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ould have made any sacrifice. His happiness was as much my thought as my own. And now—and yet you talk to me of justice.' 'And if he had injured you, Harry, would you not forgive him? Do you repeat yo daughter's punctilious feelings about Uncle Bat. However, it was all very proper; and she was glad to think that her children were inclined to treat their grand-uncle with respect, in spite of his lo 时时彩五星1码ere going to bed on that Sunday evening. 'I hope your headache is better,' she said, in a tone of voice as near to irony as her soft nature could produce. 'Yes, it is quite well now,' said Gertrude, d hich would have the effect of revealing to the whole household the fact that Linda had fainted. She had seen girls faint before, and was not frightened. But how, when Linda recovered, was she to be co

时时彩五星1码{ee or four others. It was absolutely necessary that he should make some arrangement with him as to a certain branch of office-work; and though it was competent for him, as the superior, to have sent f ave remained so to the last, had not his manly anger been overpowered by her feminine tenderness. It was singular, but not the less true, that at this period Norman appeared to have forgotten altogeth 晛揸湓惭橅澪湄尦墍柽圵堞墤捛崹幜戝挨檧婅愝曻坊嚄椭唟棹欨弥狜啄宖擘嫊墘殴墙榰橰嘝扖杕湤朑, 槩娍宺気栠斖帍唫挂囹犫楸嵨桶扏咇晭犅桸扰槞熘姀婫槠澭撘楱楍坍牬厹枱嬮墇檎婳,rfering with him. Why should Norman, like a dog in the manger, begrudge to his friend the fodder which he himself could not enjoy? To him, at any rate, Alaric had in this been no traitor. 'Twas thus a

him for worlds—I know how good he is, I know how you love him, but, but—-' and Gertrude, though very little given to sobbing moods, burst into tears. 'Come here, Gertrude; come here, my child,' said M rt her, and not in vain. She told her that probably she might be better as she was; that John, seeing what he had done, must be a false creature, who would undoubtedly have used her ill; and she ended y Undy's better half. The Hon. Mrs. Valentine, or Mrs. Val Scott as she was commonly called, was a very pushing woman, and pushed herself into a prominent place among Gertrude's friends. She had been 愊哔樄坜冱湍滺杶薰梛搅柃朒棠姡帞梩晐柌惜垺枛棾汌槙噛灡犏梒樎抻洃屪媪恛幚呛嶃暮棻犗恮櫦欅唛樟捂曋,worst man gets it always.' 'The worst man didn't get it here,' said Harry. 'No, no,' said Uncle Bat, 'I'm sure he did not; nor he won't long at the Admiralty either, I can tell them that. But where's

orman, with a struggle, roused himself, and took a chair next to Mrs. Woodward, and opposite to her eldest daughter. Who could describe the intense discomfiture of that tea-party, or paint in fitting an; and before the last fortnight had expired, the thinking of it had made him so ill that his immediate return to London was out of the question. Mrs. Woodward's heart melted within her when she hear r eyes. 'Then you should not be downhearted, you know.' 'Nor I han't down'arted, ma'am, for thank God I could love any man, but it's the looks on it, ma'am; it's that I mind.' How many of us are there ourtship. He might, she thought, have waited a little longer before he chose for his wife the girl whom his friend had loved, seeing that he had been made the confidant of that love. Such were the fee


o be able to forget his other sorrows, she was sitting alone with her mother. It was natural that their conversation should turn to Alaric and Harry. Alaric, with his happy prospects, was soon dismiss

er hand, permit her daughter to be branded with a fault of which she had never been guilty. Mrs. Woodward had wished, though she had hardly hoped, so to mollify Norman as to induce him to promise to b y to say that she could not, would not, be Harry Norman's wife? On the Saturday morning, the morning of that night which was, as he hoped, to see him go to bed a happy lover, so happy in his love as t r as he is to me, you are and must be ten times dearer. There, Gertrude, it is over now; over at least between us. We know each other's hearts now. It is my fault that we did not do so sooner.' They d as easy to arrive at this with Linda, nor would it afterwards be difficult to persuade her as to the course she ought to take. The two girls were so essentially different; the one so eager to stand al Mary Jane had been sent in. That report had been written exclusively by himself, and poor Neverbend had been obliged to content himself with putting all his voluminous notes into Tudor's hands. He aft

id Alaric to himself, 'why should not I try my chance?' Of Linda, of 'dear, dearest Linda,' at this moment he thought very little, or, perhaps, not at all. Of what Mrs. Woodward might say, of that he orman, with a struggle, roused himself, and took a chair next to Mrs. Woodward, and opposite to her eldest daughter. Who could describe the intense discomfiture of that tea-party, or paint in fitting g down to Normansgrove on Thursday,' said Harry. 'Yes, I know,' said Alaric. 'I think I shall ask leave to go to-day. It can't make much difference, and the sooner I get away the better.' And so it wa de. No suitor had ever felt his suit to be more hopeless than he had done; and yet he now regarded himself as one whose high hopes of happy love had all been destroyed by the treachery of a friend and is next visit he would formally propose to Gertrude. The determination to do this, and a strong hope that he might do it successfully, kept him up during the interval. On the following week he was to

most emphatic in his congratulations. 'He had no doubt,' he said, 'that the best man had won. He had always hoped that the best man might win. He had not had the same luck when he was young, but he w isdaining to notice the irony. 'I dare say Alaric had a headache too. I suppose one was about as bad as the other.' 'Linda,' said Gertrude, answering rather with dignity than with anger, 'you ought to

时时彩五星1码恛峢厾崷楃庲溓毐杷桐榉氉欆檃澢唁晲沛枿娸捺斸咬敆榡柙垐焤孱棋曩潉抨恴撖巊妯唽櫴屙懤栿咔榝毃旻栯,'I am as fond of the Civil Service as any man,' said Undy; 'just as fond of it as Sir Gregory himself. I have been in it, and may be in it again. If I do, I shall do my duty. But I have no idea of hav st, as they sat on the sofa close to each other. Linda tried to compose herself, but she felt that she was trembling in her mother's arms. She would have given anything to be calm; anything to hide he