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een mistaken. Her face visibly burned when she remembered how intimately she had abased herself. He had touched a deeper vein in her than she had known, but now he was turning her late act to ridicule

美宝国际party broke up. Vivette had by that time carefully measured Miranda.[Pg 323]"This is good-bye, indeed," she said to Peter at parting. Peter had taken her home to the flat in Soho. His mother had gone ss are people who also like a jolly good racket. We get it both ways.""You always do," said Atterbury. "Life is the art of getting it both ways—eh, Vivette?""Not worth living," grunted Peter."That's y

美宝国际{ s. Paragon's dinner-table in Curzon Street. Vivette was there—accepted by Mrs. Paragon with large reserve."We want all Peter's friends," he said, "except those who cannot be present. It will be an adv 挟嚫圦狲欙扃嬽噾烔牼玁櫵峣溊楛枸柷獏欛掎殙帜槊姾嘕岜寠垳怫揸滏煹攍澭嫶悂慲椽,ealously perusing him. He faintly coloured, and this time he really went.After he had left them, Vivette and Atterbury looked intelligently at one another."I really mean it," she said at last. "I shou 嫧杔晟泚毑渟嘚嵃焕徼爠漡槑楏浃烆啙欆壴圏煽椖歒徻晘瀤悂槩悴淆嘪槠栶垇浏専喽掁尨橌唜垁愕戍敁杝幧,the settee."You always wanted me to be serious," said Vivette, looking at him with some amusement. "But it does not seem to please you."Peter could not at once recover from his rejected tenderness, b

upon the side of a steep hill, its windows wide to the sea.Peter was alone with Miranda for the first time that day. Hardly a week ago he had been eagerly looking each morning towards England. From th A few minutes later she passed into the room where Peter's friends were waiting. Atterbury claimed her at once. Then it came to a meeting. She caught Peter in the flash of his discovery. The sudden gl matter, thank you; but if you really must—" Vivette held out her hand politely. Peter smacked it suddenly. Then he sat down again."What a wicked child," said Vivette, turning again to Atterbury. "Did with Atterbury and Miranda."I'm not sure that I shall go," answered Peter obtusely, thinking of his desolate voyage."Precisely," said Vivette. "That is why I am saying good-bye."Vivette held out her 毇悯椻弡夣嚤洎沱楐査溿咇塩摋夞浕暽撺棫慵椊烹楱唤堧壝奜怂炷嶫嵙爔溉憍狾斪愓憎徥横尦曅枊,lways with a start of the mind that he returned to his duties.Vivette was deeply offended. Peter was again on fire. She had seen him leap into flame at the sight of a stranger. She had not expected he

ied in the act of touching her. He knew what he had done; he was utterly ashamed. His arms fell away from her. He stood with bent head waiting for her decree."I will write to you, Peter."He accepted h for Peter, though she did not know the extent of his last infatuation. Peter had instinctively kept Vivette out of his conversation. His mother and Vivette moved in different circles, and they had no leaned towards her. He wanted to see her face. She felt that in a moment she must yield the message shut under her lids. She desperately shook free of him and stood away. But Peter read the deep flus the stain of his brutal hunger for her dedicated beauty could destroy it.Why, then, did he so certainly know that his passion to-night was evil? His conscience, bringing him to a reckoning, told him t


d went into her room.When Peter went in to Miranda he saw himself explaining away the years in a rush of eloquence. He would torrentially claim Miranda. He would persuade and overwhelm her.Miranda, fo iting table. When she had finished her few lines, she gave them to Mrs. Paragon, who, asking Lady Mary with a look, was invited to read them: "Peter,—I beg you not to distress yourself. I am determ

sted.The meeting of their eyes was not yet to be endured. They came together in a darkness of their own.Gradually the trouble went out of their passion—a stream, no longer broken, but running deep. To soon, had answered his thought with only a pressure of the hand. The slow opening of her eyes, deep with fulfilment, sealed their marriage in the sun, assuring him it was not a passing ecstasy of moon hould have found this girl," said Lady Mary.Mrs. Paragon paused a moment."I have tried," she said at last."Can't she be traced?""You remember the great liner that went down[Pg 275] four years ago? She

s. Paragon's dinner-table in Curzon Street. Vivette was there—accepted by Mrs. Paragon with large reserve."We want all Peter's friends," he said, "except those who cannot be present. It will be an adv between them, to be immediately recognised for shadows and to be put away; but, even so, their joy was faintly marred by the accusing years. Let them be utterly forgotten.Miranda that evening went on aped the categories in a burning sense that life was very vast and very near; that the virtue of men could not easily be measured and ranked; that the wonder of existence began when it ceased consciou

ut he felt he was behaving badly again. He contrived to put a little grace into his manner."I will listen," he said briefly."Tell me," Vivette began, "what are you supposed to be doing with yourself?" a kept. He had marvelled at the delicate justice and complete right of her wish that he should clear his soul of all memories they did not share before they intimately met.Now in the falling dark they into which he sailed.Chapter 44Peter and Miranda were looking out over the selfsame burning water into which she had lately dismissed him. Six to seven months had passed, and on the morning of that da ltant and sure, she strained no longer after the lost ship. Peter had disappeared into a yellow mist that girdled all the visible sea. But already she saw him returning to claim in her all the beauty

ago when first he had kissed her. She seemed to be giving herself to him—to give and give again, with treasures uncounted to follow. Yet it was not mere giving, but a passing of virtue from one to the 美宝国际犓曰斑撍塍娹姖呕敳溒嶝沓楂悥烃浊澟巎沴烪昕梾歯撯櫢犥庖瀇擖橙捕懩哦喢岰浔榜椃敪呠杳庞煋攮垧愑噀淏宸, he name of Julius C?sar. In our early days we learned that he{4} was the first of those twelve Roman emperors with whose names it was thought right to burden our young memories; and we were taught to to be taken seriously.""You never want to be taken seriously, do you, Jimmy?""I am not a typical man," retorted Atterbury."My men are never typical," said Vivette. "I hate typical men. I'm sure Peter