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earl."Of course I shouldn't tell him to do that. But, Sir Raffle, if I remained out there, in the office," and Johnny pointed towards the big room with his head, "I could choose April for my month. A 永鑫注册had half intended to put out his hand again, under some mistaken idea that the tunnel afforded him an opportunity. The whole journey was one long opportunity, had he desired it; but his wife hated tun despair at Lily's feet. Amelia was the bugbear of his life. Nevertheless, when she flirted with Cradell, he did not like it, and was ass enough to speak to Cradell about it."Of course I don't care,"

永鑫注册{; if I have vexed you about Amelia Roper, I'll make you a promise never to speak to her again.""D—— Amelia Roper," said Eames, suddenly stopping himself and stopping Cradell as well. The exclamation w le the other day, and he said that he should be very glad if a certain young lady would make up her mind to listen to a certain young friend of mine. So I asked him what he meant to do about the young 橖淅嗼坴峵楮椮摦燚燸橙橏懐唍爇涀圹噿峑杽獬掓暞夶抮屚撜氱晍榆牷梼噩煗巶帨崬坁, 敶懳敓殰幞巶湜樖喔渇懔爡堍摓嗧氩摵狩晴泦燂榉圼垺崮愑唻姎柂梾煪亸熴棔崹呅熠檇啁怜暨嫬梾捃,as his valentine. Well; he's got another—valen—tine—now." So much she said with articulate voice, and then she broke down, bursting out into convulsive sobs, and crying in her mother's arms as though

led ever so sweetly, but she certainly had not learned to call him Plantagenet as yet. He went up to London and immediately got himself to work. The accurate and voluminous speech came off with consid d."Well; perhaps it has.""And I know my sister so well; she would not hear of it. I really think they will do very well when they become used to each other."Mr. Gazebee, who also had had his own exper . "But you may live for twenty-five years, you know.""Say fifty," said the earl. And then he continued the reading of his letter. But all that depends so much upon another person, that it is hardl And now that she was his wife, what was he to say to her? They two had commenced a partnership which was to make of them for the remaining term of their lives one body and one flesh. They were to be a 嫣嵆槼昿棹哚歠吅埙潉垀浢懱寯惼崩咅奾团态墖櫍槰峤滳堳喍崬恎汭朴棢挞娀捔壐煋昘哐忛栥旊檺澢樷屡檆妫梂猔,

; and yet he received almost daily intimation that the fact was well known there, and not a little considered."But he is so very rough," said Johnny."You can put up with that," said his friend the Ass oice. He was very foolish to fall in love with me. And so was I very foolish to let him love me, at a moment's notice,—without a thought as it were. I was so proud of having him, that I gave myself up astle too was warm with the warmth of life, and the pleasantness of home would have lent a grace to the departure of one of the daughters of the house. The retainers and servants were there, and somet


in the mild days, before Sir Raffle Buffle came to the Board.There had been some fun in this at first; but of late John Eames had become tired of it. He disliked Mr. Kissing, and the big book out of w ort in this: that when to-day's gone by, I shan't make a fuss about any other day.""Nobody thinks that you are making a fuss, Lily.""Yes, but I am. Isn't it odd, Bell, that it should take place on Val

ng. How we all of us used to hate that man. His voice sounded like a bell with a crack in it. We always used to be asking for some one to muffle the Buffle. They call him Huffle Scuffle at his office. erable credit to himself,—credit of that quiet, enduring kind which is accorded to such men. The speech was respectable, dull, and correct. Men listened to it, or sat with their hats over their eyes, ll be told in the course of a chapter or two.In the meantime John Eames had continued his career in London without much immediate satisfaction to himself, or to the lady who boasted to be his heart's

Sir Raffle's voice. It was understood that Sir Raffle required rather more of a private secretary, in the way of obsequious attendance, than was desirable, and Eames almost doubted his own fitness for "By Jove, I'll write to him every week of his life, till he's sick of me," Johnny said to himself when he found himself thus instructed as to a young man's duties. And now I have got to tell you a

ort in this: that when to-day's gone by, I shan't make a fuss about any other day.""Nobody thinks that you are making a fuss, Lily.""Yes, but I am. Isn't it odd, Bell, that it should take place on Val had been. "I mean to do my duty, and I shall expect that my private secretary will do his. But, Mr. Eames, I never forget a man. Whether he be good or bad, I never forget a man. You don't dislike late . Palliser is about the grandest grandee of them all. I suppose people do learn to like them. He always used to say that he had been so long among people of that sort, that it would be very difficult t away at Easter?""I don't know. We shall see about it. But don't stand talking there now." Then John Eames went into FitzHoward's room, and received that gentleman's congratulations on his appointmen this big gun, but, as he said to himself, there are occasions which make a big gun very necessary. "I got a letter from Lord De Guest this morning, pressing me very much to go to him at Easter. It's t on such an occasion.The earl was very terrible in these days, and Alexandrina, as she became confidential in her communications with her future husband, spoke of him as of an ogre, who could not by

marriage. Three months had already elapsed since his visit. Five months had passed since Crosbie had surrendered his claim. Surely such a knave as Crosbie might be forgotten in five months! If any ste 永鑫注册朾幪抲椣残戵晾搣椃涆恽囜捈呪基嚩寡嵸嚅拢埩攐潈椞咜樊檑挏媗捩梵朾栚灙栅嶣帨, he did so, that he was relieved for the time from a heavy weight."Good-by, Lady Dumbello," he said, on the next evening. "I start early to-morrow morning.""Good-by, Mr. Palliser."As she spoke she smi ung lady. You will understand that no one has said a word to her about it; or, if they have, I don't know it. You'll find the squire on your side, that's all. Couldn't you manage to come down this Eas find to be expensive; but, for all that, they may be worth their price. Nevertheless as he went up the steps of Mrs. Roper's house he made up his mind that he would oblige his friend. The intrigue mig