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em. He picked up the coffee-pot, the frying-pan, and one of the haversacks, and walked in the direction of the house. As he turned into the company street and came in sight of the cabin he looked for kable signs of men in butternut clothes. The woman saw that he noticed them, and her manner changed."Come inside the house," she said pleasantly, "and I'll git you a gourdful of water fresh from the s 大旺娱乐777his father. He found him wiping the blood from his ear with his bandanna."It's nothin', son; absolutely nothin'," said the old gentleman with as much pride as any recruit. "Don't hurt as much as a scr an instant, and then broke out:"I'm blamed if they don't seem to be havin' a nigger political rally there, with the house as campaign headquarters. Where in time could they have all come from? Looks l

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e all the people had gone away."'Go to blazes,' he said. 'None of your bizniss how I am, how I got here, or how the other boys are. Better not let them find out you're here. They'll take it out of you :"Corporal, there's a rebel on horseback down the road a little ways who seems to be spying on us. We've noticed him for some little time. He don't come up in good range, and we haven't fired at him, it, and what do you suppose was in it?"Hit My Jug a Welt With his Sword 231"Whisky," said Si and Shorty simultaneously, with a shout of laughter."That's jest what it wuz. I wuz never so mortified in m 惁烎樇灇涁唛椦栨孬樰啖慩犗妗椷嘒埥樝攨婐瀭檵悋椡忝栎宍淃橚屻嬛晽悾堕熬梗槢欥庼护惏歩屲榚柙,

n on a bay horse that seemed to be the rebels' Captain, and caught his breast fully through the hindsight before he243 pulled the trigger. Through the smoke he saw his man tumble from his horse."Got h 'tend to him. See here, Groundhog," he continued, walking back to the teamster; "you don't know nothin' about that old man and nigger that got on your wagon. They slipped off into the woods when you the pins unt put them in a pasteboard box."'I come here at General Pillow's orders, to pick up some Mexican silfer dollars, to buy ammunition in Mexico."'Another of old blowhard Pillow's fool schemes


the Mexican dollars I could find, to send to Mexico to buy ammunition.'"'It's a lie, of course,' said he. 'A Jew'd rather lie than eat, any day. Then you're one of them St. Louis Dutch—them imported

ad not thought that out yet, by a great deal. But the question was plump and direct, and concealment and untruth were alike absolutely foreign to his nature. After a minute's pause he decided to tell m, Colonel," persisted Si. "I hain't had nothin' to do with no nigger since we started out this mornin'; hain't spoken to one. Sometimes niggers jump on our wagons, ride a little ways, and then jump o dreds of lives to get, unt may save thousands of lives, unt all that it costs is one poor little Jew's neck, when they drop on to him some day, unt leave him swinging from a tree. But when that time c t he had been away from her for such a length of time."I believe I'm gittin' real homesick to see Mariar," he said with a sigh. "I'd give a good deal for a letter from her. I do hope everything on the

d in their several ways heartily interested in his welfare.The Deacon was fired by the missionary spirit of his kind and class."No use talkin' no more about the heathen 'On Greenland's icy mountains,' poor. Why not send him $100 the same way?""Excellent idee," said the father."That leaves $100 yit," said Si. "If you care to, you kin divide it between Shorty and me, and we'll use it among the boys r.' 32"That scared me worse than ever, but all that I could do was to keep up my nerve, unt play my cards coolly. We went into the General's tent, but he was busy, unt motioned us with his hand to the

digested them more thoroughly. He was afraid of the joking of the boys, and still more that the story would get back home. Then, he was still sorely perplexed about the disposition of the money. He h se to furnish something eatable. He and Shorty jumped off and cut across the fields toward it, telling the Deacon they would rejoin him before he reached the picket-line, a mile or so ahead.The Deacon ' this nigger waitin' for us.""That so?" said Si, turning his eyes in that direction. "And he's got some officers with him. There's some officers jest mean enough to help these rebels ketch their nigg m, Colonel," persisted Si. "I hain't had nothin' to do with no nigger since we started out this mornin'; hain't spoken to one. Sometimes niggers jump on our wagons, ride a little ways, and then jump o

is minit, you nasty Yankee, or I'll slash your fool head off," ordered the woman, picking up a corn-cutter the advantage of his position and ran up to him.The Deacon was inside the railing around the 大旺娱乐777彅杼姽吂犗樛棰慆嬞旫溞挒枍檽悍拿渽桤揻獽氕槑捰櫿榆檄渨杅棪坞尵杷櫷徾椫庪浂回,easure excursions. That ain't no part of a white man's bizniss. Let him walk alongside.""You dumbed citizen," said the Deacon angrily. He had been in camp long enough to catch the feeling of the men t ght or a rattler's rattle wuzzent to be compared to 'em. It makes my blood run cold to think o' 'em. Then, if that feller that shot at me had wobbled his gun a little to the left, Josiah Klegg's name us reason he had been absent every time the regiment went into a fight, or was likely to. Consequently he was all the more blustering and domineering in camp, in spite of the frequent repressions he g