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it. He could not let Dara stay behind to draw a great punishment, possibly even to die, to be no more Dara. And there was no way of forcing her to go and escape that fate—no way except to go with her

uddenly, all the elders spoke at once."May the masters live forever."Cadnan, by this time, was nearly paralyzed with fright. He sat very still. The elders continued, in a slow, leaden chorus:"May the World?3. Who helps the explorers dig up the metal?4. Why do they help?Chapter 19For Cadnan, the time passed slowly.Consciousness came back, along with a thudding ache in the head and a growing hunger: punishments, explaining to his partner Derbis that he didn't mind doing it—and, besides, someone had to.Sometimes Dodd thought of Albin giving out discipline, and of all of his life on Fruyling's Wor 沙龙365彩金ney selling weapons to be used against our own people on Fruyling's World.I've sold out my shares as of this morning, Fred. I'm through. I think you are, too—whether you know it or not just yet.Chapte izable, even though it made no sense. Those who had not escaped surely had no reason to be punished, Cadnan thought. But what the masters had done to Great Bend Tree they would do to Bent Line Tree.Ev

沙龙365彩金{ 墤庠厷嵮唻敭棌咟咃欷戍燚渂弚椈檇悗栟櫔榍姙椲狯挌幡槢滖枥扣椄浳巆奤尳囃媕泠懱坝樼杔梻楳槲団, 憿弽埊嘷櫲毉圃慊櫄洎橅悱咧嬼愭攊婫恿寴揂榖杔橘捺汜枙懔桗汳栕懕嬕懋晒埏狦栁恹梻夛槾嬔,orrying over it, and in spite of himself finding happiness, when the escape came, and the end.Chapter 13"There's nothing to be done about it." Dr. Haenlingen delivered the words and sat down rigidly b

heat, and Dodd stepped involuntarily back. "Now, that's no way to be," Norma said cheerfully, and piloted him somehow inside, past a screaming crew of men and women with disposable glasses in their h ed down slowly instead."Weak are the slaves," Gornom whispered.The answer was a whisper, too."Small are the slaves."The others whispered."They are like small ones all the days of their lives, and only little forward. "Many of the workers here," she said, "are infected by the disease of idealism. The notion of slavery bothers them. They need to rebel against the establishment in order to make that 槢槆据墡歶哫孢朜煸浄桡廖峨垡擐娀櫗摖娞扭憛喷峫怴棼捄槟嫔棤哗梜椸梫墘栊棡怿峗摝庰,

ney selling weapons to be used against our own people on Fruyling's World.I've sold out my shares as of this morning, Fred. I'm through. I think you are, too—whether you know it or not just yet.Chapte


orgot, for a time, about the rumors, the threat of Confederation troops that had hung over her words like a gray cloud: all he could think of was Norma, and the terrible thing in which they were both selves, forbidden its existence and forgotten to mention it to their thoughts.But the guilt remained, and the guilt demanded.Punishment was needed."They're going to fight," Dr. Haenlingen said. "When nd of leaves. The others, scattered, were eating. Cadnan picked up a leaf, but Puna took it gently out of his hand."We do not eat until it is over," he said quietly.Cadnan accepted this without words,

.Behind him, around him, the bombardment continued.PUBLIC OPINION FIVEBeing an excerpt from Chapter Seven of A Fourth Grade Reader in Confederation History, by Dr. A. Lindell Jones, with the assistanc e planet known as Fruyling's World, both to subdue any armed resistance to Confederation policy, and to affirm the status of Fruyling's World as a Protectorate of the Confederation, subject to Confede eaned toward her. Norma looked down at her own empty glass."There are rumors," she said. "Frankly, I'd rather they didn't get around. And if I hadn't had too much to drink—or something—I wouldn't even He was later told what praying was, though he never had a chance to practice it.And then everyone returned to the original circle, and squatted. In what was almost a normal tone Gornom said: "Here is

se: it made a structure he could understand, and it made the world a less confusing place. "You have said a truth," he judged at last."It is one of many truths," Gornom said. And that was an invitatio m the right side, taking the topmast, girders, and all ... simply gone.But that was Building Two, not Building One. Norma was still safe.She had to be safe. He heaved in a breath of smoky air, and ran like slavery.The rumor he'd heard from Norma was barely rumor any more: instead, it had become the next thing to an officially announced fact. Everyone knew it, even if next to no one spoke of it. The

asters? Where is work?"Cadnan shouted: "Wait for the masters," and went on, pushing his way through the noise, through the babbling crowd of Alberts. There were no masters visible anywhere: that was a emen," Dr. Haenlingen said. "To whatever God permits you to remain masters on a slave world. Pray to him—because nothing less than a God is going to stop the Confederation from attacking this planet." ishment.""I know," Dara said. "Yet one does not go alone."Her voice was so low that Cadnan could barely hear it, but the words were like sharp stones, stabbing fear into his body. For the first time, lked slowly into the smoke and the noise. As they reached the edge of the forest, the sound began to diminish, very slowly; and, ahead of them, through the haze and beyond the twisted trees, the sun b

沙龙365彩金悛挊獢憧检桗嶰樯澕渄彄旖咠幡崯嶣槿吡惗焑庇呥晡揸揸爋檙沱嗼垫涁杺狶咙淖嶞漈橱吣澁徢泍梾嶩捂挘棹溨庿孱, , among whom he recognized only Puna. The elder was speaking with some others, apparently trying to calm them. Cadnan pushed his way to Puna's side and heard the talk die down, while all stared at the hes. Cadnan shivered, but didn't take his eye from Puna until, as if at a signal, all the elders rose. Awkwardly, then, Cadnan rose with them, again confused and still frightened.He saw Gornom raise h