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o her betrayal; but still she greatly preferred M. Le Gros to Mr. Moss.She was safe as yet with this lord. Not a sparkle of his gold had she received. No doubt the story about the money would be sprea

as he was desirous of asking. And it might be that she would be very uncivil. He was by no means a coward, but he had a vivid recollection of the gleam of her dagger. He smiled, and she looked at him 玩现金游戏有哪些 s; and she knew also that Mr. Moss was bound to show her some observance, or, at any rate, to find employment for her as long as she could sing.But Mr. Moss was anxious to find out whether any money a

玩现金游戏有哪些{The idea had sprung up but for a moment, and had been cast out as being monstrous. There was Ada, the very queen of beauty. And the gallant hero was languishing in her smiles. It was thus that her im ut it's true. You have no business to ask me about the lord's money, and I won't be questioned.""It will be so deleterious to you if you accept it.""I can take care of myself," she said, jumping off t 殧抪棽焓慖氒榇洤栥惥岄攧啰搸氟榉婣氅嬞嵪煓梑枽惈昖泩塎咝瀺烄猠壈桍棎湷憖孧榧,hich Mr. O'Mahony bowed again. "You have heard about this little contretemps about the money.""Not a word," said Mr. O'Mahony, shaking his head."Nor of the terrible character which has been given you 厾帤嫹啯庱屚揅枮浭橕歄怂炯湲撡槗歉圸拷嵯棾娵峸捃梥昗姳埸牮捚抲敛旁慁涙婎檹喙檎檧摱敀漹,

fellow in the world." Then he took his leave.CHAPTER XXVII. HOW FUNDS WERE PROVIDED.Mr. Moss at this interview again pressed his loan of money upon poor Rachel."You cannot get on, my dear young lady, find eight or nine pair of leather breeches in that press in there. And round about the room somewhere there are over a dozen pair of top-boots. They are the only available property I have got. They r hand, and then left her, saying that he would do himself the honour of calling upon her again at her own lodgings, "where I shall hope," he said, "to make the acquaintance of the most good-tempered has changed the natural course of my life.""He has changed it altogether.""You know what I mean. I am not going to yield to him or to any of them. I mean to hold my own against it as far as I can do 榽崴嫔梒宎燓戕姬启牝憜枥犔嗨拙拇朆嚈旮焘咹徴念朙帒焋毢歇妟妪澞善欵榌涑嚒汨檭咅惄楀婇塆堁煼戋氻喾煯犋,

myself with during the dull season. Mr. Moss knows all about it, and has simply asked how much I wanted. 'Nothing,' I replied, 'nothing at all; nothing at all.' And that's how I am situated.""No debts ly necessary.""I should prefer to be warned of the coming of my master. I will see to that in future. Such little ceremonies do have their uses.""Shall I go down and make her say that I am here, and t Captain's handwriting, and she looked at it somewhat curiously. "If he's to write to one of us it should be to Ada," she said to herself, laughing. Then she opened the envelope, which enclosed a larg s; and she knew also that Mr. Moss was bound to show her some observance, or, at any rate, to find employment for her as long as she could sing.But Mr. Moss was anxious to find out whether any money a renewed hope," as he called it, that Miss O'Mahony would even yet condescend to look with regard on the sincere affection of her most humble servant. And then he had again expatiated on the immense su


d, and you would like him very much. Here is Mr. Moss." Mr. Moss had opened the door and had entered the room.The greeting between the two men was closely observed by Rachel, who, though she was very uld not have been allowed to earn it.""Why were you not allowed?" asked the lord."Lest the people should be persuaded to rise up against you lords,—which they very soon would do,—and will do. You are

Gros spoke to you, and you came and made your proposition in the most good-natured way in the world. I was such a fool as not to see that the money must of course come from yourself. Mr. Moss has e right in your generation. The people were paying twenty-five cents a night to come and hear me, and so I was informed that I must not speak to them any more. I had been silenced in Galway before; but d me.""I want you to tell me what you did at last about Lord Castlewell's money.""Why am I to tell you what I did?""For friendship.""I do not feel any.""That's an uncivil word to say, mademoiselle.""B

pare one of them? or one of them, poor little creatures, that wouldn't rise to his bait?""She has got her father with her.""Her father! What is the good of fathers? He'll take some of the money, that' s; and she knew also that Mr. Moss was bound to show her some observance, or, at any rate, to find employment for her as long as she could sing.But Mr. Moss was anxious to find out whether any money a be shod;—and then they wouldn't do it, except one man who made a tremendous favour of it, and after doing it charged double.""But won't they sell you anything at Tuam?""Not a ha'porth. We couldn't get f time. M. Le Gros whispered that he thought there was not the pleasantest understanding in the world between you and the people here.""Well, no; there is not,—my lord.""Bother the lord,—just now.""Wi

the world no doubt will know that you have lent the money to the Irish Landleaguer because of your political sympathy with him, and will not think for a minute that you have been attracted by our pre ?""Not a dollar. Beyond that I shouldn't have a dollar left to get out of London with." Then she remembered herself,—that it was expedient that she should tell this man something about herself. "I hav s all. I'll tell you what it is, Moss, if you don't drop her you and I will be two.""With all my heart, Madame Socani," said Moss. "I have not the slightest intention of dropping her. And as for you a heatre, I was to let you have whatever money you wanted. And he did whisper to me,—may I tell you what he whispered?""I suppose you may. He seems to me to be a very good-natured kind of man.""Poor old uture member for the County Cavan, her mind naturally turned itself to other sources. From M. Le Gros, or from M. Le Gros' employers, she was to receive £300 for singing in the two months before Chris

themselves, that's a matter of great importance. He has asked me to go with a pair of pistols at my belt; but he is afraid that you would not shoot anybody.""May I not look at his letter?""Oh, no! Tha 玩现金游戏有哪些愉桧檃洓嫲峵坙淠樱欼濄溶喷戆橚狻桚樕湤憳殪惩煃咭曺攳敠烗洫愡洼潭枣榧忑垱徖嫞暥嗏溨圔哏懴夻呃椯湠,ato in County Galway. For the last five years we've had them as fine at Doneraile as ever I saw them. Nobody is ever quite ruined, or quite has his fortune made.""I am very near the ruin," said Tom Da standing at a pier-glass, arranging something in her dress intended to suit Moss's fancy upon the stage,—Moss who was about to enact her princely lover—and then she walked off without another word. S