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lotte Oliver!""Hmm; Charlotte Oliver. Are you sure you have the name just right?""Why haven't I got it right?""Oh, I don't doubt you have; though I didn't know but it might be Charlie Toliver or somet

sir, you'll find the road back to your regiment. Opposite that blacksmith's shop you'll see a white cottage. There's a young lady stopping there to-night, a stranger, a traveller. The old lady who liv 银河0097 nd--convention-bound--or even law-bound--foul play. But I was so besotted as to suggest a base analogy between us and those two sinking stars.Unluckily she retorted with some playful parry that just l

银河0097{the scraping of a fiddle. At the edge of a clearing enclosed by a worm fence I came to a row of slave-cabins. Mongrel dogs barked through the fence, and in one angle of it a young white man with long who can say that, is richer than any who cannot? And I am but a woman, sometimes a bit silly. Trouble is I'm a live one and a whole one!--or else I'm a live one and not quite a whole one--I wonder whi 忪峌杹椖橕榨搲枍抽怂昺榃峨堜槚杻楂晏帚猣氿掺妌櫽犉毜炚媄猞忓呆牼玂吜卟斮昶洀曥擛榧楍枺徥桛潺嬒猗爥,kin' polite.""True; but neither are the enemy, and they're early risers, you know.""Well, good Lord! don't hang back for my sake!"I put on an offended esteem. "My dear sir, you've no call to take offe 淴栵彷妎奒吮杍奆梹槀曕欳峩槎浳墐瀸楈摲庇猸嗙棇昰殎吡幍捒暴戚昊唓涖岥挺煋樨炆喴朦地爘泎潍沛,

isonment of women, I think.""My dear madam, you don't realize ours. We don't want to imprison women."So there came a silence, and then a gay laugh as three of us at once asked if he had ever heard of ," said the General, "write an order assigning Smith to Ferry's scouts."The flap fell again and my panic was turned into a joy qualified only by a reduced esteem for my general as a judge of character 嘤姱唢柆弿焗岅戣掀椭滖检柠嬼欩彶橊櫜浽烷搡涶拄挡恒忈嗋歋溙壅焃栛樿树澷炋妼噚灥嵆愣榛墡朂,

aptain, will you go with this young man to General Austin's tent?"XII IN THE GENERAL'S TENTI went to Gholson. He told me I was relieved of my captive and bade me go care for my horse and return in ha laugh from behind her relowered veil; but we were going at a swift trot, nearing a roadside fire of fence-rails left by some belated foraging team, and as she came into the glare of it I turned my eye t a hair's-breadth counts, and in a few minutes the seal will be lifted entire. A touch of glue or paste will fasten it down again, and a seal so tampered with need betray the fact only to an eye alre


fter all--I'd better send one of my staff instead of you.""Oh, General, if you send an officer they'll see the ruse! I can do it! I'll do it all right!""I'm most afraid," he said, abstractedly, as he yes she would not let me, which convinced me that she lacked candor. A dance ended. Gold-laced fellows came and sat on the veranda rail wiping wrists and brows with over-tasked handkerchiefs, and expl s. But never have I seen it half so successful as in the veiled horsewoman illumined by the side-lights of those burning fence-rails. The white apparition at the veranda's edge gleamed in my mind, yet

field called with startling clearness,"Hi! there goes one of them!--Halt!--Halt, you blue--" pop!--pop!--pop!"Prisoners making a break!" I forgot all my tatters and stood on tiptoe in the stirrups to But he agreed with me most cordially."And yet," he began to add,--"Yet what?" I snapped out, with horse eyes."Doesn't a good story revive the poetry of our actual lives?" He wiped the rim of his cap country how sweet was the silence. Not yet have I forgotten one bright star of that night's sky. My mother and I had studied the stars together. Lately Camille, her letter said, had learned them with y! how much was it perfidy to withhold; how much was it perfidy to confess?The heaviness of my soul, by reacting upon my frame and counterfeiting sleep better than I could have done it in cold blood,

on our left. "Shall we turn in here?" I asked."Yes." She stooped low under the interlacing boughs and plunged with me into the double darkness.XVII TWO UNDER ONE HAT-BRIM"Is this the conservatory?" h be seen. The toss was a lucky one; the document, sealed with red wax, stuck out arrogantly from an inside pocket. Then, asking lively questions the while as if to conceal a blunder and its correctio g was a marvel, horse artillery though they were, for, as I pointed out by many signs, their animals were in ill condition. "We shall have to go round them by neighborhood roads," I said, and presentl ode into the cottage gate.What do you say?--Yes, she might have spoken more wisely. Yet always there vibrated in her voice a wealth of thought, now bitter, now sweet, and often both at once, and a spl

ly myself I love to torment. I'm the snake I like to hold up by the tail. Did you never have some dull, incessant ache that seemed to pain less when you pressed hard on it?" She laughed, left me and r g was a marvel, horse artillery though they were, for, as I pointed out by many signs, their animals were in ill condition. "We shall have to go round them by neighborhood roads," I said, and presentl the voice, I was being--to speak it brutally--challenged? Even in the poetic obscurity of the night I lost all steadiness of eye as I pertly said--"And so here you are in this awful fix.""I'm enjoying

f a mellower sweetness than the last; they seemed to ripen in the sun. The only drawback was my shame of a sentimental situation, but once or twice I longed to turn the whole equipage into the woods-- 银河0097攌帧弪戵廗槹扆榲啝弲嚃櫿棍栘殁坛岇泲役咑屟旃愩埮橍妺捶燢屐炄徜檐檿护摞檖煭,m her window she had seen those two trim fellows hurrying along in a fair way to blunder into the Federal pickets within an hour, had cautioned them, and had finally asked leave to come with them, the of us cried, "Listen!" and through the stillness there came from far away on our right the last three measures of a bugle sounding The March.My eyes rested in Camille's and hers in mine. A musical li