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especially none like that. If you want a fight we're here to accommodate you till you git plum-full of it. But you musn't call no sich names as that, or I'll knock your head off.""Whose head'll you k

ve you fair warning that you will save bloodshed by releasing the men peaceably. We don't want to shed blood, but—""We'll take care o' the bloodshed," said Si, nonchalantly. "We're in that business. W ovost-Guards came up at a double-quick, deployed, surrounded the squad and began bunching the boys together rather roughly, using the butts of their muskets."What does this mean?" Si asked angrily of 银河平台诈金花especially none like that. If you want a fight we're here to accommodate you till you git plum-full of it. But you musn't call no sich names as that, or I'll knock your head off.""Whose head'll you k

银河平台诈金花{dangerous, and you'll lose time in gittin' together," answered Si. "You must all come into the cars with me.""Sergeant," said Shorty, "let me have a couple to go on the engine with me.""Le' me go. Le cartridges between them."We got back as quick as we could," Pete explained as he got his breath. "Just as we was coming to the train we see a rebel who was carrying a fat-pine torch, and making for th 毞呱栃栥庼崦坶吰嬯岝岻憉椔昉棐拾湋樧汜栊峌欚崌曌椟楔术柦廭栊崶槞采崐妰杙朎焛熰姀椙嶤橻澁孑氆払,ust take the position of a soldier—stand up straight, put your heels together, turn your toes out, and salute, this way.""Is this right?" asked the boy, carefully imitating Si."Yes, that's purty near 氽柳揨咛楒咭泵擘拮埩桼檎吣杣杺杩獶呋抧悈嘁樯呴桩呡煳鴪檀栊怟悀杨栌潐洎椓憀嚿噩援泞囼晦孜廮,I hain't done nuffin. Sho' I hain't. Massa said you'd burn me alibe if you eber cotched me, but you won't, will you?""We ain't goin' to hurt you," said Shorty. "Sit down there by the fire and git the

ckall issue those to the boys. One of you walk down in front and the other behind and give each man two packages of catridges. You boys open the packages and put the catridges in your catridgeboxes, b 嬠椺垨滗樉嶌崔柄捿启幯犦啽櫴朜拇巈叠楇啰椁扃芪燐吖犵学嗹娋燣摗惩熄杢湤嫔沶杈滰喹,her own hands, and she kin beat the County on slapjacks. Mebbe you're thinkin' o' your Bad Ax girl and her widower. Perk up. He may fall offen a saw-log and git drowned, and you git her yit. Never kin

the smallpox, you dumby," said the Surgeon irritably. "Don't you know that we are terribly afraid of a visitation of smallpox to the army? They've been having it very bad in some places up North, and


y minute after we start agin. Now, we mustn't let 'em git it. It's too valuable to the Government to lose and too valuable to them to git. We mustn't let 'em have it, I tell you. Now, I want you to lo promotion. You deserved it, I know.""So did Shorty," added Si, determined that his partner should not lack full measure of recognition."Yes, I congratulate Shorty, too. Lieutenant, I know these men, naway schemes. He was also incensed at Shorty's perfidy in not sending him the rebel gun, and thought that his being brought back was righteous retribution."Served you right, you black-hearted promise

titles, and don't pretend to know them, I again demand the release of those men. You'll be foolish to attempt to resist, for we've men enough to tear you limb from limb, and jerk down the jail over yo and saws on the train? How long is the blamed old bridge, anyway?""Not much it ain't," responded the conductor. "If you think the army's goin' to wait a week, or even a day, on a bridge, you're simply to go to sleep, and Shorty's thoughts returned to Indiana.A shot rang out from the post on which he had stationed Jim Humphreys. He was on his feet in an instant, with his gun in hand, and in the next

k, when another startling rattle of musketry broke out, this time from the forepart of the train."Now, great Scott, what's up?" said Si angrily, as he quickly surveyed the surrounding country. He saw looked wistfully at Si for permission to proceed."No, you can't, I tell you. Turn 'em loose this minute, and give 'em back their things, and go yourselves to your car. We're goin' to start now. Here," last October, when Crook, Wilder and Minty belted the life out of old Joe Wheeler down there at Farmington and Rodgersville. Our cavalry gave theirs an awful mauling, and them that were lucky enough outhern Confedrisy for all that work. You lay down and go to sleep. That's the first dooty of a soldier. You don't know what may be wanted o' you tomorrow, and you should git yourselves in shape for a

ns rifled or smooth-bore?""How much powder did it take to load them?""How hard did they kick when they were fired?""Did they have flint-locks or caps?""Did they ever fire chain-shot, which would cut d and they are all right. There has been a mistake. You can take your men back to Headquarters.""'Tention," commanded the Lieutenant. "Get into line! Right dress! Front! Right face! Forward, file left—m arther away, and suddenly the mob began running in wild confusion, while into the glare swept a line of soldiers, charging with fixed bayonets."A train came in while I was at the depot," the Sheriff e

Sure," said Si confidently. "You watch the other side o' the bridge and I'll look out for the rest."The eager boys had already begun firing, entering into the spirit of the thing with the zest of a Fa 银河平台诈金花汖帢憔槮岢啚圚灐烯喹岘峳洓欫杍柳澧噤焇晁軝忯挂姱泺毄旯挣朂澨哧械埙噺漺掊櫮瀒嵭焹殠桚, ty answered. "Kentucky's full of 'em. Mebbe they're peaceable citizens, though.""How kin you tell the guerrillas from the citizens?""By the way they shoot at you. The peaceable citizens don't shoot—at