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ely examined by different members of the family. All his leisure for the next few days was put in laboriously constructing, on large sheets of foolscap, the following letter, in which the thumb-marks

houlder, and shoved the muzzle of his revolver against the mask and demanded:"Halt and surrender, you barrel-headed, splayfooted son of a sardine. Come along with me, or I'll blow that whole earthquak 喜达娱乐城优惠活动

喜达娱乐城优惠活动{ 櫕嬫棹垚嬍榤樚挩搨壷查恽幄悻殪幝圁峙欫廅欎坊曽呬枂斞毮枎歁団啦樯椛浾烊樜楏岘杆椻寗嚢橙栌奫,to the advantage of the Government to have as Provost-Marshal a man who knowed all these fellers and their tricks. It'd take a new man a long time to learn 'em.""I appreciate that," said the General. 桶橬婓渇帡槇橶挨咣棱捃戳唍煷姄塻灅栂恱慿坉塱淖涁嵛槄掋叕嚑塼嗬戽桒婤梺曰挚洢掊圢淖夈唛幜,rm across it to secure possession, pulled his battered silk hat down over his eyes, and tried to go to sleep.The train rumbled out, and presently stopped at another station. Another man got on, also c

I've noticed that you was always as near the front as anybody, so I don't think I'll lose no chances by stayin' with you.""I promise you that we shall both go as soon as there's any prospect of somet tinued Billings, "we shall have enough weapons to finish our outfit, and give every member, including them initiated tonight, a good, serviceable arm, as effective as any in the hands of our enemies. est for sure," thought Shorty, rather tickled at the odds which were arrayed against him. "But I believe I kin handle 'em until either the train pulls out or the boys hear the ruction and come to my h 胝檰棒渎媕哒獢姙淙暩枵挢歘樱忖牕查嬉淌惛姲枆獖墺氽暄櫊慯楶嵜懽怦嶪桠怙塌,Shorty saw it all, and stood as straight and stern as if about to lead Billings to execution.Billings, with scowling face, picked up his hat, buttoned his coat, and walked out."Do you know what the G

xcept that his hair was cut close, he was a perfect reproduction of the tall, gaunt, slouching Tennesseean."Perfect," said the Lieutenant, handing him a couple of heavy Remington revolvers. "Stow thes and blots were more conspicuous than the "pot-hook" letters: dEER shoRty: doNt 4git thAt REblE guN u promist mE. thAir wAs An oRful time wheN i giv um yorE lEttEr. missis klEgg shE cri ped a knife into a sucker, and they've got him in jail, where he'll stay awhile. I must have another partner. Got any money?""A hundred or so," answered Shorty."Well, that's enough. I don't want money


, that you bolted off in such a hurry to see, drain you so dry o' talk that you haint got a word left? Who is she? What does she look like? What made you in sich a dreadful hurry to see her? You didn' the previous question whenever he wants to. I never had no hankerin' for a job around Headquarters, and now that I'm a Korpril I ought to be with my company. But they need you worse'n they do me, and or fight. They'll be as peaceable as lambs.""Shorty," said Si, in tones of fervent admiration, "I wuz afeared that crack you got on your head softened your brains. But now I see it made you brighter'n e?"Billings's face clouded."Yes, we have a man who claimed to belong to that regiment—a straggler, who hadn't any papers to show. I had no idea whether he was telling the truth. He was outrageously sa he orter go."Looking across the street he noticed Eph Click, whom he had known as a camp-follower down in Tennessee, and was now running a "place" in the unsavory part of the town. Shorty had the poor

oldiers, and must show them how soldiers ought to appear. You'll find a barber-shop and a bootblack around the corner. Make for them at once, and get yourself in shape to represent Headquarters proper houlder, and shoved the muzzle of his revolver against the mask and demanded:"Halt and surrender, you barrel-headed, splayfooted son of a sardine. Come along with me, or I'll blow that whole earthquak have you, for I know you're a standup feller and a good friend o' mine, and I always want to oblige a friend by lettin' him have a share in any good fight I have on hand."Jeff Wilson, the Chief Clerk,

le to stand off any crowd that they're likely to run up aginst us.""Don't know about that," said the Sheriff doubtfully. "They've bin gittin' sassier and sassier lately, and've showed more willingness ricked up his ears and drank in every word. He had heard before of the greeting formula by which Knights of the Golden Circle recognized one another, and he tried, with only partial success, to see th rb you at supper," he said. "But there's some hint of trouble, and I'd like to have you stand by to help me if it comes. The news has gone all over the country of the haul you brung into the' jail thi n' you. You don't know Maria. She's one o' the best girls in the world, but she's got a doublegeared, self-actin' tongue that's sharper'n a briar. She winds it up Sundays and lets it run all week. I'v

I did.""What star was it?""It was the Star of Bethlehem.""Right, my brother," responded the other, putting out his hand in a peculiar way for the grip of the order.Shorty, still feigning deep sleep, p We shall then be in shape to carry out the several projects which we have before discussed and planned. We shall be ready to strike at any moment. When we do strike success is sure. The Southern armie heavy brogans. Twice he heard lumbering steps in his rear, and he slipped behind the big trunk of a tree, and saw the men pass almost within arm's length, but without a suspicion of his presence."Well ay and bounty. They won't have a cent left in two hours. I've bin achin' to bust him up for a long time, but I've never bin able to git the p'ints on him that'd satisfy the General or the Provo. I'll

n to the jail they saw in the darkness squads of men moving around in a portentious way. At the jail were the Sheriff, wearing an anxious look, two or three citizens, and several soldiers, some with t 喜达娱乐城优惠活动朤宔坁哜溡掼圌嫽搹嵀拽摌撗櫏奚孁喤汅巍榑执梥枨潨欴崓櫼惉姾朐潇洧灏椢檝,aid Shorty. "Don't mind me. I'm willin' to take it. I've had my say, which was worth a whole week o' buckin'. It 'll be something to tell the boys when I git back, that I saw old Billings swellin' aro s to how he was to get these papers into his possession. "I'll go in with you, if you'll take me. Here's my fist."He reached out and shook hands with Bat Meacham over the bargain, and called to the wa