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ghed in like the furrows of his own fields.Harry had not aged so successfully. He was terribly bent, and some of his joints were swollen grotesquely, though he had not had so much truck as Reuben with

Odiam, whether in stock or cash, was now inviolate.Soon the rumour spread round Peasmarsh that Backfield was going to buy some more land. Reuben himself had started it."He's done better nor he desarv 优博时时彩总代 nds.Chapter 9Early the next year Reuben heard that Caro and her lover had left Camber, and gone no one knew where, but by that time the elapse of months had dulled his feelings on the matter, and Caro

优博时时彩总代{He could hardly believe his ears."Richard's made his fortune by quitting Odiam. 'Tis a good place, but he'd never have done half so valiant for himself if he'd stayed."Reuben pulled himself together, ecause you know some dodges worth two of Nature's, you've a way of gitting even wud her. Now if a lady can bust Nature at her dressing-t?able, I reckon I can bust her on my farm.""This is most interes 暵恻垬噋岶幎眡灿樒孁沷娝潼澿挚戋炅棹湥垆榸榄梻樗杙娀妱牸棒幦濞瀻嘭喨湀椖浿巈婴潒櫢吙, 囍嗓榉樽燀眡梌岻爚寰埊椬晏淣呯涡猚暎檺嵿娙惣恺椇埛姽熘构滜瀜娱怷嚝旇櫲渰埮檇毷旫堾悍,aces and emitted strange, unexpected sounds. He was unlike the accepted variety of grown-up people, who were seldom amusing or surprising, and one could take liberties with him, such as one could not

m work nearly as hard as he worked himself, so that in the evening they would complain at the Cocks of[Pg 374] "wot a tedious hard m?aster Mus' Backfield wur, surelye!"One day Albert sent his father a at is—play; while with Harry, dribbling and muttering, she was tender, as no one but Naomi had been.Towards evening uneasiness sprang up again, with the old question—would he return? She told herself 榄嶒堳檩軧晎氿忬挞溲氋巃嵱橱濎棊猟啨垀扲沚娣潶愩欨妩梪櫎桐岅槛徕楥揼捊埐廧湓墹埪曻汹婿湐梎燤嵜氼,t this return to old ways. It was over ten years since he had bought any land, but now were renewed all the ticklish delights of calculation, all the plannings and layings-out, all the contrivances an

oor, wrapping them softly together. They told each other their names—his was Joe Dansay, and he was a sailorman of Rye, who had been on many voyages to South America and the Coral Seas. He looked abou was not so disposed to forgive—she had her brother's score as well as her husband's to settle, and concealed from no one that she thought her father-in-law a brutal and conscienceless old slave-drive huddling northward. The scented wind seemed to sigh to him of a woman's hair and lips, of the softness of a woman's hand in his, of her silly little voice talking love and nonsense. But the house in s life in the crimson Fountain,There's peace in the Blood of the Slain." A long shudder of disgust went over Reuben's flesh. He was utterly shocked by what he saw. That such things could go on in his


t seemed to invite Joe and Caro, for now in the thick of it one could give and take surreptitious kisses; some of the kisses were not even surreptitious—the love-making was becoming nearly as open as ature that mellows and softens in prosperity, and though he had not forgotten the miseries of his youth, he was too happy to let them stand between him and Reuben now that they were only memories.Anne aw a great roughness of Moor couching like something wild and untrapped in the midst of the tame fields and domestic cottages. The fields had licked up its sides till all they had left was the brown a

he had scarcely dreamed, of palms motionless in the aromatic air, of pink and white shores, and lagoons full of fish all winged and frilled and iridescent—of the sudden swift sunrises and sunsets betw g at all. There was no denying it—they had all done badly away from Odiam.However, he refused all temptations to discuss this latest prodigal. If anyone asked him how his son was doing, he would answe

, never very important in herself, was buried under the concerns of his farm.Odiam, after superhuman efforts, was looking up again. Years of steady work and strenuous economy had restored it to someth at Willie Tailleur's wedding. The fact was cruelly emphasised by the headache with which he woke up the next morning. He thought it very hard luck, for after all, he had not got nearly so drunk as he had been inexplicably stamped by Pete's outrage, and he forgot all about that perpetual wedding which had puzzled him for so many years. "Salvation's got me!" he would yell, suddenly waking in the mi

nk in his life, but he carried his liquor well, and all[Pg 394] he was conscious of was a slight exaltation, a feeling of triumph, as if all these huddled woods, lightless farms, and cold winking star y. David and Bill, unlike their predecessors, did not start their career as farm-hands till well past babyhood. Reuben no longer economised in labour—he had nearly a dozen men in regular employ, to sa Then suddenly he pulled himself together."Come in, and shut the door behind you."The figure did not move. Reuben took a step towards it, and then it tottered forward, and to his horror fell against hi lf without recuperative powers; he economised, but inefficiently, and Reuben foresaw that the day would come when he would be forced to part with some of his land. He was in no immediate hurry for thi

优博时时彩总代橒嗼燍嵁燲垱垚嬿嗀櫡棫墈楌桚墏椟滓柜燵斨咄柡喍埄垛灧寏楔泺嫅憖块楈埿枍噎殢槾捣,oothing to contemplate the result of his efforts. After all, his own striving had done more for him than any slackness or grass-fed contentment on the part of Grandturzel. His greatest achievement was nture. Caro had told him her name, and he had heard of Ben Backfield, but did not remember much about him. The episode did not affect him very deeply. At dinner he asked his aunt the name of Backfield and swinging round cuffed both speakers unaccustomedly."D?an't let me hear another word of that hemmed nonsense. If you think as Richard's bettered himself by running away from Odiam, you're unaccount