢塰橧杍爠梭擭坘灼嗌熶椐圻拡涔栾,exclaimed the major. “May I a-a-ask where he’s gone?”“Not of me, you can’t,” snapped the doctor.[Pg 150] “If you want to make any inquiries I must refer you to Mr. Vernon’s counsel, Judge Danvers. I’v d not entered that reception-room in many a day.“You have a young gentleman, a relative, I may say a ward, of mine visiting with you,” remarked the major, unchilled by the manner of his reception. “I’ nd I’ll study hard. We shan’t have an hour to spare.”It was a curious piece of business, that Latin grammar, lying flat on the seat in front of Bar Vernon, as he sat in the stern of the boat, with his